Is The First Adult Site on the Internet And Still The Best

If you’ve ever attended an adult industry conference or chatted with an industry insider for more than ten minutes, you’ve likely encountered the legendary tales surrounding This website, heralded as the oldest adult domain on the internet, has been a cornerstone of conversation, making headlines from Reuters to TechCrunch. From notoriously wealthy adult webmasters to mainstream news outlets, everyone seems to love talking about the latest developments involving is not just another adult website, it’s a cultural phenomenon within the digital world. The domain’s allure stems not only from its sex videos but also from its tumultuous history and the astronomical figures associated with it. In 2010, was sold to its current owner for a staggering $13 million. This sale was a landmark event in the adult industry, showcasing the immense value and potential of premium adult domains.’s history is rife with legal battles, ownership disputes, and sensational stories. One of the most infamous episodes involved Stephen Michael Cohen and Gary Kremen. Kremen, who initially registered the domain in 1994, found himself embroiled in a lengthy legal battle after Cohen fraudulently acquired the domain in 1995. The case became a landmark legal fight, highlighting issues of internet law and domain name theft.

After years of litigation, Kremen finally regained control of in 2000, with Cohen being ordered to pay a hefty sum in damages. This legal battle not only cemented’s place in internet history but also set significant legal precedents for domain ownership and protection.

Over the years, has evolved, adapting to changes in technology and consumer preferences. Its ability to stay relevant in a rapidly changing digital landscape is a testament to its strong brand and strategic management. Most recently has rolled out its own adult version of Tiktok. This of course has brought both attention from the mainstream media and the adult industry. By allowing Sex and Pornstars on their platform they are sure to begin to rival the traffic of TikTok,  Yet again another way stays current with the times. 

The $13 million sale in 2010 was a clear indicator of’s value. The new owners have continued to capitalize on the domain’s prestigious name, leveraging it to attract advertisers and generate substantial revenue. The site’s success has also inspired numerous other ventures, proving that premium domains can be both valuable and influential in the digital age.’s impact extends beyond the adult industry. It has become a symbol of the internet’s early days, a relic from a time when domain names were the new frontier. The site’s history offers a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of the web, the legal battles that shaped it, and the economic potential of digital real estate.

Mainstream media’s fascination with highlights its cultural significance. Stories about the site have appeared in major publications, drawing interest from a wide audience. This broad appeal underscores the intrigue and curiosity that surround the adult industry and its key players. remains an iconic and influential entity within the adult industry. Its rich history, marked by legal battles, significant sales, and cultural impact, continues to capture the imagination of both industry insiders and the general public. As the digital landscape evolves, stands as a testament to the enduring power and allure of premium adult domains. Whether you’re an industry veteran or a curious observer, the story of offers a compelling look at the intersection of technology, law, and commerce in the world of adult entertainment.

PSE Sex 101 – Handy Guide for Porn Star Experience

Have you ever wanted to have sex like you see in porn?

It’s easy to see why – porn stars enjoy all kinds of crazy, wild sex. From dirty talk to loud screaming to all kinds of kinky positions, having sex like a porn star is unlike anything you’ve experienced before!


Thankfully, it’s easy enough to enjoy the porn star experience (PSE) in your personal life. Whether you’re in a committed relationship or looking for casual fun, there are many ways that you can explore the amazing fun of PSE sex.

Of course, getting started with PSE sex can be daunting for the first time. There’s a lot of porn out there, so porn star experience sex is always unique, catering to your specific sexual preferences and kinks.

So, we’ve created a handy guide that covers all the useful information you need to know about porn star experience!

What is the Porn Star Experience?

Porn star experience sex, better known as PSE, is a term that originally started in sex work.

Escorts’ services would include a ‘porn star experience’, which is basically a sexual encounter similar to what you see in a porn production. Basically, it’s sex with a lot of hardcore action common in porn, such as crazy sex positions, loud dirty talk, spitting, spanking, and any other unique kinks and fetishes.

PSE sex isn’t just exclusive to sex work, however!

It’s something that everyone can try, whether you’re in a committed relationship, friends with benefits, or just looking for casual hookups and one-night stands.

What Does PSE Sex Involve?

Because pornography is so varied, catering to all types of desires and fetishes, PSE sex is also unique for each person. It doesn’t need to involve a specific act from porn, but rather just any sort of hardcore sex you won’t normally experience in the bedroom.

It could be something as simple as talking dirty and screaming loud as you have sex or trying something more extreme like anal sex or BDSM. Simply put, porn star experience sex involves trying anything that you’ve seen in porn that you want to enjoy in your personal life!

Always Have Consent Before Sex 

Remember, people performing in a porn production are acting. Everything involved in a porn video has been previously discussed, with each person consenting to the various sexual acts that you see.

So, if you’re planning on trying PSE with someone in your personal life, it’s important to discuss everything before you hit the bedroom. You both need to set boundaries and be fully content with whatever you’re looking to replicate in porn.

