And WeedStore.Reviews Release Private Search Info For Legal Marijuana

BOSTON – With states across the country legalizing marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, prospective buyers often find themselves with questions about the laws in their area, the stores in their area and many other aspects of legal marijuana news.

Given the sheer volume of information and misinformation being published across search engines, social media platforms and other venues, it is understandable that many web users are unsure of where to find trustworthy sources of genuine news. Add to that the chilling effect of recent revelations about government entities tracking the online presence of every citizen and it becomes clear that people in need of information are becoming increasingly hesitant to type out a query like “where can I buy weed?” into Google or any of the other platforms that routinely share that information with other entities (often without the direct consent of their users)., the private and fully encrypted adult search engine is the solution for privacy-minded surfers looking to find reliable information on legal adult topics including marijuana. A new collaboration with WeedStore.Reviews, an online community of marijuana enthusiasts that provides extensive, localized information about evolving marijuana laws, medical marijuana dispensaries and retail ‘weed stores’ selling cannabis products nationwide is getting people the authentic information they need with the degree of privacy they require.

“We are very interested in the privacy and personal sense of security that participants in online culture should be able to enjoy every time they go online,” said Colin Rowntree, co-founder of Boodigo. “We see the detailed work WeedStore.Reviews is doing and the way they are going about establishing a bright dividing line between legal marijuana culture and the illicit activities of others. Governments fail to acknowledge that the existence of a few bad apples does not automatically make everyone else equally tainted.”

Stewart Tongue of WeedStore.Reviews said he was drawn to working with BoodiGo in large part because of the company’s “strong libertarian interest in protecting the right to privacy and their shared mission of making sure that includes the digital lives of everyone online.”

“WeedStore.Reviews at its core is about the free and trustworthy exchange of information with regard to legal marijuana,” Tongue said. “It’s sad that we live in an era where people feel a need to encrypt searches related to an entirely legal endeavor, but the climate of constant supervision that some officials seek to impose on everyone in a post-Patriot Act world is clearly having a chilling effect, and that effect is causing some people to rely on dubious information for fear of letting the world see what they want to know about. Boodigo is a big step toward fixing that major flaw in American discourse.”

BoodiGo employs end-to-end encryption, meaning search data cannot be turned over to anyone interested in violating the privacy of BoodiGo users – because BoodiGo never has the data to share in the first place.

When it first launched, BoodiGo was focused almost exclusively on adult entertainment websites, properties which, like marijuana resource sites are perfectly legal, but not necessarily the sort of thing users want their spouse, friends, employers or neighbors to know they’ve been searching for online. Rowntree called BoodiGo’s new collaboration with Weed Store Reviews “a logical extension of our brand” adding “WeedStore.Review’s effort in helping others to find things legally and securely online fits well with our entire philosophy and is a sign of the growing sphere of influence that our safe search engine will provide for all of our clients and their clients.”

Tongue said he hopes the collaboration with BoodiGo will help people feel more comfortable with their right to access information openly and freely under the law, and believes it may also encourage many to join the national debate about marijuana policy reform.

“Our hope is by working with BoodiGo we can help convince more people to step into the light where the open, honest and forthright expression of their moral right to enjoy recreational weed or benefit from the healing properties of medical marijuana can become part of the growing chorus convincing others that the time to legalize nationally is right now. It really is a grassroots movement in every sense of the word” Tongue said.

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Boodigo is the very first encrypted search engine that takes the user directly to adult-oriented sites without the clutter of mainstream search services, in a completely anonymous and secure online environment. BoodiGo was developed by former Google developers and adult content creators who set out to create a superior search service without the security and privacy issues found on mainstream search sites, and is now expanding its listings to include all “adult interests”.

MEDIA CONTACT:  BSG PR / 818.340.4422 /  / @bsgpr or Colin Rowntree at Boodigo: / @boodigo

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