And WeedStore.Reviews Release Private Search Info For Legal Marijuana

BOSTON – With states across the country legalizing marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, prospective buyers often find themselves with questions about the laws in their area, the stores in their area and many other aspects of legal marijuana news.

Given the sheer volume of information and misinformation being published across search engines, social media platforms and other venues, it is understandable that many web users are unsure of where to find trustworthy sources of genuine news. Add to that the chilling effect of recent revelations about government entities tracking the online presence of every citizen and it becomes clear that people in need of information are becoming increasingly hesitant to type out a query like “where can I buy weed?” into Google or any of the other platforms that routinely share that information with other entities (often without the direct consent of their users)., the private and fully encrypted adult search engine is the solution for privacy-minded surfers looking to find reliable information on legal adult topics including marijuana. A new collaboration with WeedStore.Reviews, an online community of marijuana enthusiasts that provides extensive, localized information about evolving marijuana laws, medical marijuana dispensaries and retail ‘weed stores’ selling cannabis products nationwide is getting people the authentic information they need with the degree of privacy they require.

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from Matthew Keys | November 18, 2014 at

There’s no shortage of adult-oriented websites on the Internet these days, with some estimates suggesting sex-themed websites draw 450 million unique visitors a month, accounting for nearly 30 percent of all online traffic.

Despite the explosion of adult content online, porn enthusiasts often have difficulty pinpointing the exact genre or performer they’re interested in — search engines and social media platforms like Google, Yahoo, Tumblr and Twitter have moved to block adult-oriented results, while others like Facebook and Instagram ban sexually suggestive imagery altogether. Worse, many popular porn sites play host to a slew of illicit videos that violate copyrights, advertisements that track users from site to site and even viruses that can wreak havoc on a computer.

And all that aside, there’s always the looming fear that your friend, co-worker brother or grandma might “borrow” your laptop or tablet for a second, only to learn from your Google results that you’ve fancied yourself some pizza delivery bondage porn.

Enter: BoodiGo, a new search engine that promises to help you find the adult content you want without the nasty side effects. It doesn’t save your search history or drop cookies on your computer or link you to websites with illicit porn videos and viruses. It’s the kind of service Edward Snowden might use when he feels the urge to give himself a hand. Continue reading “BOODIGO: WHAT EDWARD SNOWDEN MIGHT USE TO KEEP HIS PORN PRIVATE”