Fundraising For Breast Cancer Charity, 10 of Horror’s Greatest Actresses Party for a Festival Unlike Any Other! 
Los Angeles, CA – Fundraising for Breast Cancer Charity, the BOOBS & BLOOD Film Festival opens on Oct. 5th with the 1st annual, celebrity packed and party-themed SCREAM QUEEN-ATHON.
10 of the best Scream Queens and horror actresses in the business make up the remarkable SCREAM QUEEN-ATHON. With red carpet photo ops, table signings and an exuberant Q&A promised from journalist Pat Jankiewicz, SCREAM QUEEN-ATHON features Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story’s ‘Pepper’), Anulka Dziubinska (Vampyres – 1974), Asun Ortega (Nude Nuns With Big Guns – 2010), Max Wasa (Scarface, House of Manson, Death House), Hilari Scarl – (Wishmaster), Christine Nguyen (Edgar Allen Poe’s Decapitarium 3-D – 2018), Lar Park-Lincoln (House II, Friday the 13th VII, Freddy’s Nightmares), Elissa Dowling (Bus Party to Hell, Tales of Halloween), Holly Fields (Wishmaster 2, Seedpeople) and Beverly Randolph (Return of the Living Dead, Death House).

“SCREAM QUEEN-ATHON is our big opening night celebration. It’s a party. It’s a festival. It’s a convention. It’s pure BOOBS & BLOOD,” states Festival founder Miles Flanagan. “Since this is a fundraiser we’ve been lucky to attract many actresses who normally don’t do the horror convention circuit. We’ve been blessed by incredible support from all our wonderful friends in the business.”
Star of 1974’s cult erotic vampire classic ”VAMPYRES,” Anulka Dziubinska makes a rare appearance for what should be a revealing and fun Q&A. She’s had an amazing career and life so far, going from cult actress and star to touring with David Bowie & Iggy Pop’s during their Berlin years. Like the other actresses, Anulka will be available for table signings after the Q&A.
“We’re all big AHS Pepper fans so are excited to have Naomi Grossman with us too. She’s an incredibly funny actress and performer and we expect lots of laughs all evening. Not sure if we’ll get any Pepper cosplayers, but there’ll be cosplayers and makeup demonstrations too.”
 Fundraising for Breast Cancer Charity, the BOOBS & BLOOD Film Festival opens on Oct. 5th with the 1st annual, celebrity packed and party-themed SCREAM QUEEN-ATHON.
The evening is packed with horror and psychotronic-themed entertainment in one intimate club setting – North Hollywood’s unique Mayflower Club. Exotic Go-Go dancing, Swiss DJ HiJinx, and live retro-rock band WYLDEWOOD GREEN keep the party vibe going strong as vendors showcase everything from Free psychic readings to selling horror merchandise and horror-themed snacks.
“We have lots of photo-ops for fun selfies, including a cool mini horror film-set and of course the de rigueur festival step and repeat. Who doesn’t love a photo on the red carpet. In our case we have it inside the actual club!”
For those who like a drink or two there’s the Mayflower Club’s beautiful, and some say haunted, 1920s wood-paneled full bar.
But there’s also a serious point to the event and festival.
“All BOOBS & BLOOD events raise money for Breast Cancer Charities – this is an important mission for the festival. We’ve seen too many friends suffer form this dreadful disease,” continues Flanagan.
“We also expect to have lots of celebrity guests from the horror community turning up over the evening and helping out with our celebrity raffles and fundraising. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”
A third of the Box Office from BOOBS & BLOOD Friday Oct 5 evening party event will be donated to registered Breast Cancer Charity, FEEL YOUR BOOBIES. Money is also raised through charity raffles throughout the weekend.
FEEL YOUR BOOBIES is a breast cancer non-profit organization whose mission is to utilize unexpected and unconventional methods to remind women, especially those under 40, to “feel their boobies”. Getting in the habit of knowing what is normal for you increases the chances of noticing a breast lump or other changes when they occur.
SCREAM QUEEN-ATHON Opening Night Party – Fri. Oct 5 – 6.00pm – 11.00pm
BOOBS & BLOOD Film Festival Oct 5-6
The Mayflower Club, 11110 Victory Blvd., N. Hollywood, CA 91606
BOOBS & BLOOD magazine can be purchased here:
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