Stoya Writes, Directs Newest Film from Deeper, “You Know What I Like”

Deeper, the specialty erotica production house from adult’s reigning Director of the Year Kayden Kross, welcomes Stoya in her writing and directing debut for the studio, You Know What I Like, available November 15 exclusively at
Starring Alexis Tae and Mickey Mod, You Know What I Like weaves an exquisite web of passionate foreplay, rough sex and profound intimacy that the filmmaker describes as attentive, generous and amorous.
“Mickey and Alexis had such fantastic chemistry, every part of the set was professional, and I had a great time on my first foray into fictional narrative pornography,” said Stoya.
stoya deeper
“I’m wildly impressed with what Kayden has done with Deeper, and was honored to be asked to direct something for her company. I’m excited to see what Deeper’s audience thinks of my spin on erotic power games.”
Kross was excited to reunite with her former TrenchcoatX producing partner, saying, “It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of Stoya both personally and professionally for a long time, and her work in co-founding TrenchcoatX is what ultimately made my work on Deeper possible.
It’s hugely fitting to see her direct under this new brand, and encouraging that we’re able to attract talent like hers. I look forward to seeing more of her work here.”
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ABOUT DEEPER: is a new venture from TRENCHCOATx founder and filmmaker Kayden Kross that launched in April 2019 as part of Greg Lansky’s Vixen Media Group. The new production studio and site will bring a powerful – and empowering – new voice to the erotic landscape.
The award-winning director writes, produces, and often performs in the provocative scenes that make Deeper one of the most captivating new studio debuts in years. The membership site offers crystal-clear streaming and downloads up to 4K Ultra HD.
Kross looks to engage and challenge her performers – as well as her fans – in finding a more experimental side of fantasy, and hopes viewers enjoy the multifaceted scenarios that take dominance and surrender to a far Deeper level.
Kayden Kross is a veteran of the adult film industry who has won awards for her work as both a director and performer. A career contract star, Kross was signed to exclusive deals with industry powerhouses Vivid Entertainment, Adam and Eve and Digital Playground before directing and producing on her own alongside her real-life partner and fellow performer Manuel Ferrara.
Writing in her off time, Kross’s work has appeared in The New York Times,, and in a monthly advice column for Nylon Magazine. In 2015 she co-founded TRENCHCOATx, which was acquired in 2019 by Greg Lansky’s Vixen Media Group – boldly re-emerging as Deeper, filmmaking with a fiercely fresh take on the erotic complexities of human nature.

An Open Letter To Tumblr And The World From FanCentro CEO

From time to time I think it’s important to clearly explain our point of view on important issues that affect our influencers, account owners, strategic partners and the public. Recent policy changes by nameless, faceless individuals who are in charge of large corporations represent a serious risk to the income, lifestyle and culture our partners and audience all depend on. This open letter demonstrates that FanCentro will never become a nameless faceless company to you. I am Stan Fiskin, the CEO of FanCentro, and I can assure you we are doing all we can each day to provide you with a platform capable of expressing your own views honestly and easily.

In a world now full of rampant gun violence, frequent fights for basic equality of races and genders, serious political turmoil and so many other important topics worth tackling, Tumblr has suddenly decided instead to focus on the morality of nipples. I am not sure why companies like Starbucks (who recently banned all adult content on their store WiFi) and Tumblr have so many issues with healthy human sexuality, or the human body, but it is frightening that their personal dislikes are causing a worldwide chilling effect on free speech, while creating a dangerous barrier between people – rather than helping people to share ideas freely as their blog platform and coffee shops were originally intended to do.

It is objectively wrong for a company like Starbucks to enable lunatics to play first person shooter games while pretending to kill other people on Starbucks WiFi, but to be so scared of a single frame or image of a partially naked human being. On Tumblr right now there are horrible people promoting distorted world views about the Earth being flat, suggesting abhorrent racist behavior, espousing anti-Semitic beliefs, belittling women – yet the Tumblr management team has decided to take a stand against nudity?

Many years ago people would falsely argue that “porn” was outside the mainstream. They would use scare tactics to suggest that if anyone ever saw a naked couple they would somehow lose their ability to behave in a moral and ethical manner. Now those failed lines of reasoning can easily be proven false. Hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people view adult entertainment online each and every day of the year. FanCentro works with thousands of influencers reaching over a billion followers through social media.

Museums have been displaying naked bodies as sculpture and oil paintings for centuries; Japanese pillow books depicting human sexuality in some cases appear to predate the original publication of the Bible. Sex is not only a moral and ethical topic, it happens to also be the only method by which our entire species can continue to exist. There is no substitute for procreation on a genetic level, and unlike almost every other human endeavor, all races and cultural orientations follow the same basic methodology regarding sex because it is a basic biological function of every person who has ever existed. Yet, Tumblr believes it should supersede the most basic aspect of our physical existence with its own editorial nonsense, because they arrogantly feel they know better than all of the billions of people who strongly disagree with them, and the human body itself.

Much can be learned from taking a wider view of the current political climate as well. Adult entertainment is every bit as mainstream as cannabis, and we have seen the political shift toward regulating adult material as if it were dangerous, when in fact it is not for anyone over the age of consent. All of these efforts to control mainstream behavior are dangerous distractions away from the things that actually matter right now on a global scale – climate change, racial relations, ongoing wars, famine, weather catastrophes, income inequality, poverty, and the list goes on. Perhaps the powerful people at Tumblr will wake up one day and make meaningful policy changes that highlight these crucial areas of interest…. or perhaps they will wake up tomorrow and decide showing any skirt that is higher than knee height is also worthy of closing your account. We won’t be risking our revenue on their whim, and we encourage you to also move away from their failed platform as quickly as you can.

