Content from independent adult film studios and are featured in the recently-released fourth season of the Netflix comedy series “Club de Cuervos” (“Club of Crows”). director and founder Angie Rowntree said the studios began working with the executive producers of Alazraki Films, the company which creates “Club de Cuervos,” in the Fall of 2018, to select the right content for the show’s needs. Rowntree said the show’s producers ultimately selected clips from the’s films “Invictus” starring Delirious HunterJoeydotRawr and Ava Mir-Ausziehen. “GONE” starring Madeline Blue and Gee Richards  and “Alla Prima” starring Ava Mir-Ausziehen and Malcolm Lovejoy  in addition to sequences from the Wasteland classic “Punishments, Inc.” starring  Adrianna,  Ashley, Heather, Leslie, Keni Styles and Tony DeSergio along with Ally Kay and Trisha Uptown.

The studios’ content is featured in the third episode of Season 4, an episode titled “Valle de Silicon.” In the episode, a character named Juan Manuel Gaspar seeks to undermine the Crows soccer team by assuring that instead of seeing the game, people using the “Crows TV” online streaming service which is supposed to be broadcasting the game are shown porn instead.

As the porn plays, the scene jumps around from households where parents lunge in front of their screens to block the view from their children, to executives from the club panicking and wondering what has gone wrong. Gaspar is also shown, cackling in his office while his devious plot unfolds.

“We’re delighted that our content was chosen to enhance a hilarious scene from such a wonderful and well-received show,” Rowntree explained, adding that the use of Sssh and Wasteland content by a mainstream television show is another example of how perspectives on porn have shifted in the over twenty years she has been producing and directing erotic movies.

“Back in the 90s, a show like this probably wouldn’t even have considered using pornographic content within the story, even in a totally censored or non-explicit way,” director and founder Colin Rowntree said. “It would have been way too high-risk a move because porn was just too taboo to use in that way.”

“Over the years, I think most of the public has come to see porn as just another form of entertainment,” he concluded, “and one which has its place within mainstream entertainment, whether it’s to provide comic relief, or drive some other kind of emotional response from the viewer.”

All four seasons of “Club de Cuervos” are now available globally on Netflix.

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