How To Make Your Significant Other Feel Appreciated

How To Make Your Significant Other Feel Appreciated

Your significant other is a major part of your life. You’ll want to go above and beyond to make her feel like she is loved and appreciated. After all, there is a good chance that she does a lot for you throughout the week. Plus, you’ll want to keep her happy so she’ll never leave you. The good news is that you can take steps to make her feel appreciated. What can you do to make your significant other feel appreciated? Should you shower her with gifts or take her to dinner?


Use the advice below to make sure that your girlfriend feels appreciated.

Get To Know Her Preferences

It often requires a lot of work and effort to make someone feel appreciated. If you want to make someone happy, you should take them out to a restaurant they’re going to enjoy. Some girls enjoy going to the theater. As for others, they like to visit fancy restaurants. You should spend time getting to know her preferences so you can show her how much you care. Getting to know her preferences will make a big difference in the long run. It’ll help ensure that you’re able to satisfy your partner without issues.

Plus, your partner will feel special since you remembered what she likes. Get to know your partner a lot more so you can keep her happy.

Just Talk To Her

Truthfully, many people just want to know that you’re listening to them. If she is upset about something, you should talk to her about it. During the conversation, you’ll find out more about the problem. You’ll figure out why she is angry and what you can do to rectify the problem. Plus, you’ll get to spend time with her and get to know her better. With this in mind, you should sit down and talk to your partner. You can spend hours talking to her. Once your conversation has ended, you’ll have a better idea of how to keep your girl happy.

She’ll also know more about you so she won’t have any difficulty keeping you happy. Be sure to talk to your partner regularly.

Watching Adult Videos

Although this isn’t suitable for every couple, some should consider watching adult videos together. Watching free VR porn is an outstanding way to bond with your significant other. Watching videos with your partner will prove numerous benefits. For instance, you’ll be able to chat with your partner while watching these videos. It’ll be easy to get to know her. Simultaneously, you can guarantee that you’ll learn more about her sexual preferences. If you want to keep your significant other happy, you must satisfy her in the bedroom too.

Talk to her while watching these adult videos. Doing so will make it easy to find out what is going to satisfy her in the bedroom.

Tell Her

Ultimately, you should just tell your partner how much you appreciate her. She’ll love being told how helpful she has been throughout the week. You can make her feel appreciated by telling her how much you love her. You just need to let her know how you feel. Don’t be afraid to let her know how you feel. When you tell her what you think, you’ll start a conversation. You can continue chatting with your partner and showing her how much you sincerely care. It’ll make you feel better and it’ll make her feel better.

Use this to your advantage to show your partner how much you appreciate her.

Ask Her What She Wants

In some cases, you need to let her take the initiative. She might have different ideas than you. For instance, you should ask her what she wants. Let her know how much you appreciate her. Then, you should ask what she’d like to do to celebrate your relationship. She might want to go to dinner, visit a theater, or hang out on the couch. Regardless, she’ll feel appreciated that you cared enough to ask.


Ultimately, there are countless ways to show your partner how much you care. Don’t be afraid to talk to her and ask how she feels. She’ll appreciate knowing that you sincerely care. Make her feel appreciated so she will stick around for many years to come.




Clubhouse Chat Series to Welcome Rocco Siffredi.

Clubhouse Chat Series to Welcome Rocco Siffredi.

LOS ANGELES — The next installment of the Clubhouse chat series “Sex Profiteers,” hosted by Magalie Rheault, COO of Evil Angel, and Cyndi Pham, CEO of Dirty Hen, welcomes performer, director and producer Rocco Siffredi Tuesday at 6 p.m. (PDT).

Evil Angel has signed on as presenting sponsor for the episode.

Rocco Siffredi
Rocco Siffredi on Clubhouse – Free

“Rocco Siffredi has been an important member of the Evil Angel family for three decades, since he and company founder John Stagliano began collaborating on projects that changed XXX entertainment. We’ve watched Rocco’s growth as a performer and a filmmaker and we’re proud of what he’s become: an adult business legend that has successfully crossed over to mainstream stardom,” President of Evil Angel Alexandra Kelley said.

