PSE Sex 101 – Handy Guide for Porn Star Experience

Have you ever wanted to have sex like you see in porn?

It’s easy to see why – porn stars enjoy all kinds of crazy, wild sex. From dirty talk to loud screaming to all kinds of kinky positions, having sex like a porn star is unlike anything you’ve experienced before!


Thankfully, it’s easy enough to enjoy the porn star experience (PSE) in your personal life. Whether you’re in a committed relationship or looking for casual fun, there are many ways that you can explore the amazing fun of PSE sex.

Of course, getting started with PSE sex can be daunting for the first time. There’s a lot of porn out there, so porn star experience sex is always unique, catering to your specific sexual preferences and kinks.

So, we’ve created a handy guide that covers all the useful information you need to know about porn star experience!

What is the Porn Star Experience?

Porn star experience sex, better known as PSE, is a term that originally started in sex work.

Escorts’ services would include a ‘porn star experience’, which is basically a sexual encounter similar to what you see in a porn production. Basically, it’s sex with a lot of hardcore action common in porn, such as crazy sex positions, loud dirty talk, spitting, spanking, and any other unique kinks and fetishes.

PSE sex isn’t just exclusive to sex work, however!

It’s something that everyone can try, whether you’re in a committed relationship, friends with benefits, or just looking for casual hookups and one-night stands.

What Does PSE Sex Involve?

Because pornography is so varied, catering to all types of desires and fetishes, PSE sex is also unique for each person. It doesn’t need to involve a specific act from porn, but rather just any sort of hardcore sex you won’t normally experience in the bedroom.

It could be something as simple as talking dirty and screaming loud as you have sex or trying something more extreme like anal sex or BDSM. Simply put, porn star experience sex involves trying anything that you’ve seen in porn that you want to enjoy in your personal life!

Always Have Consent Before Sex 

Remember, people performing in a porn production are acting. Everything involved in a porn video has been previously discussed, with each person consenting to the various sexual acts that you see.

So, if you’re planning on trying PSE with someone in your personal life, it’s important to discuss everything before you hit the bedroom. You both need to set boundaries and be fully content with whatever you’re looking to replicate in porn.

Don’t simply start trying to have sex like a porn star without discussing it before! You can’t just start pulling hair, calling someone a slut, or spanking their ass without consent. Always discuss your plans for a PSE long before any sex begins.


Things to Try During Porn Star Experience

If you’ve found someone interested in porn star experience sex, then there’s a lot of exciting things you can try.

We always recommend doing some research before you get started. There’s a lot of porn out there, so take the time to watch some videos that feature stuff you’d like to try out. Again, porn caters to all tastes and preferences, so you want to replicate the sex acts that turn you on most in pornography.

It could be roleplaying, dirty talk, screaming, spanking, deepthroating, anal, or anything that might turn you and your partner on. Here are some of the more common things people enjoy during PSE sex:

Dirty Talk 

Dirty talk is one of the main parts of PSE sex. Virtually all porn has some sort of dirty talk before, during, and after the sex.

In fact, dirty talk is a great thing to try during any type of sex, as it lets you both communicate what you’re enjoying and what you want during sex. With PSE sex, you just need to ramp up your dirty talk, although always make sure you’re using terms your partner is okay with!

If you’re unsure of how to talk dirty during sex, just check out some porn to see what the actors are saying. They’re all kinds of naughty terms you can use to describe each other, so be sure to focus on complimenting each other with sex talk.

For example, you can say how much you love her tits and ass, or she can talk about how great your cock tastes or feels. Make sure you both focus on complimenting your bodies and overall performance, as this always makes the PSE sex much better!

Dress for the Part

One of the great things about porn is all the sexy outfits involved. From slinky lingerie to kinky heels, porn stars make a point of looking sexy and irresistible during their performances.

So, if you’re looking for a simple way to enhance your porn star experience, why not try buying some naughty garments? Of course, the sexy lingerie and accessories found in porn are typically reserved for female performers, so you may want to focus on this.

For instance, you can buy some erotic lingerie, including porn favorites like stockings and suspenders, thongs, bodystockings, corsets, etc.

Also, if you’re trying roleplaying during your PSE sex, you could dress in naughty costumes like a nurse, police officer, or maid outfit.

High heels are also a mainstay in porn; consider buying a pair of slutty high heels to enhance your PSE!

Different Sex Positions 

Porn stars are known for using all kinds of wild and extreme sex positions; be sure to try some of these out yourself!

Sex positions often change quickly in porn, so don’t hesitate to switch things up quickly and frequently. Also, make sure you’re trying positions that aren’t too vanilla – that means a lot less missionary and a lot more doggy!

Plus, don’t forget positions like cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, 69, face sitting, piledriver, there are so many awesome things to try out! 

Also, don’t be afraid to pull some hair during certain positions, like doggy style, as this is also a common act found in PSE sex. As always, make sure everyone is okay with the positions and any hair-pulling!

Three Adult Services You Can Find On Escort X Guide 

Three Adult Services You Can Find On Escort X Guide 


Escort X Guide is one of the best escort directories for your adult needs all across the USA. You will find escorts from all states in this straightforward directory. There are even babes from Alaska and Hawaii on this site. But you won’t find any classified ads from outside USA. The site has a minimal design that makes browsing through the many babes easy and efficient. All the babes have personal profiles where they upload pictures of themselves. And most of them upload spicy pics, including nudes and images in which they show their faces. Besides images, you will also find contact information and a description of the type of services a babe can offer. Let’s discuss some of the most common services you can find through this directory. 

