Empowered Sex Workers Produce A Brand New TV Show – American Goddess

Denver, Colorado February 15th 2020 – American Goddess a brand new television series, starring current sex workers, is crowdfunding for the show to be produced. The show shines a light on the exotic dancing industry in the US while being written, produced and acted by current and former sex workers. This is the first time a show like this has ever been created. The show aims to bridge the gap between the industry and the general public: clubs aren’t intimidating and dancers are people. American Goddess premieres in August 2020.

American Goddess is about a group of burned out and fed up strippers who galvanize a local senator, and with his support, open a dream club where workers of all different religions, genders, ages, sizes, and ethnicities are welcome. It features a trans stripper of color and other queer identities who are traditionally turned away from working in the clubs. It’s a stripper utopia that showcases the possibilities of the sex industry without glossing over the sometimes ugly reality. 

More than half of the people acting and working behind the scenes in American Goddess are sex workers with the notable exception of executive producer: William Morrison (nominated for the music videos in Juno). In order to keep it sex worker run, Ada is crowdsourcing 50,000 dollars for production to pay the actresses and production team industry rates. As sex workers become increasingly a topic of interest, the reality of their lives are still in the shadows. 

The show comes as strippers across the country face neglectful managers, employment insecurity and racist hiring practices, as outlined in the New York Times article ‘Strippers Are Doing it For Themselves.’

Ada King, Director of American Goddess says “I loved working in strip clubs, but I hated how managers didn’t take dancers seriously. It didn’t make sense that they held all the power but we were the primary business. Without strippers, they’d be no strip club. This show is my dream of the possibility of the sex industry.”   

American Goddess will premiere on The Satantic Temple (TST.tv) in August 2020. You can find more details on twitter at @GoddessAdaKing and Instagram @goddesstheamerican

Find out more information on the show and production at their website: https://www.goddesstheamericanstripper.com/, twitter at @GoddessAdaKing and Instagram @goddesstheamerican. For PR inquiries, high res images, quotes, and interviews please contact:

Reese Piper 7328018144, Reese.piper7@gmail.com, @thenudereporter


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