Adult Time Officially Launches on Google TV / Chromecast

Adult Time Officially Launches on Google TV / Chromecast

(Montreal, QC / December 9, 2020) — Adult Time is bringing its thousands of erotic titles to Chromecast with Google TV and on the AndroidTV devices, available now across all participating connected devices and platforms.
Adult Time’s explicit content, along with the existing Google Store policy, means that the entertainment network’s app must be side loaded, which means installing the program using a downloader app available from the Store. Helpful instructions are available via the company blog.

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“We are always striving to create a better digital experience, so Google Chromecast support is obviously a priority for us,” said Gamma Entertainment President Karl Bernard. “Adult Time members are now able to enjoy expanded viewing options on their terms across multiple platforms.”
In addition to Chromecast/Google TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku, Adult Time is continuously working to advance its reach in the on-demand market in the company’s ongoing commitment to deliver an exceptional consumer experience on a wide range of online entertainment platforms.
Learn more about Adult Time at, home to the most extensive catalog of award-winning content and unlimited access to over 260 channels, 55,000 episodes and 8 new releases per day – all in one subscription.
About Adult Time:
Launched in 2018, Adult Time is a streaming service exclusively for adults.  Created by award-winning filmmaker Bree Mills, who also serves as Chief Creative Officer, Adult Time is a platform built by fans who believe in a future where mature audiences can safely, securely, and proudly have a place in their lineup for premium adult content.
Dubbed the ‘Netflix of Porn’ by mainstream media outlets, Adult Time offers an extensive catalog of over 260 channels, 55,000 episodes and 8 new releases per day from some of the most recognized studios, including Girlsway, Pure Taboo, Burning Angel, Fantasy Massage, 21 Sextury and Vivid Entertainment, alongside exclusive original series, feature films, and much more. 
For more information, please visit: 
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Pornhub Releases New Guidelines for Content Uploads

Pornhub has released new guidelines for content uploads, including expanded moderation, as well as details about a forthcoming transparency report.

The changes published on their site today are:

1. Verified Uploaders – OnlyEffective immediately, only content partners and people within the Model Program will be able to upload content to Pornhub. In the new year, we will implement a verification process so that any user can upload content upon successful completion of identification protocol.

2. Banning Downloads – Effective immediately, we have removed the ability for users to download content from Pornhub, with the exception of paid downloads within the verified Model Program. In tandem with our fingerprinting technology, this will mitigate the ability for content already removed from the platform to be able to return.

ponhub logo

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Adult Time Premieres Sweet Sweet Sally Mae

Adult Time Premieres Sweet Sweet Sally Mae
(Montreal, QC / December 1, 2020) — Adult Time is presenting its original exclusive film Sweet Sweet Sally Mae at the YNOT Virtual Summit, Wednesday, December 2nd being held online at
After the screening, registered YNOT Summit attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a live Question & Answer session with Sweet Sweet Sally Mae star Ana Foxxx and the series director Ricky Greenwood.
Sweet Sweet Sally Mae

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Technology can be scary, especially when it is in your hoo-ha, the future is horny – WoodRocket and Pornhub are proud to present the porn parody of Black Mirror: Pink Mirror.
Dark Mirror Porn Parody Pink Mirror
Pink Mirror premieres Friday, June 14th on WoodRocket and Pornhub, with Pink Mirror Bonersnatch Extended Version, featuring more sex and an alternate ending, available exclusively on Pornhub Premium.
“Because we knew that porn star Chloe Cherry looks a lot like Miley Cyrus, we decided to parody the episode ‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too’. The difference though is that ours will feature a talking vibrator, some hardcore sex, and people will probably like our version.” says WoodRocket producer, Lee Roy Myers.
Pink Mirror stars Chloe Cherry, Alex More, Vuko, Will Tile, and Seth’s Beard. It was written by Vuko & Lee Roy Myers and directed by Holly G Myers.
Check out Pink Mirror for free at WoodRocket and Pornhub (on the WoodRocket Channel).
Also check out Pink Mirror Bonersnatch Extended Version at!