“He’s highly charismatic — when Rocco walks into a room, all eyes follow him. His legion of fans know that he brings genuine ambition and the highest standard of quality to everything he does,” Kelley added. “If they could meet him, they would know that Rocco’s biggest attribute is his heart.”

A rep noted Siffredi will “discuss his illustrious career as being one of the most recognizable male performers of all time, his many crossover movie projects which have included multiple titles on Netflix, major endorsement deals with brands such as Durex, Amica Chips and Sixt Rent-a-Car and his life outside of the adult industry.”

Audience members will have the opportunity to pose questions during the show and participate in giveways of Evil Angel swag; in addition, free seven-day memberships are being offered to and

“I have a wild life that has included a lot of sex and amazing stories. I’m excited to share my experiences and adventures with listeners,” Siffredi said.

Find “Sex Profiteers” online and on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

Earlier this year, the program was among the recipients of the inaugural Clubhouse “Creator First” accelerator program; direct inquiries to

Porn Star Profile: Fresh Faces – Harley Haze

A version of this feature appears in the July issue of AVN magazine.

LOS ANGELES—Harley Haze tells AVN Christmas came early this year for her.

In April on a porn set to be exact.

porn star Harley Haze
Porn Star Harley Haze

“So I did a Christmas scene and it won’t be out for a long time,” Haze jokes. “Yeah it was kind of funny and stuck out to me—in the middle of April to get dressed up in Christmas stuff and there was like a Christmas tree there.

“So that one was fun and I think the anticipation adds to it because now I have to wait all the way to December.”

The scene with fellow adult newcomer Coco Lovelock and seasoned stud Charles Dera also marked Haze’s first threeway.

“Charles was the director and talent,” Haze reveals. “It must’ve been the company requested it or something, I have no idea. I feel like that’s going to be a really fun one and the anticipation is killing me.”

But fans won’t have to wait until the holidays to see more of the personable starlet from Texas, who at press time had performed in a couple dozen scenes since her porn debut with many more on the way.

It turns out Haze knew who the versatile Dera was prior to stepping under the mistletoe with him.

“Actually I was kind of a fan of his work. All of his stuff looks really good and I feel like some of our fetishes maybe overlap,” Haze says. “Yeah, I was definitely excited to work with him. He’s definitely impacted the industry.”

Haze has been watching porn for a couple years, doing her homework on who’s who.

“I do pay more attention now,” Harley says. “It’s funny now scrolling through sites it’s like, ‘Oh, I did a scene with that person and I did a scene with that person.’ I definitely feel more selective about what I masturbate to.”

Server Image


Prior to venturing into adult Haze got her undergraduate degree in psychology with a minor in history from a well-known university in the Lone Star State. Then she started going to law school in England.

“And then just like halfway through my degree I was like, oh, this is a lot of student loans. I don’t know if I can handle this. And I moved back,” Haze explains. “I was a legal assistant for quite a few years and really interested in law and things like that.”

A self-proclaimed “nerd” who loves reading, Haze grew up in a small town north of Austin, Texas. She recalls how the Playboy mystique captured her imagination.

“Definitely growing up I remember seeing Playboy and thinking why do I want to be in Playboy so bad?” Harley says. “You know in the casinos, they have the Playboy bunny girls walking around, and I was like, ‘This is my dream job.’

“And I was just so good at school though that I was just like, ‘Oh, I guess I’ll just keep going to school or whatever.’ It’s always been in the back of my mind a little bit, but I don’t think I really thought I would ever take the jump.”

Going to law school in the U.K. was an impulse decision, she says.

“I had been in Texas all of my life. I was like, ‘What’s the opposite of Texas?’ And I felt like England, they had a really good program… And so I feel a bit like an impulsive person. And if something sounds good and I start planning for it … I kind of just ended up there, not really knowing how I ended up there,” Haze says with a grin.

When she decided to return to the States, she went to Denver for a couple years.

“Just another impulsive decision,” she says, laughing. “I don’t have very good reasons for anything. So I just ended up there for about two years.”

She gravitated toward L.A. in part because the weather is similar to Texas.

