HardArt Films Announces New Feature, Sally Forth’s Sexual Harassment

(Los Angeles, CA / October 26, 2018) — HardArt Films is set to release its second official hardcore feature for the studio, Sexual Harassment, with a quick one-minute teaser to amp up the fan excitement.   The movie will ship to customers on November 13th with a street date release of November 20th.
The upcoming release promises scorching-hot scenes from up-and-coming director Sally Forth, alongside a fresh-faced cast of performers including Niki Snow, Jayde Symz, Alessa Van Camp, Payton St.Clair, Vanessa Cage, Destiny Love and Claudia Fox.
The brand-new studio, launched this summer by company COO and Head of Production Jeff Sharp, is heavily influenced by the filmmaking style of porn’s golden age; HardArt’s first feature, Hyper Sexualsdebuted in May.
“We are invested in the efforts of up-and-coming talent to give our films a fresh perspective while also preserving the style and on-camera work of classic film directors and performers,” said Sharp. “Sally Forth shares our erotic visual aesthetic and knows what the fans want, and it shows in these three releases.”
Sharp recently signed Cal Arts grad Forth to a three-picture deal on the strength of the writer-director’s eye-popping sex scenes in Hyper Sexuals, “which is already a critical and fan favorite,” adds Sharp. “If they loved that movie, wait till they get a load of Sexual Harassment!”

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Joanna Angel to Meet Fans in Las Vegas, St. Louis for Halloween Week Festivities

(Los Angeles, CA / October 26, 2018) – Joanna Angel is celebrating Halloween all week with three personal appearances in St. Louis (October 26-27) and Las Vegas (November 1).
The adult superstar will join forces with Aiden Ashley in St. Louis to kick off Scarlett’s Halloween Freak Show at Scarlett’s Cabaret, with their headlining dance performances starting at midnight both Friday and Saturday nights.
Angel will then head to Las Vegas for one-night Thursday, November 1st for a special meet & greet at Johnny Law’s LV Tattoo at 8-10pm, then afterwards she will hit the stage as the star attraction at Sapphire Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Club.
Joanna Angel is excited for the upcoming events! “It is the most wonderful time of the year! I’m really excited for these Halloween shows. Blood and gore and tattoos and stripping in very well-known cities of sin in different parts of the country. I can’t wait!”
joanna angel halloween
In addition to the festivities and meet & greet photo opportunities, Angel will also have BurningAngel merchandise for sale, including the star’s branded toys, clothing and DVDs.
For more detailed information about the events, visit Scarlett’s Cabaret (ScarlettsStLouis.com), Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club (SapphireLasVegas.com) and LV Tattoo (LVTattoo.com).
“This is a woman who is educated, has written a book and has created an empire for herself. How many people can really say that about themselves? Not many.” Meaww
 “porntrepeneur”  GQ Magazine
“Joanna Angel, the porn star/director/producer who pioneered the ‘alt-porn’ genre” – Dan Savage
“One of the most powerful feminist icons in the adult industry” – Pacific Standard
“Burning Angel, porn star Joanna Angel’s successful “punk porn” production company”- The Nation
“If you enjoy an alternative punk and tattooed aesthetic, visit Burning Angel” Refinery 29 
“Joanna Angel started the alt-porn studio Burning Angel, employing girls with tattoos and piercings, as part of a booming microgenre of punk-themed porn that began taking hold in the late ’90s and exploded during the 2000s.”  – Grantland
Pushing the envelope, the BurningAngel Empire is a refreshingly unique web cocktail of sex, rock n’ roll and pop culture. BurningAngel.com launched in 2002 with a few sets of photos and a band interview, conceived by two amateur college kids from Rutgers, Joanna Angel and Mitch Fontaine. Since its launch, it has exploded into a fierce indie company that has pioneered within the adult industry with a network of websites and hundreds of DVDs to its credit. The company prides itself on delivering hardcore adult content alongside band interviews, record reviews and a community with its own social networking.
As both the star of many of BurningAngel’s movies and the company’s spokesperson and owner, Joanna Angel has stormed both mainstream and adult media. Angel has appeared on the cover of every major adult magazine (AVN, Club, Hustler, Picture Magazine, Adam Film World and Xtreme, to name a few) and has been featured in many tattoo magazines as well (some include Prick, Taboo, Inked and Savage). She has been featured on Fox News, Playboy TV, Fuse TV, G4 TV, KROQ Radio, as a regular on the Jason Ellis show on SIRIUS Radio, as a guest on the series premiere of TLC’s LA Ink, and in a speaking role on Adult Swim’s “Children’s Hospital.” She has also appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, Inc. Magazine, The Village Voice, The New York Press, Esquire UK, Details and Penthouse, among others. Heeb Magazine featured Joanna as its cover girl, naming her one of the Top 100 Up-and-Coming Jews in 2005, The New York Post featured her as one of the Top 25 Sexiest New Yorkers, and Playboy.com named Joanna Angel one of the 50 hottest adult stars on Instagram.  Joanna Angel was the co-host of the 2016 AVN Awards, held in Las Vegas, Nevada.
She’s also made her mark in the sex toy world, becoming a venerated Fleshlight Girl in 2013 and creating a BDSM line of toys with Stockroom. The same year, she made further strides into the mainstream world with a speaking role in the indie drama Scrapper. BurningAngel has brought home several awards from all the major adult shows—from AVN to XBIZ, to XRCO to YNOT. Some of its accolades include Best Porn Star Website, Best Web Premiere and Best Sex Comedy.
From a college dorm room to national television, BurningAngel has made a mark in entertainment and beyond.
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For more information please visit:  www.burningangel.com and www.JoannaAngel.com
Follow Joanna: @JoannaAngel
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Legal Brothel Bares All with Revealing Sex Services Statistics