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WoodRocket mixes porn, comedy, pop culture, and redefines adult entertainment. Creating popular & high-quality content like Ask A Porn StarPorn Stars Reading Hate Mail, and porn parodies like Ten Inch Mutant Ninja TurtlesStrokémon, and Laygo, WoodRocket is the future of porn.  WoodRocket’s content has been featured in Buzzfeed, Uproxx, Gizmodo, Maxim, Complex, AV Club, Spin, Rolling Stone, The Howard Stern Show, GQ, Vice, Esquire, The Hollywood Reporter, @Midnight, Bon Appetit, and many, many, many more wonderful places.

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A porn parody of The Lego Movie is here and it has so much brick-sucking and block-stuffing that you may question what the brick the folks at WoodRocket and Pornhub were thinking. It’s the The Laygo Movie – The Lego Movie Porn Parody!
The Laygo Movie premieres Friday, February 8th on WoodRocket and Pornhub for free, with a Longer Version available exclusively on Pornhub Premium.

Nobody thinks Rammit is special. Even Wildpiehole has her doubts…until she gets a load of his big yellow pants-brick. It is the Penis of Resistance. Now it’s up to them to go Fifty Shades of Yellow before it is too late!
The Laygo Movie stars Gabriella Paltrova & Donnie Rock, and was directed by April O’Neil, Vuko, and Lee Roy Myers.
Check out The Laygo Movie for free at WoodRocket and Pornhub (on the WoodRocket Channel).

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Watch the SFW trailer of The Laygo Movie here:

Catch Check out The Laygo Movie Longer Version at
WoodRocket mixes porn, comedy, pop culture, and redefines adult entertainment. Creating popular high-quality content like Ask A Porn Star, Porn Stars Reading Hate Mail, and porn parodies like Ten Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles, Strokémon, and SpongeKnob SquareNuts, WoodRocket is the future of porn. WoodRocket’s content has been featured in Buzzfeed, Uproxx, Gizmodo, Maxim, Complex, AV Club, Spin, Rolling Stone, The Howard Stern Show, GQ, Vice, Esquire, The Hollywood Reporter, @Midnight, Bon Appetit, and more.

Is It Normal to Masturbate Every Day?

Sex can take many different forms, from straight man-on-woman in the missionary pose to hookups found on BBW and transgender dating sites that turn into full-blown BDSM sessions. Still, there is something that we all share, that everybody partakes in and that has been around since the beginning of mankind – masturbation.

Although it’s a common part of everyone’s life (whether you want to admit it or not), there are certain people out there that will tell you it’s not okay and not healthy to masturbate at all. And while that’s completely bogus, let’s take a look at the idea of day-to-day masturbation and whether it has any negative effects on your life.

Benefits and Advantages

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First and foremost, let’s assess this situation from a physical point of view. Masturbating every day may seem like a tedious task to some, but if you ask those who do practice it,  you’ll notice that they don’t feel like they have an obligation or chore that they have to fulfill daily.

It’s very well documented that masturbation is healthy for both men and women. Physically, it helps keep our reproduction organs healthy, in good shape and always ready for action, and psychologically, it’s a pretty good way to relieve stress and figure out your own sexuality.

Many sex experts out there say that solo time is a crucial part of any relationship. This is mostly because it’s a perfect way for you to learn about your body, your erogenous zones, what turns you on the most and so on, which can later be applied to having sexy time with your partner.

Going Overboard

So far, we couldn’t find any downsides to masturbation, at least in the psychological and physical sense. The only problem that may come from it is actually caused by ourselves – or rather how we implement masturbation into our everyday lives.

Medically, there’s absolutely nothing wrong and there are no risks posed by day-to-day masturbation. However, if you can’t properly introduce this wonderful activity into your daily schedule, you may run into some problems in other fields.

