Real Life” XXX Ends 2023 on a High Note with New Episodes, Collaborations

“Real Life” XXX

“Real Life” XXX Wraps Up 2023 on a High Note with Fresh Episodes and Star-Studded Collaborations

(Las Vegas, NV / December 13, 2023) — Concluding a year filled with behind-the-scenes hustle and a successful transition to their new Las Vegas headquarters, “Real Life” XXX is closing out 2023 with a bang, revealing plans for three exciting new episodes and impressive collaborations.

CJ Love’s daring reality series, shedding light on the lives of renowned adult film stars as they tackle public challenges, engage in games, and embark on thrilling escapades, has significantly broadened its audience reach throughout the year. The show has made its presence felt on various fan platforms, including OnlyFans, LoyalFans, Pornhub, Adult Empire, and ManyVids. In addition to these platforms, the show has treated fans to:

Episode 12, “The Colorado Collab House”: Featuring a star-studded lineup including Taylor Nicole, Ella Barnett, Lily Craven, Destiny Lovee, Ayla Harper, Alice Thunder, Calliope Apella, Lovely Love, Svytlana Pulse, Steve from Accounting, Goddess Mia Sophia, Ivy Saint May, Mega Drive, Wade Jones, Syphon Filthy, Momma Blonde Bombshell, and Ayla Zane.

Episode 13, “Penelope Kay”: This episode takes viewers on a Vegas scavenger hunt with the charismatic Penelope Kay, assisted by friends Em Indica Kitty Lynn and Sage Roux. For those looking for a tamer experience, the SFW cut, “The Story Of The $100 Las Vegas Napkin,” is available on YouTube.

Episode 14: With the dynamic duo Millie Morgan and Nathan Bronson, this upcoming episode is poised to be another groundbreaking addition to the series.

Looking back on the eventful year, CJ Love reflects, “2023 has been a year of exciting changes and new ideas, and ‘Real Life’ has plenty more in store for 2024.” Love teases fans with the promise of wild surprises in the unscripted adventures that lie ahead, urging them to stay tuned for more.

For an intimate glimpse into the world of adult film stars, dive into the captivating universe of “Real Life” XXX at

Adult Time Amplifies ‘CONSENT IS SEXY!’ in New Awareness Campaign

Adult Time proudly unveils its latest initiative, ‘CONSENT IS SEXY!’, a robust awareness campaign dedicated to highlighting the paramount importance of consent in the industry and fostering open communication during intimate encounters.

Scheduled to launch on Friday, December 1st, this campaign represents Adult Time’s ongoing commitment to championing consensual content creation and cultivating a culture of respect and empowerment within all facets of its operations.

The focal point of ‘CONSENT IS SEXY!’ will be a star-studded Public Service Announcement (PSA) prominently featured on the Performer Center web page, as well as on other key promotional platforms. This strategic approach aims to resonate with both industry professionals and a broader mainstream audience.

Expressing gratitude to all participants who shared their testimonials, Bree Mills, Chief Creative Officer of Adult Time, remarked, “We have a unique opportunity as a community to showcase our best practices and years of experience in navigating communication and consent. Let’s be a positive influence for those who follow us and consume our content.”

Committed to professionalism and performer well-being, Adult Time provides an unparalleled adult streaming experience on the network. Boasting over 400 channels, 60,000 scenes, and 8+ new releases daily, the platform offers unlimited access to a catalog of quality, award-winning content.

About Adult Time:
Launched in 2018, Adult Time stands as a premier streaming service exclusively for adults. Conceived by award-winning filmmaker Bree Mills, who serves as Chief Creative Officer, Adult Time is a platform developed by fans who envision a future where mature audiences can securely and proudly integrate premium adult content into their entertainment lineup.

Referred to as the ‘Netflix of Porn’ by mainstream media, Adult Time features an extensive catalog comprising more than 400 channels, 60,000 episodes, and 8 new releases daily. It includes content from acclaimed studios such as Girlsway, Pure Taboo, Burning Angel, Fantasy Massage, 21 Sextury, and Vivid Entertainment. The platform also offers exclusive original series, feature films, and a diverse array of content.

PSE Sex 101 – Handy Guide for Porn Star Experience

Have you ever wanted to have sex like you see in porn?

It’s easy to see why – porn stars enjoy all kinds of crazy, wild sex. From dirty talk to loud screaming to all kinds of kinky positions, having sex like a porn star is unlike anything you’ve experienced before!


