TeamSkeet Unveils Five New Taboo Scenes from the Network’s Most-Wanted Series

TeamSkeet Unveils Five New Taboo Scenes from the Network’s Most-Wanted Series


(Los Angeles, CA / May 19, 2022) — During the week of May 16-22, TeamSkeet is treating fans to brand new scenes from five of the network’s most popular taboo series – ready for action exclusively at

5/16 – – In “Find Your Inspiration”, Paulina Ruiz seeks assistance from her neighbor in proofreading her entry into the Young Writers Competition. Her submission is great, but it just needs to work in a climax…

5/18 – – Aften Opal, Nadia Noja and Nicole Aria want in on a taste of the high life, but nothing in life is free in BFFS’ wild four-way spectacle, “A Chance to Be Spoiled”.

5/20 – – Ella Knox gives as good as gets in all-new Teen Curves scene “She’s Crazy Good”.

5/20 – shines a spotlight on Ryan Reid as she helps out a harried husband (Brad Sterling) around the house in “Don’t Tell My Wife”.

5/21 – from TeamSkeet Labs comes title “Penis Envy” starring Penny Barber as a therapist who consults with a client (Jessica Starling) having anger issues with her step-son (Joshua Lewis) after seeing him nude.

The TeamSkeet Network boasts an extensive erotic collection of more than 85 network series and 65 premium series, featuring 8,200+ scenes that highlight the talents of more than 3,100 performers ranging from amateurs to superstars, for as low as 26 cents a day with a 12-month membership.

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Vicky Vette Celebrates 20 Steamy Years in Porn

Vicky Vette Celebrates 20 Steamy Years in Porn

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Time goes quickly when you’re a blonde, busty, and busy porn star like Vicky Vette. 20 years ago, at the young age of 37, she entered Hustler magazine’s 2002 Beaver Hunt amateur contest on a whim – and became a semi-finalist.

Today, Vicky Vette is a professional porn powerhouse. She has a roster of adult stars in her Vette Nation Army (VNA). There are many adult toys available that Doc Johnson has molded from her body parts, and many adult industry awards lining her home’s walls that Vicky has won over the years. And she still retains her blonde bombshell good looks and hard body.

YNOT recently got in contact with Vicky, to ask her if she ever expected to hit the 20-year mark. “Honestly, no,” Vicky replies. “I shot the semi final photo layout for Hustler Beaver Hunt in 2002, along with a girl/girl photoshoot for Cherie magazine. Then my first video porn scene when I came back to LA to shoot the cover and winning layout in 2003. I have never had the same job this long in my life. Before that, I would get bored and want to move on after five years! I definitely found my home.”

Vicky Vette

A Late Bloomer

It’s common for porn stars to launch their careers shortly after turning 18. This early entry allows them to progress from teenage ingenues to MILFs over the course of 20 years, if they last that long. But Vicky began as a MILF and has managed to keep rocking this field for two decades.

At the outset of her career, Vicky says she ran into ageism.

“When I started videos at 38, a few people said I was too old,” she recalls. “Most were retiring at that age, not just starting! I remember one of my first agents, Derek, trying to set up photoshoots and photographers refusing me just because of my age. He would say, ‘would you just look at her first, before saying no?’ They said, ‘flat out no, I am not shooting any 38 year-olds!’ But then the MILF craze took over and I shot for Naughty America, and it’s been onwards and upwards since then. It’s amazing to see how the business has evolved from 2003 until today. It’s mind bending.”

Success Has Its Price

As Vicky’s porn career blossomed, her life was “immeasurably changed,” she says.

“I went from a shy but curious and horny accountant/controller who literally had never modelled to worldwide exposure in a breathless amount of time. I couldn’t do makeup at all – I still can’t! You go from being unknown to being on box covers around the world.”

Unfortunately, gaining porn fame came with stigmatizing shame.

“Not everyone approves of adult, as you learn quite quickly,” says Vicky. “In my case, I had family disown me for 14 years and some still don’t speak to me.”

Then there’s the issue of retirement: “20 years is a long time in any profession — especially one where they don’t give you a gold watch or golden parachute payoff when you retire,” she says. “There is no 401K. You have to look out for yourself. Still, I thought it was going to be fun, it was fun and I’m still having fun! Over the years I’ve seen a lot of the world and learned a lot of things. I’m not complaining a bit!”

Not Afraid of Hard Work

Looks and brains are two reasons for Vicky Vette’s long-running success. The third reason is perseverance: She is a self-motivated entrepreneur who thrives on hard work.

“I do everything and anything where content is sold, from Official Sites to fan platforms like Loyalfans, Onlyfans and more, clip sites like Manyvids and even tube sites like XVids and Xhamster,” says Vicky. “I am still running over 35 websites for girls and still putting on live membership shows as part of for those websites. Never a dull moment.”

The good news is “there has never been a better time to be a girl or MILF selling content than 2022,” Vicky says.

“I am lucky to have made it through the 2007/8 recession, the free porn explosion that decimated our industry, where I have seen all kinds of websites/businesses come and go,” Vicky adds. “Girls now have more power than ever to say no — or yes — to whatever they want to do. It’s quite remarkable.”