A good example of this would be running late for work because you simply had to masturbate right this moment. Another scenario would be actively avoiding sex with your partner because going downtown by yourself feels so good.

Bottom line, it’s all about the way we handle it. Too much of anything is never good, but in this case, it’s not because of the nature of masturbation.

There are a lot of people out there (especially men) that have masturbation sessions every day or at least almost every day and they can function just like any other human out there. If you can find a way to insert masturbation into your everyday life so that it doesn’t come into conflict with your other activities or duties, then by all means – go for it.


(Woodland Hills, CA) March 1st, 2019 – Finally, one of the most popular video game franchises in history has a porn parody and it will make gamers and non-gamers alike Horny for Hyrule! WoodRocket and Pornhub present The Legend of Zelda XXX Parody, The Legend of Zildo.

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The Legend of Zildo premieres Friday, March 1st on WoodRocket and Pornhub for free, with an Extended Version available exclusively on Pornhub Premium.
Princess Zildo has been kidnapped by the evil blue Ganondong! With the help of his magical-vagina’d fairy and a talking-penis tree, our pointy-eared and long-ocarina’d hero, Dink must save the Princess so he can get royally screwed!

Starring April O’Neil, Codey Steele, Gabriella Paltrova, Seth’s Beard, and Cassandra Cain, The Legend of Zildo was directed by Vuko (C*ckraiser) and Mrs. Myers (Fortnut).
Check out The Legend of Zildo for free at

WoodRocket mixes porn, comedy, pop culture, and redefines adult entertainment. Creating popular & high-quality content like Ask A Porn Star, Porn Stars Reading Hate Mail, and porn parodies like Ten Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles, Strokémon, and Laygo, WoodRocket is the future of porn. WoodRocket’s content has been featured in Buzzfeed, Uproxx, Gizmodo, Maxim, Complex, AV Club, Spin, Rolling Stone, The Howard Stern Show, GQ, Vice, Esquire, The Hollywood Reporter, @Midnight, Bon Appetit, and more.


Hold onto your butts and prepare yourselves for some Tyrannosaurus Sex! WoodRocket and Pornhub are proud to present the most epic dinosorgy of all time, with the porn parody of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Jurassic Wood: Swollen Dingdong.
jurassic wood porn parody
Jurassic Wood: Swollen Dingdong premieres Thursday, June 21st for free on and Pornhub, with an extra Jurassic Prick Bonus Scene available exclusively on Pornhub Premium.
After scientists turn the Jurassic Park into a Jurassic Brothel by combining the DNA of dinosaurs and porn stars, Owen and Claire must try to get the sexy dino-ladies off of the island before the dildo volcano erupts and they all meet a sticky & gooey end.
Jurassic Wood: Swollen Dingdong is directed by Vuko & Lee Roy Myers (Dick & Morty), written by Lee Roy Myers and Brandon Graham (John Wank), produced by Seth’s Beard (Ten Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles), and stars Lauren Phillips, Robby Echo, Codi Vore, Mercy West, Kyra Rose and Tegan Trex.
If you miss this parody, you will be dino-sorry!
The SFW trailer of Jurassic Wood: Swollen Dingdong is on and YouTube:
Watch Jurassic Wood: Swollen Dingdong on & Pornhub.

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The Jurassic Prick Bonus Scene is available exclusively at

WoodRocket mixes porn and comedy and pop culture, changing the way Adult Entertainment entertains adults. They have created popular original series like Ask A Porn Star, Topless Girls Reading Books, Porn Stars Reading Hate Mail, and porn parodies like Hamiltoe, Dick & Morty, Strokémon, and Bob’s Boners. There is nothing like a WoodRocket thing! WoodRocket’s content has been featured on Buzzfeed, Uproxx, Gizmodo, Maxim, Complex, AV Club, Spin, Rolling Stone, Saturday Night Live, The Howard Stern Show, GQ, Vice, Esquire, The Hollywood Reporter, Bon Appetit, and more.