As of this moment the FanCentro account on Tumblr is closed and we have no intention of reopening it. We closed it ourselves and “gave up” the millions of followers we had there after many years of hard work. I believe that is a very small price to pay for our freedom.

Those of you seeking the best services and tools to generate revenue or grow your influencer brand online, now face a moment of truth. Do you want to nibble around the edges of a platform like Tumblr that openly dislikes you and hope you can somehow be deemed compliant, or would you prefer to be part of a community that actually embraces the content you make and works with you to reach an even larger audience?

FanCentro will always continue to support performers, entertainers, and influencers by providing you with a platform designed with your freedom at the forefront of our minds.  We are here to empower everyone to be yourself, with the only caveat being that adult content should be consensually made and consumed by adults. It’s your life, your brand, and your choice.

Content creators can blog right now on FanCentro with many options others call “premium” provided here for FREE instead. We even have a simple tool designed to import all of your data from Tumblr to your new FanCentro account in seconds. Just take a moment to create your own free account, see how easy it is to move your Tumblr to FanCentro, and have the peace of mind that only comes from being part of a community that cares about your freedom, your rights and your ability to earn a living doing what you love.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you.



Colin is a website and content producer who specialises in the adult industry. He has experience in the creation and development of production studios, websites, paysites and platforms for credit card billing. He was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame Founders Division in 2013.

Colin is part of a small team that created the adult search engine ‘Boodigo’, in response to the failure of mainstream engines to address issues of privacy and stolen content. The site went live in September 2014 and is designed as a platform for users to get fast and relevant results from their searches. The focus is on quality ‘adult’ content and a range of pertinent subjects- from porn to the legalisation of marijuana. The addition of a ‘Boodigo Search Widget’ and chat service ‘Boodicall’ are on the horizon. We asked Colin some questions surrounding the creation of his adult search engine Boodigo.

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from Matthew Keys | November 18, 2014 at

There’s no shortage of adult-oriented websites on the Internet these days, with some estimates suggesting sex-themed websites draw 450 million unique visitors a month, accounting for nearly 30 percent of all online traffic.

Despite the explosion of adult content online, porn enthusiasts often have difficulty pinpointing the exact genre or performer they’re interested in — search engines and social media platforms like Google, Yahoo, Tumblr and Twitter have moved to block adult-oriented results, while others like Facebook and Instagram ban sexually suggestive imagery altogether. Worse, many popular porn sites play host to a slew of illicit videos that violate copyrights, advertisements that track users from site to site and even viruses that can wreak havoc on a computer.

And all that aside, there’s always the looming fear that your friend, co-worker brother or grandma might “borrow” your laptop or tablet for a second, only to learn from your Google results that you’ve fancied yourself some pizza delivery bondage porn.

Enter: BoodiGo, a new search engine that promises to help you find the adult content you want without the nasty side effects. It doesn’t save your search history or drop cookies on your computer or link you to websites with illicit porn videos and viruses. It’s the kind of service Edward Snowden might use when he feels the urge to give himself a hand. Continue reading “BOODIGO: WHAT EDWARD SNOWDEN MIGHT USE TO KEEP HIS PORN PRIVATE”

Seeking Privacy as Much as Porn, Web Surfers are Flocking to New Search Engine

BOSTON – When co-founder Colin Rowntree first conceived of launching an adult entertainment-specific search engine that emphasizes user privacy, he certainly expected it to find an audience – just not quite such an enormous audience, perhaps.

“Within hours of making our first announcement, we realized we were going to have to devote additional servers to BoodiGo in order to support the amount of traffic and searches we were seeing,” Rowntree said. “The consumer response was just amazing and outpaced even our most enthusiastic projections.”

Spurred on largely by positive media coverage – BoodiGo hasn’t spent a dime on traffic or advertising to date – the new search engine took off quickly. termed it “a new search engine just for porn, for when Google just isn’t sexy enough.” BoodiGo’s proactive efforts to offer surf-safe and legitimate search results led to note the search engine “let’s you find porn without giving you a computer virus.”

While it’s no secret that porn has long been a consistent draw for web users, the primary driving force behind consumer interest in BoodiGo is the privacy factor, with surfers in droves jumping on the opportunity to use a search engine that doesn’t track their every online move in furtherance of profile-building and ad-targeting. As put it, BoodiGo “might be the best new way to find porn without selling users’ fantasies to advertisers.”

In the days immediately following its launch, BoodiGo received over 2.5 million unique visitors, a surprising percentage of which accessed and read the site’s privacy policy, in addition to trying out the search function.

“I’ve been running adult websites since 1994, and I’ve never seen anything like this sort of interest in a privacy policy,” Rowntree said. “I think it says a lot about what really appeals to people about BoodiGo; it’s not just a good way to find online porn, it’s a good way to find online porn without having to look over your digital shoulder, so to speak.”


For Rowntree, that appeal comes as no surprise, as it fits into a larger cultural concern about privacy, both online and offline.


“One of the things that inspired the creation of BoodiGo was an explosion of news stories that revealed just how frequently and intensely we are monitored as Internet users,” Rowntree said. “The NSA and other federal government surveillance gets the headlines, but if you think about it, private sector tracking of users is the thing that’s truly ubiquitous. I think there’s a new level of awareness among the public that Big Brother might not be the government; Big Brother just might be a bunch of suit-wearing VPs sitting in a boardroom.”


Boodigo is the very first adult-oriented search engine that takes the user directly to explicit 21+ sites without the clutter of mainstream search services, in a completely anonymous and secure online environment. Boodigo was developed over a one-year period by site developers and content creators in the adult entertainment industry that set out to create a superior search service without the security and privacy issues found on mainstream sites.  Visit Boodigo Here….