Vicky also offers a popular line of toys through Doc Johnson, including the Main Squeeze Vicky Vette pussy replica, the Vicky Quickie Double Ender (pussy and anus), and Ultraskyn Deep Throat Sucker.

“It’s quite amazing that the ‘Vicky Quickie’ has been on the market since 2009 and is still one of Doc Johnson’s top sellers,” Vicky notes. “I autograph and sell them myself on I heard a rumor they want to do a butt plug for me and I hope that’s true!”

20 Years of Change

Vicky has seen the adult industry chance a lot since 2002.

“The industry has evolved, sadly with many companies going out of business but in a positive way for performers who are able to market themselves directly to fans,” she observes. “If you are able to build your own fan base, I’d argue there is much more money to made working for yourself than ever before. Love or hate the fan platforms, they did get fans back into the mindset of paying for porn. From about 2007-2017 that wasn’t the case, with fans leaning on places like Pornhub for free. I repeatedly was told ‘why should I bother to pay for your porn?’ back then. Now fans understand more than ever they should pay for something valuable to them that directly supports us.”

As happens in real life, things did not always go the way industry experts predicted.

“I’ve seen a lot of trends that the industry wants to blow up — such as VR – simply not evolve that way,” she says. “Fans are more than ever only using phones. A lot of my fans don’t even own a laptop.”

These days, Vicky says she’s “wondering what is going to be the next platform to compete with or replace Onlyfans?”

“Loyalfans has a great platform with built in private camming per minute that works on all devices,” Vicky says. “It’s really glitch-free and impressive! Hit me up if you want to know more about it.”

The Secret of Her Youth

Two decades into her career, Vicky Vette still looks amazingly hot. So how does she do it? What’s the secret of her youth?

“Do you want my doctor’s number?” Vicky laughs. “Like a lot of girls, a few touch ups: Botox is my friend! That and very healthy living and good Viking genes. I don’t drink or do drugs – I got it all out of my system by the time I was 20 — and I try to stay fit. Having three rescue dogs that need exercise makes it easy too!”

The Next 20 Years

Asked what her plans are for the next 20 years, Vicky laughs: “Keep making porn until I am 77?

“I am not sure,” she says. “I do know I’ll stay active in adult for a long, long time. I can never give it up, it’s my life, although. probably just more on the management side of things. How long are people going to want to see me naked?”

Getting serious, she adds, “this business has been good to me, and I would like to give back to people who have not been as lucky; get more involved in my community with a dog rescues or homeless shelters/soup kitchens, or battered women shelters.”

But have her first 20 years in porn really been good for Vicky?

“You’re asking me these questions, so that’s proof yes!” she replies. “Without a doubt I’m blessed. I had no idea when I started that it would turn into this. It was only supposed to be a part time fun thing for kicks! I wonder what the average career span of a pornstar is?”

Advice to Newbies

If anyone is qualified to offer good advice to porn newbies, it is Vicky.

“The most important thing is to have a good support network around you,” she says. “No one – or very few — can do it alone. The social stigma is so hard to stomach. The hurtful comments on certain sites calling us old, ugly, fat, or young and stupid, ‘oh, your father must be so proud of you’, et cetera, are hard to read. Yes, you get a thick skin over time, but we are still human beings.”

“My advice to new girls is to get into a good circle with people who love you, inside or outside the industry,” Vicky adds. “People you can discuss options and ideas with. People who want the best for you who have no other hidden agenda. It is easy to get into this industry but much harder to be successful and happy. Surrounding yourself with good people is key. I’ve managed to keep my sanity and happiness.”

TeamSkeet Keeps it in the Family with Three All-New Offerings for May

TeamSkeet Keeps it in the Family with Three All-New Offerings for May

TeamSkeet Keeps it in the Family with Three All-New Offerings for May
(Los Angeles, CA / May 12, 2022) — TeamSkeet is celebrating the family ties that bind with three all-new releases during the week of May 9-15, exclusively for members of the network. Come and get it while the getting is GOOD!
5/9 – – the sexbots are coming! In “My Fembot Girlfriend”, TeamSkeet newbie Brookie Blair comes to life when she visits her boyfriend’s (Oliver Faze) parents (Pristine Edge and Kyle Mason) and Kyle takes her out for a ‘trial run’.  Freaky Fembots is a brand-new series created from a concept tested on TeamSkeet Labs and validated by the audience.
5/11 – – Kenzie Love is teaching sex-ed to a new student (Elias Cash) with the help of her step-daughter (Aria Valencia). Elias is nervous but Aria assures him, “You’re in good hands!” before the two take him for the ride of his life.
5/15 – – In the latest scene from TeamSkeet series Family Strokes, Gianna Dior plays a “Bratty School Girl” in need of a strong hand when she defies her step-father (Ramon Nomar) on the first day of her new school.
The TeamSkeet Network boasts an extensive erotic collection of more than 85 network series and 65 premium series, featuring 8,200+ scenes that highlight the talents of more than 3,100 performers ranging from amateurs to superstars, for as low as 26 cents a day with a 12-month membership.
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