Hardcore Sex On Hourly Rates 

The most common type of service that these babes offer is the good old sex date. If you want a fun night with no strings attached, booking one of the escorts from this site is your way to go. Almost every girl on this site is offering the classic hour of fun. Some of them will meet you at their place or in a hotel room. But you will also find babes who are willing to come to your house for an hour of fun. You can either fuck them for the whole hour or take a break between two sessions. Besides regular sex, you can also find babes who are willing to please lots of kinks and fetishes. Some of the most common fetishes that can be enjoyed in the company of the escorts from this site are feet fetish, goddess domination, roleplay, and happy-ending massages. Although they are rare, you can even find some escorts who can offer submissive services for your BDSM domination fantasies. 

Girlfriend Experience Dates 

If you want something more than just sex, there are lots of escorts on this directory who can offer you Girlfriend Experience services. A proper girlfriend experience date with an escort should last over an hour. You should book her for the whole evening or even for the whole night to get the best experience. These dates can include going out for dinner, walking in the park, and then going back to the hotel, her place, or your place for some sensual lovemaking. The escorts who are offering girlfriend experience services are also willing to kiss and cuddle. You can even buy them gifts and flowers. What you should also keep in mind is the fact that you can hire the same escort for multiple girlfriend experience dates, which will make things feel more authentic. And if you’re a loyal client, the girls will offer you discounts. 

Hire A Party Girl For A Wild Night

Do you want to go out and party without having to worry about picking up a chick to end the night with a bang? You can just hire a party girl from Escort X Guide, and your night out will be way better. Some of these girls are experts in both partying and fucking. Take them out, and they will show you a good time, and then go to the hotel where you can enjoy their naked beauty. These chicks are booked for the whole night. And they can hang out with you and your friends without asking questions. They’re also discrete, so you can tell your friends you meet them on Tinder. 

We recommend calling or messaging the babes so that you can discuss the cost of their services before you meet up with them. Remember to mention that you found them through Escort X Guide, and they will offer you a discount. 

The Pros and Cons of Homemade Porn and Amateur Sex

amateur porn


Over the last decade or so, the availability of technology has made it easier to produce homemade porn and partake in amateur sex acts than ever before. The anonymity, intimacy, affordability, and convenience of creating and engaging as an amateur in the making of porn while at home has opened up a wide world of possibilities to explore one’s fantasies. From do-it-yourself webcams to streaming phones and apps, anyone with a computer or smartphone can create professional-level pornography and partake in all sorts of sex acts from the comfort and privacy of their own home. While there are undeniable upsides to making homemade porn videos and engaging in hardcore amateur sex with one’s friend and neighbours, there are also many potential risks and downsides to consider as well.

With that in mind, a further look into the pros and the cons of being a player in the skin game, so to speak, is up next.


One major upside to homemade porn and amateur sex is the level of control you have over the environment. Engaging in the creation of your own XXX related material means that you are in total control of who’s present, what happens, and how it is documented or broadcast. This makes the world of homemade fucking much more intimate than traditional porn shoots, as it takes away the potential anxiety that comes from shooting or engaging in sex acts with cast and crew members present.

Another perk of being an amateur that produces Homemade Porn is cost savings. You can film and produce your own homemade porn or engage in sex acts with minimal budget or no budget at all. This makes it ideal for those who may not be able to afford expensive sets and crew members. Making your own content and engaging in amateur sex acts can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Additionally, there are no pandemic restrictions, age discrimination, or racist issues to deal with. In professional pornography, it’s easily apparent who the major players are, which can be alienating and demotivating for some performers with progressive ideologies, and the like, so thank the sky above for the freedom that comes with producing homemade pornos during the course of totally Amateur Sex where the fucking is as real as it gets.


Despite the appealing qualities of making hardcore sex movies just for the fuck of it, there are downsides that should be considered as well. One significant risk is potential legal issues. While obscenity laws vary from country to country, posting and distributing homemade sex tapes or engaging in certain sex acts could leave you open to legal challenges. Additionally, making your own content can lead to copyright infringement if you use music or images without permission, or if you attempt to distribute it without a license. This could leave you vulnerable to hefty fines and even jail time in some cases.

Another downside to making your own content is poor lighting and inferior sound quality, as well as the risk that you could make editing mistakes in post-production, potentially costing you time or money if you need to re-shoot or redo scenes. Finally, when it comes to amateur porn, the presence of any type of camera or recording device can create a level of anxiety for some parties and can lead to misunderstanding or awkwardness during filming.


Making homemade porn and engaging in amateur sex acts can be a great experience that allows you to express yourself in a safe, controlled environment and explore your fantasies, fantasies away from erasure.  However, if considering these activities, it’s important to consider the potential risks and downsides involved, including potential legal issues, poor audio/visual quality, and any awkwardness that could arise from bringing a camera or camera presence into a sex act. Every person’s decision as to whether or not to innovate in either of these activities should be personal and intensely independent. Weigh the options, pay attention to the limitless rules and ensure safety – yours and theirs.

P.S. When partaking in your fun and games, it is always best to use a safe word…pass it on. 😉

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