Slixa Spotlights International Transgender Day of Visibility with Powerful Essay

 Leading adult entertainment directory Slixa announces its support of International Transgender Day of Visibility, which was celebrated this past Sunday, March 31, with the release of a first-person essay written by Pandora Rose, an East Asian trans woman.
In ‘The Margins of the Margin: Why Trans Women Are Often Relegated in Sex Work’, Rose discusses the particular challenges of being a trans provider, and her own personal experiences in navigating those challenges throughout her career.
“At the heart of the inequality that impacts trans women in the sex industry is the notion that trans people are subhuman – that our services, bodies, boundaries and safety are worth less than that of our clients or cis sex workers,” writes Rose.
“It’s common parlance for the sex industry to refer to us by the degrading terms ‘shemale’ and ‘tranny’… and while some might argue that this is just an outdated holdover from porn, I believe that it reflects our general status in the caste system of the sex work hierarchy.”
Rose’s essay also reveals that in 2019, despite having more support, resources and positive acknowledgement than ever before, trans people still have a long way to go in terms of cultural acceptance in general, and value for their services in particular.
“’Survival’ sex work and 100-dollar-an-hour escorting are full of trans women. ‘Elite’ sex work – the kind that advertises on expensive platforms with professional photos and makes real money – has very few.”
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Slixa is a trailblazing Escort and Private Entertainer directory launched in 2012 with a laser focus on industry advocacy. A small team of we-can-change-the-world ambitious thinkers aimed to build a modern, elegant website that treats advertisers with respect, making the visitor experience rich with gorgeous eye candy and ease of use. With page views in the millions, Slixa has rapidly risen to be the industry standard and continues to expand in countries worldwide serving private entertainers and clients alike.
Slixa’s fresh approach to the standard adult directory, including a User Profile page with ample room for photos, entertainer bio and contact information, is a welcome change from the endless stream of adult papers and directories clogged with fake girls and fake content. Slixa’s blogs News, Late Night and Under Cover include regularly updated Q&As, interviews and informative articles that entertain as well as enlighten.
Slixa is geared towards the type of client that is affluent, mature, generous, professional and is willing to pay for the exact experience they are seeking with a particular type of woman, with loyal advertisers who serve as Slixa brand evangelists spreading the word to fellow colleagues and their faithful clients.
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