“It’s not like Denver, where I have to worry about how to drive in the snow,” Haze adds.

While in Denver, Harley did closed captioning for TV, “processing like the words and making sure they match the people’s voices.”

“So I was working with that in the media entertainment industry,” Harley says. “It’s as boring as it sounds.”


She arrived in L.A. around when the pandemic was in its early stages in February 2020, exploring the live camming scene for about a year. She cammed mainly on Flirt4Free and Streamate.

“And after a year of Covid it was so mundane just staring at a screen. So I thought the adult industry would be a nice change,” Harley says. “I really liked the change into more like mainstream. I mean, even just after Covid being able to go on set and meet people and socialize was just such a blessing.”

She remembers watching the all-digital 2021 AVN Awards Show in January, noticing that Motley Models had a big night as Emily Willis won the Female Performer of the Year crown and Scarlit Scandal claimed the Best New Starlet trophy.

She was intrigued—and started following Motley Models on Twitter.

Not long after, Motley agent Ryan Kona reached out.

“I was actually watching the AVNs and they did so good during awards season, I was like, ‘Who is this Scarlit Scandal girl, who is she signed with?’ I want to be with that group of people.

“I think they just did so good. It was just very impressive to me.”

Haze continues, “It was kind of a combination of Emily Willis got a ton of awards. I mean just a lot of their girls were doing really well. And also the type of work I wanted to do and the kind of companies I want to be working for. So yeah, I followed them on Twitter and me and Ryan got to talking.”


Haze did her first scene as a Motley Model in February for Mile High Media’s Doghouse Digital studio, taking on Jon Rogue for Caught By My Stepsister 2.

“It was your typical stepbrother scene. It was really good and really fun,” Haze says. “I don’t want to say easy, but it felt natural. It wasn’t nearly…I don’t know I was thinking maybe I would have anxiety on the set or be so nervous I can’t do anything, but it was not like that at all.”

She says Rogue could not have been better as her co-star.

“He was so nice to me. He was so sweet and he’s very good at his job,” Harley says.

Now 20-something scenes later, “I still like it,” she adds.

“It’s so fun. Every day is different. I feel excited. It’s still very new to me and fresh so everything is still very exciting.”

Since this interview Haze can also be seen in Mick’s Pornstar Initiations 4 (BAM Visions) Lesbian Triangles 37 (Girlfriends Films), Lesbian Babysitters – Teens Love MILFS 2 (Third Degree Films), “Leading Questions” for Girlsway, and upcoming scenes for Reality Kings, Vixen, Nubiles and many more coming soon.

“That girl has the most beautiful smile,” says Motley Models president Dave Rock. “She’s got a great attitude and loves her scenes. She’s been a super reliable girl for us.”

Agent Ryan Kona agrees.

“Harley is a great girl, so far I’ve gotten very positive feedback on her,” Kona tells AVN. “People fall in love with her look, her style, her smile. She’s pretty much a complete package when you’re looking for a performer in this industry.

“She’s been working for all the major companies. When you have a smile like hers it’s kind of hard to keep her off sets. She’s been doing very well.”


Haze, 28, says her mother is from the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean, located off the northeastern coast of Venezuela.

“She’s a Caribbean person of Indian descent,” Harley says. “And then my dad is just white from Michigan, so I got a very diverse upbringing.”

Harley reads a lot of fiction books in her free time, such as the writing of Kazuo Ishiguro.

“All of his books are amazing,” Harley says. “They’re kind of more like dystopian-style, like 1984 kind of vibes. But I kind of love stuff like that. Like not full-on sci-fi, but almost.”

She also enjoys being outdoors.

“California is so beautiful. I’ve been hiking a lot,” Harley continues. “Tons of hiking… I love camping, and there’s a lot of camping around here. Especially during Covid I really wasn’t going out. So I’m just now really appreciating all the outdoor activities.”

Haze says she wants to keep getting bookings and improving her performances.

“There’s always companies I want to work for and things like that and hopefully I get to accomplish those,” she says. “But for now, I have to take step by step, like every shoot will be a little better than the last shoot.

“And that’s really my only expectation.”

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