Pure Taboo Goes Back to the Future Darkly for a Mind Transplant in ‘Father Recall’

Adult Time presents the release of its latest Future Darkly scene for Pure Taboo, ‘Father Recall’, a forbidden journey into the mind of a middle-aged man who pursues his beautiful stepdaughter… by inhabiting the body of her boyfriend.
The new episode, out March 21st at AdultTime, leaps forward into the deep millennium where a brilliant scientist, Mr. Leblanc (Dick Chibbles), who, with the assistance of another scientist (Chanel Preston, in a non-sex role) has invented the capability to switch minds with others, thus existing in their physical bodies and enjoying their pleasures.
When Mr. Leblanc pays a visit to stepdaughter Lydia (Jaye Summers) in the countenance of her boyfriend Bill (Lucas Frost), the young woman opens up to him about her stepdad’s troublesome behavior since her mom – Leblanc’s beloved wife – passed away a few years back.
“My dad’s a weirdo… I mean, I love him and all, but sometimes he just stares at me in this uncomfortable way,” explains Lydia to Mr. Leblanc-as-Bill, while he continues to stare at her in an uncomfortable way.
Gamma Films producer Bree Mills said, “I am so happy to see Future Darkly‘s second season come to life by our team. This episode was directed by Craven Moorehead and written by Jonathan B, one of our editors and team members at Gamma Films… I love seeing this kind of creative collaboration and hope the fans will too!”
Season II of Future Darkly features 6 new episodes, airing between February – July 2019 – starting with ‘The Aura Doll’. The complete first season is now available to binge watch at PureTaboo.com/future-darkly-season-1, which includes ‘Artifamily’, ‘The White Room’, ‘Don’t Panic!’, ‘Smart House of Horrors,’ ‘The Love Hotel’ and ‘Eyes in the Sky’.
The full episode is available at PureTaboo.com/Future-Darkly-Father-Recall-Scene and also within the dedicated Future Darkly channel on Adult Time. Visit adulttime.com to watch the entire series and access its full library of award-winning brands, including Pure Taboo, and 50,000+ scenes ahead of the site’s official launch in April 2019.
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Launched in September 2017, PureTaboo is the latest studio operated by the Gamma Films Group, the production arm of adult company Gamma Entertainment. Helmed by XBIZ and AVN award-winning director Bree Mills and promoting the tagline ‘Some taboos are meant to be broken’, PureTaboo features the most popular and up-and-coming faces in adult today, challenging themselves to bring acting and sexual performances in a way viewers have never seen before.
Mills and the PureTaboo team are committed to taking taboo porn seriously, with storylines tackling society’s accepted – but most intriguing – sexual circumstances: inappropriate family relations, compulsions, teen virgin, sexual perversions and the hidden corners of the viewer’s psyche.
“We hope to leave you equally shocked and aroused,” says Mills. “After all, aren’t some taboos meant to be broken?”
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