For Women – Lingerie and Dress Up as a Birthday Gift?

Why not – nowhere does it say it has to be the only gift. And even if it were, men just go crazy when a girl puts on a little bit of lace and silk. Some of us feel silly dressing up in sexy lingerie for a boyfriend/husband who’s seen us naked a million times, and speaking of naked, there are plenty of girls out there who feel much better without any clothes on, lingerie included. On the other hand, most guys out there can’t resist sexy bras, panties, nighties, and so on because they are a huge turn on. Regardless of whether your biker dating days are long gone because you’ve been married for years or you’ve just met a hunk you want to impress, buying sexy lingerie and presenting yourself as his birthday gift is a great idea, and below we discuss the reasons why.

#1: A Trial Period

If you’re not the type to wear lingerie to bed often, we suggest a little experiment to see how your partner reacts to it. Try wearing different lingerie to bed every night for seven nights in a row. Mind you, pick any week in your calendar no matter how busy or tired you both are because that’s how you can get the least biased experiment data. If you pack a bag full of lingerie for your vacation, you won’t get a true feel for the situation because everything is much easier when you’re away from your daily responsibilities. Pick a random week and see if the magic happens. In all likelihood, it will, especially if you take your partner by surprise. You can expect to set your sex life on fire with this move, and he’ll only beg you for more.

#2: Wear What You’re Comfortable In

Your partner finds you sexy no matter what you put on, which is why there is no need to wear any kind of lingerie that you’re uncomfortable in just because you think he’d like it. Obviously, you’d take his wishes into consideration, but you wouldn’t put on something that makes you feel ridiculous or unpleasant. The reason for this is simple – you’re the sexiest when you feel sexy. If his birthday falls on a weekend and neither of you has to go to work, purchase a few sexy lingerie outfits and play dress up in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night, but don’t tell him that in advance. If it’s a work day, get one outfit and make him a cake, and make sure you use the frosting for foreplay. There are lots of ways you can take this one gift that you’re really not buying for him, and turn it into a memorable birthday surprise.

#3: What He’ll Love the Most

If you get more than one lingerie outfit or if you have sex more than once off of one outfit, what your partner will love the most in the intimacy and the fact that you’re feeling particularly close to one another because you did something outside of your regular routine. Notwithstanding the fact he’ll love your desire to please him, what he’ll enjoy even more is the confidence that you bring into the bedroom. Don’t even for one second think that any of it is fake because you’re wearing something that usually just sits forgotten in the bottom drawer. The lingerie is just a little nudge in the right direction where the fireworks await.


5 Things That Stop Women from Having an Orgasm

When you’re into biker dating it’s hard to imagine that anything can stop you from reaching an orgasm! However, since you can’t focus solely on your sex life and have other things you need to take care of, more often than not you can find yourself in a situation where you miss an orgasm. As frustrating as this is, we’d like to draw your attention to a few things that are a sure buzz kill so you can try your best to avoid them whenever possible.

#1: Sitting Too Much at Work

Being glued to your desk chair certainly makes your boss happy, but it also interferes with your body’s ability to have an orgasm. Sitting all day shortens the pelvic muscles, which can lead to pelvic pain, which makes having an orgasm next to impossible. In order to prevent this problem, set an alarm as a reminder to move every half an hour to an hour while at work. Sneak into the kitchen or the conference room and stretch your hip flexors with back bends, squats, and butterfly stretches.

#2: Not Telling Your Partner What You Want

Just like you can’t read his mind, he can’t read yours either. If you stay silent during sex about what really turns you on, the whole thing is likely to end in disappointment. Every person is different and the motions and angles that work for some women don’t work for others. Or, you might be in the mood for one thing but your partner keeps ‘insisting’ on another. In other words, your only option is to speak up! A soft moan or a touch of a hand can make all the difference, and if you can’t tell him directly, there are ways to show him. Just move his hand where you want it, and remember that most men consider it a huge turn-on when a woman is that confident to ‘direct’ them in bed.

#3: You Don’t Make Noise

From the evolutionary perspective, human females make noise during sex as to alert other members of the ‘pack’ not to disturb them, and to encourage their males to make love to them. At the same time, being vocal during sex actually does wonders for women because it makes their pleasure stronger and longer-lasting. So, if you really like what your partner is doing, say it! Embracing these sensations can help you tune out the rest of the world and maximize your pleasure.

#4: Your Medication Might Be Interfering

You know how every medication comes with a list of side effects? Well, read it carefully! In so many instances medication that is prescribed to women either negatively affects their libido or makes natural vaginal lubrication a thing of the past. If your drugs cause an increase in prolactin levels, a libido-inhibiting protein, you might not be able to climax as easily as before. Blood pressure medication, birth control pills, and anti-depressants are the usual suspects. Also, antihistamines interfere with a woman’s ability to self-lubricate, which can make sex uncomfortable.

#5: A Full Bladder Isn’t Helping

We all know that peeing after sex reduces the risk of a urinary tract infection, but it’s often a good idea to go beforehand as well. It can be incredibly hard to have an orgasm when your bladder is full because instead of being in the moment, you’re feeling the pressure to pee. Also, taking a quick pee break mid-sex can kill the mood for both you and your partner, so make sure you make a quick trip to the bathroom before you get busy under the sheets.


11 Outdoor Summer Dating Ideas

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