Thankfully, it’s easy enough to enjoy the porn star experience (PSE) in your personal life. Whether you’re in a committed relationship or looking for casual fun, there are many ways that you can explore the amazing fun of PSE sex.

Of course, getting started with PSE sex can be daunting for the first time. There’s a lot of porn out there, so porn star experience sex is always unique, catering to your specific sexual preferences and kinks.

So, we’ve created a handy guide that covers all the useful information you need to know about porn star experience!

What is the Porn Star Experience?

Porn star experience sex, better known as PSE, is a term that originally started in sex work.

Escorts’ services would include a ‘porn star experience’, which is basically a sexual encounter similar to what you see in a porn production. Basically, it’s sex with a lot of hardcore action common in porn, such as crazy sex positions, loud dirty talk, spitting, spanking, and any other unique kinks and fetishes.

PSE sex isn’t just exclusive to sex work, however!

It’s something that everyone can try, whether you’re in a committed relationship, friends with benefits, or just looking for casual hookups and one-night stands.

What Does PSE Sex Involve?

Because pornography is so varied, catering to all types of desires and fetishes, PSE sex is also unique for each person. It doesn’t need to involve a specific act from porn, but rather just any sort of hardcore sex you won’t normally experience in the bedroom.

It could be something as simple as talking dirty and screaming loud as you have sex or trying something more extreme like anal sex or BDSM. Simply put, porn star experience sex involves trying anything that you’ve seen in porn that you want to enjoy in your personal life!

Always Have Consent Before Sex 

Remember, people performing in a porn production are acting. Everything involved in a porn video has been previously discussed, with each person consenting to the various sexual acts that you see.

So, if you’re planning on trying PSE with someone in your personal life, it’s important to discuss everything before you hit the bedroom. You both need to set boundaries and be fully content with whatever you’re looking to replicate in porn.

Don’t simply start trying to have sex like a porn star without discussing it before! You can’t just start pulling hair, calling someone a slut, or spanking their ass without consent. Always discuss your plans for a PSE long before any sex begins.


Things to Try During Porn Star Experience

If you’ve found someone interested in porn star experience sex, then there’s a lot of exciting things you can try.

We always recommend doing some research before you get started. There’s a lot of porn out there, so take the time to watch some videos that feature stuff you’d like to try out. Again, porn caters to all tastes and preferences, so you want to replicate the sex acts that turn you on most in pornography.

It could be roleplaying, dirty talk, screaming, spanking, deepthroating, anal, or anything that might turn you and your partner on. Here are some of the more common things people enjoy during PSE sex:

Dirty Talk 

Dirty talk is one of the main parts of PSE sex. Virtually all porn has some sort of dirty talk before, during, and after the sex.

In fact, dirty talk is a great thing to try during any type of sex, as it lets you both communicate what you’re enjoying and what you want during sex. With PSE sex, you just need to ramp up your dirty talk, although always make sure you’re using terms your partner is okay with!

If you’re unsure of how to talk dirty during sex, just check out some porn to see what the actors are saying. They’re all kinds of naughty terms you can use to describe each other, so be sure to focus on complimenting each other with sex talk.

For example, you can say how much you love her tits and ass, or she can talk about how great your cock tastes or feels. Make sure you both focus on complimenting your bodies and overall performance, as this always makes the PSE sex much better!

Dress for the Part

One of the great things about porn is all the sexy outfits involved. From slinky lingerie to kinky heels, porn stars make a point of looking sexy and irresistible during their performances.

So, if you’re looking for a simple way to enhance your porn star experience, why not try buying some naughty garments? Of course, the sexy lingerie and accessories found in porn are typically reserved for female performers, so you may want to focus on this.

For instance, you can buy some erotic lingerie, including porn favorites like stockings and suspenders, thongs, bodystockings, corsets, etc.

Also, if you’re trying roleplaying during your PSE sex, you could dress in naughty costumes like a nurse, police officer, or maid outfit.

High heels are also a mainstay in porn; consider buying a pair of slutty high heels to enhance your PSE!

Different Sex Positions 

Porn stars are known for using all kinds of wild and extreme sex positions; be sure to try some of these out yourself!

Sex positions often change quickly in porn, so don’t hesitate to switch things up quickly and frequently. Also, make sure you’re trying positions that aren’t too vanilla – that means a lot less missionary and a lot more doggy!

Plus, don’t forget positions like cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, 69, face sitting, piledriver, there are so many awesome things to try out! 

Also, don’t be afraid to pull some hair during certain positions, like doggy style, as this is also a common act found in PSE sex. As always, make sure everyone is okay with the positions and any hair-pulling!