Sheri’s Ranch, a Legal brothel and adult vacation resort near Las Vegas, has released a graphic summarizing how much sexual activity, and what types of sexual services, actually occurs at the bordello annually.

Using information gleaned from a 2017 review of client bookings and a poll of over 100 sex workers, the brothel discovered that 134 licensed prostitutes participated in 3,641,837 minutes of paid intimate services. This equates to nearly 7 years’ worth of sexual activity that took place in the brothel in 2017, with each sex worker averaging a total of 19 days spent being intimate with their clientele annually.

legal brothel stats

“It might seem like a lot of sex – and it is” said Dena, the brothel’s madam. “But when you consider that our ladies provide companionship, conversation, cuddling, and other types of intimacy in addition to the hot and heavy stuff, the 19 days’ worth of compensated activity for each woman annually isn’t that shocking.”

Additionally, the summary revealed the overall gender demographics of brothel customers. In 2017, 78% of customers were men, 7% were women, and 15% were couples.

“Sheri’s Ranch has seen a steady rise in the number of women and couples visiting us each year,” Dena said. “In 2014, about 15% of total customers were individual females and male/female or female/female couples. In 2017, that total was 22%, indicating that women and couples are increasingly visiting sex workers.”

The madam believes that this increase is a result of a diminishing taboo for females to participate in sex tourism, increased acceptance of the swinger lifestyle among couples, and a slow but sure evolution in America toward a less repressive sexual culture.

The brothel unveiled the top sex sessions requested by men, women, and couples. For men, the Girlfriend Experience, a session with a prostitute that includes empathy, tenderness, and quality conversation, was by far the most popular rendezvous requested above anything else.

“Men come to Nevada brothels for more than just to ‘bust a nut,’” Dena said. “These men are looking for a nonjudgmental companion to share their desires, anxieties, and innermost secrets with. We offer a safe haven where people can be themselves and release their worries with a loving paramour.”

The “innermost secrets” include a range of popular fetishes, with BDSM activities topping the list of most requested kinkiness.

“BDSM has always been popular and we have several ladies that specialize in adding a little pain to your pleasure,” Dena said. “But two other highly requested fetishes are foot-related fetishes and pegging.”

“Having managed a brothel for nearly a decade, I’ve learned that foot fetish is more common that most people realize – and many men come here to indulge their feet fantasies because they’re embarrassed to reveal their desire to their significant other,” Dena said.

“The same goes for pegging. Many people would be surprised to learn that so many men yearn to be penetrated. These men only reveal their fantasy to us here at Sheri’s because they’re ashamed or afraid of being judged by their lovers back home.”

The information released by the brothel also exposed the fact that, despite all of the sex occurring at the brothel, no customer has ever contracted a sexually transmitted disease as a result of an encounter with a sex worker at a legal Nevada brothel, thanks to a rigid adherence to safe sex policies.


Sheri’s Ranch is a legal brothel and adult resort located in Pahrump, Nevada, sixty miles west of Las Vegas. The Ranch was purchased by former Chicago homicide detective Chuck Lee in 2001 and was recently remodeled into a fantasyland of suites and bungalows with themes such as Lustful Locker Room, Naughty Classroom and Geisha Girl Bedroom, based on customers’ most popular requests.  With 20 acres of beautifully cultivated land, complete with a pool, Jacuzzi, and tennis courts, Sheri’s Ranch is a place where visitors can discover unequalled peace and relaxation.  Lee has taken great care in maintaining a resort playground with the clients’ safety and privacy in mind.

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Brian Gross