New! The Boodigo Android App – Free

boodigo adult search engine app androidAndroid users:  We now have available an Android App that you can use on your devices as a private alternative to your regular web browsers to keep all of your adult searching safely in a different app.  TOUCH HERE TO DOWNLOAD TO YOUR ANDROID.

You can also get it for free at the Mikandi App Store…

MiKandi Adult App Store Badge

Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to install it from your Apps -> Downloads folder. As this is not an app that you got from the Google Play Store (they don’t allow adult apps), you’ll need to tell the installer that you agree to installing a third-party application. Don’t worry though.  This is very safe, secure and encrypted for you privacy on the web.  Once you have done this, the app will appear in your “Apps” folder.


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p.s. to iPhone users.  We’re working on an app for you!

BoodiGo Taking Name Reservations for New BoodiBlog Platform

BOSTON — With the launch of its new blogging platform nearing, adult search engine is calling for adult performers, bloggers and webmasters to start reserving subdomains now.
“BoodiBlog will offer adult bloggers a stable, adult-dedicated platform on which they can write about and promote whatever they wish, so long as it’s legal,” said said BoodiGo co-founder Colin Rowntree. “Unlike a lot of the other free platforms out there, adult webmasters, performers and others using BoodiBlog won’t have to worry about sudden major changes in content or advertising policies.”
By the same token, Rowntree noted, bloggers also won’t have to worry about is their BoodiBlogs suddenly slipping in the search results on BoodiGo, because unlike mainstream search engines, the broader BoodiGo brand is inextricably linked to the adult industry.

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Research Paper Assistance – Discover the Principles

If you are seeking some research paper assistance to help you compose your essay with ease and endurance, then this guide is going to be able to supply you with some very helpful methods and strategies that will enable you to get started. It is not easy being a pupil especially nowadays with the tight academic programs, high competition environment Continue reading “Research Paper Assistance – Discover the Principles”

A Guide to Essay Writing Can Give You a Hand

Would you want to write essay subjects for your school project? If you do, then you will need a fantastic guide to essay writing that will assist you. Now you have the option of using essay-writing software that will give you a hand, but you do not have to do it that way. A how-to guide to essay writing can be accomplished through printable Continue reading “A Guide to Essay Writing Can Give You a Hand”

To purchase research papers is a challenge for professors.
You may be able to manage them but not many have the knowledge of the place to buy them.
Finding a fantastic website to buy them from may be difficult too.
In this article, We’ll discuss the best way to purchase research papers in one of the following ways:Online method – You can buy your research papers on line from a reseller, which will be in the USA or Canada.
Their site will generally have a set of stores in the country, which means you just need to check they are selling their papers at a reasonable price.
After locating a good freelancer site, just click on their link to order your newspaper and pay through your credit card.
Checkout systems – Checkout systems are typical in both Europe and UK.
This method of purchasing research papers are readily found if you’re located there.
Postage method – A third way of buying papers is through a cell phone system, with a package with papers in the doorstep.
The research documents will then be delivered to you.
College shop – The best option is to purchase the newspapers from a college shop.
They often offer packages of papers and other materials to their pupils.
You may either do an internet trade through these or make a physical visit.
There are various choices to pick from in regards to the different research papers that are readily available.
Among the options is to purchase them from an online store or through a college system.
With both options, you may readily discover the papers which you require, provided that you know where to find them.
Before you choose to purchase research papers, it’s ideal to know the different methods for buying.
If you are in the USA, then you need to be able to receive them via an online shop or a university shop.
However, in case you are in Europe, you should have the alternative of buying them via a post office, a college store or via an online store.
It is important to remember that if you’re buying the research papers via a third party, it’s best to check the credentials of this reseller.
This is especially true when it concerns the research papers that are available in Canada.
Even though most research papers are offered on an academic price, it’s also very important to verify the freelancer is selling them at a reasonable cost.