Don’t simply start trying to have sex like a porn star without discussing it before! You can’t just start pulling hair, calling someone a slut, or spanking their ass without consent. Always discuss your plans for a PSE long before any sex begins.


Things to Try During Porn Star Experience

If you’ve found someone interested in porn star experience sex, then there’s a lot of exciting things you can try.

We always recommend doing some research before you get started. There’s a lot of porn out there, so take the time to watch some videos that feature stuff you’d like to try out. Again, porn caters to all tastes and preferences, so you want to replicate the sex acts that turn you on most in pornography.

It could be roleplaying, dirty talk, screaming, spanking, deepthroating, anal, or anything that might turn you and your partner on. Here are some of the more common things people enjoy during PSE sex:

Dirty Talk 

Dirty talk is one of the main parts of PSE sex. Virtually all porn has some sort of dirty talk before, during, and after the sex.

In fact, dirty talk is a great thing to try during any type of sex, as it lets you both communicate what you’re enjoying and what you want during sex. With PSE sex, you just need to ramp up your dirty talk, although always make sure you’re using terms your partner is okay with!

If you’re unsure of how to talk dirty during sex, just check out some porn to see what the actors are saying. They’re all kinds of naughty terms you can use to describe each other, so be sure to focus on complimenting each other with sex talk.

For example, you can say how much you love her tits and ass, or she can talk about how great your cock tastes or feels. Make sure you both focus on complimenting your bodies and overall performance, as this always makes the PSE sex much better!

Dress for the Part

One of the great things about porn is all the sexy outfits involved. From slinky lingerie to kinky heels, porn stars make a point of looking sexy and irresistible during their performances.

So, if you’re looking for a simple way to enhance your porn star experience, why not try buying some naughty garments? Of course, the sexy lingerie and accessories found in porn are typically reserved for female performers, so you may want to focus on this.

For instance, you can buy some erotic lingerie, including porn favorites like stockings and suspenders, thongs, bodystockings, corsets, etc.

Also, if you’re trying roleplaying during your PSE sex, you could dress in naughty costumes like a nurse, police officer, or maid outfit.

High heels are also a mainstay in porn; consider buying a pair of slutty high heels to enhance your PSE!

Different Sex Positions 

Porn stars are known for using all kinds of wild and extreme sex positions; be sure to try some of these out yourself!

Sex positions often change quickly in porn, so don’t hesitate to switch things up quickly and frequently. Also, make sure you’re trying positions that aren’t too vanilla – that means a lot less missionary and a lot more doggy!

Plus, don’t forget positions like cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, 69, face sitting, piledriver, there are so many awesome things to try out! 

Also, don’t be afraid to pull some hair during certain positions, like doggy style, as this is also a common act found in PSE sex. As always, make sure everyone is okay with the positions and any hair-pulling!

Devil’s Film Releases new DVD Stepmom Likes It Up The Ass #04

Devil’s Film Releases new DVD Stepmom Likes It Up The Ass #04

Adult Time studio Devil’s Film is prioritizing pleasure with the release of Stepmom Likes It Up The Ass #04 – four tales of family fulfillment that kicks off April 28 at and on the Adult Time streaming platform.

The four scenes include:

4/28 – “Cassie Del Isla & Alex Mack” share the shower together when the exorbitant water bill gets out of hand5/4 – “Lauren Phillips & Spikey Dee” spotlights helpful stepmom Lauren as she helps him properly handle a girlfriend that’s been taking Spikey for granted

5/11 – “Texas Patti & Elias Cash” finds Elias in desperate need of sleep, thanks to his insatiable stepmom

5/18 – “Pristine Edge & Tony Sting” gets to the bottom of a naughty stepmom when she finds her stepson sneaking peeks of her in the bubble bath

Stepmom Likes it Up the Ass #04  is available at and on the streaming platform, home to more than 370 channels, 60,000 episodes and 8 new releases per day from some of the most recognized studios in the industry.
About Devil’s Film:
Since its launch in 1997, premier studio Devils Film has been the place for every type of carnal craving: gangbangs, anal, trans, MILFs and more. The multi-awarded studio is home to some of the top porn stars and genres such as family roleplay, porn parodies and gonzo. Devils Film is also the Number One destination for 4K and ultra HD porn with multiple updates every week. Join today to gain full access to the member’s area!
About Adult Time:
Launched in 2018, Adult Time is a streaming service exclusively for adults. Created by award-winning filmmaker Bree Mills, who also serves as Chief Creative Officer, Adult Time is a platform built by fans that believe in a future where mature audiences can safely, securely and proudly have a place in their lineup for premium adult content. Dubbed the ‘Netflix of Porn’ by mainstream media outlets, Adult Time offers an extensive catalog of more than 370 channels, 60,000 episodes and 8 new releases per day from some of the most recognized studios, including Girlsway, Pure Taboo, Burning Angel, Fantasy Massage, 21 Sextury and Vivid Entertainment alongside exclusive original series, feature films and much more. 
For more information, please visit: 
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