Wasteland.com: Marking the 30th Anniversary of the Pioneering BDSM Site

Wasteland.com Celebrates 30 Years as a Pioneering BDSM Site

BOSTON, Mass. – As 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of the launch of Wasteland.com, Colin Rowntree, the site’s owner and founder, takes a moment to reflect on the journey of this groundbreaking BDSM site.

“Looking back at the past 30 years, the changes in the online adult market have been immense, from the technical evolution of the site to the way we produce content,” Colin reflects. “It’s been quite a ride.”

Starting as a modest single-page site with about 30 pictures on a numeric IP address, Wasteland.com quickly grew into a powerhouse in the early days of the adult internet. Colin initially licensed content to build the site’s library before transitioning to producing exclusive content.

Despite his background in conducting symphonies and staging operas, Colin found similarities between his previous work and producing BDSM content. “Managing an orchestra is not so different from managing a production,” Colin explains. “Both require attention to detail and a keen sense of organization.”

With three decades of experience in the adult industry, Colin is now taking on a new role as an executive producer, mentoring young filmmakers and funding their projects while focusing on the business side of Wasteland.com. Joe Evans has joined the team as the Director of Business Development, tasked with expanding the company’s relationships and revenue streams.

“As someone who has been in this industry for 30 years, I believe it’s time to pass the torch to the next generation,” Colin shares.

When asked for advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in the adult industry, Colin emphasizes the importance of finding passion and building a network of trusted contacts. “Follow your passion and surround yourself with people you trust,” he advises. “Vet opportunities thoroughly and rely on your network for guidance.”

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Rae Richmond Unveils New Creator Success Course for Rising Stars

Rae Richmond is unveiling her expertise as a leading OnlyFans model through the launch of CreatorSuccessCourse.net, an innovative affiliate program designed to provide aspiring creators with comprehensive coaching for achieving remarkable success.

The 20-step course curriculum covers a range of topics such as ‘Identifying Your Niche & Target Market,’ ‘Defining Your Boundaries,’ ‘Setting Yourself Up for Success,’ ‘Organization & Time Management,’ and ‘Protecting Your Content from Piracy.’ These modules are based on the strategies that have propelled Richmond, now 56 years old, to six-figure success in just six months.

“My Creator Success Course is a platform for me to share my journey and the valuable tools I’ve acquired,” says Richmond. “I aim to empower others to join the top 1% of creators by guiding them through the challenges and obstacles I faced, using hard work and savvy strategies.”

Richmond is currently introducing the Creator Success Course at a special introductory price of $299 using the code LAUNCH200, offering a significant discount on her expert insights and practical coaching tailored to aspiring creators looking to emulate her success.

For more information about Rae Richmond, visit RaeRichmond.com.

Real Life” XXX Ends 2023 on a High Note with New Episodes, Collaborations

“Real Life” XXX

“Real Life” XXX Wraps Up 2023 on a High Note with Fresh Episodes and Star-Studded Collaborations

(Las Vegas, NV / December 13, 2023) — Concluding a year filled with behind-the-scenes hustle and a successful transition to their new Las Vegas headquarters, “Real Life” XXX is closing out 2023 with a bang, revealing plans for three exciting new episodes and impressive collaborations.

CJ Love’s daring reality series, shedding light on the lives of renowned adult film stars as they tackle public challenges, engage in games, and embark on thrilling escapades, has significantly broadened its audience reach throughout the year. The show has made its presence felt on various fan platforms, including OnlyFans, LoyalFans, Pornhub, Adult Empire, and ManyVids. In addition to these platforms, the show has treated fans to:

Episode 12, “The Colorado Collab House”: Featuring a star-studded lineup including Taylor Nicole, Ella Barnett, Lily Craven, Destiny Lovee, Ayla Harper, Alice Thunder, Calliope Apella, Lovely Love, Svytlana Pulse, Steve from Accounting, Goddess Mia Sophia, Ivy Saint May, Mega Drive, Wade Jones, Syphon Filthy, Momma Blonde Bombshell, and Ayla Zane.

Episode 13, “Penelope Kay”: This episode takes viewers on a Vegas scavenger hunt with the charismatic Penelope Kay, assisted by friends Em Indica Kitty Lynn and Sage Roux. For those looking for a tamer experience, the SFW cut, “The Story Of The $100 Las Vegas Napkin,” is available on YouTube.

Episode 14: With the dynamic duo Millie Morgan and Nathan Bronson, this upcoming episode is poised to be another groundbreaking addition to the series.

Looking back on the eventful year, CJ Love reflects, “2023 has been a year of exciting changes and new ideas, and ‘Real Life’ has plenty more in store for 2024.” Love teases fans with the promise of wild surprises in the unscripted adventures that lie ahead, urging them to stay tuned for more.

For an intimate glimpse into the world of adult film stars, dive into the captivating universe of “Real Life” XXX at RealLifeXXX.com.