11 Outdoor Summer Dating Ideas

When it comes to creative and inviting dating ideas, nobody does it better than a girl crazy in love during the honeymoon phase. He’s bound to go along even if some of these ideas are girly because he wants to get to know you better in every way possible! Obviously, most of these ideas can be used in later stages of a relationship given how flexible BBW dating generally is, but they’re also outdoorsy and suited for the summer months when the temperatures are high both inside and outside the bedroom. Below you’ll find quirky, sexy and definitely captivating date ideas that you can start implementing ASAP before the fall hits!

#1: Midnight Walk on the Beach

If you live in a city that is close to a lake, river or even the sea or ocean, taking a midnight walk on the beach is a kind of date that you can put together in the summer, so why not use it when it can be incredibly romantic.

#2: Outdoor Movie Night

Instead of lounging around on the couch watching Netflix all Saturday afternoon, you can take a laptop or an iPad and go out on a field or the beach and watch a movie outdoors.

#3: Plan Your Summer Vacation Together

If you’re planning to take a vacation together soon, make a date out of preparing the itinerary. Make snacks or order a pizza, make sure your Wi-Fi doesn’t let you down, and spend an evening researching and jotting down all the places you want to see.

#4: Turn the Lights Out

If you’re looking for a creative date idea, try out the power outage date by turning all the lights out and bring out the candles.

#5: Trip to the Farmer’s Market

If you’re an early riser on the weekend, take a trip down to the farmer’s market and pick up fresh produce that you’ll make for lunch together.

#6:  Road Trip Date

If you like to ride with your partner, summer is the perfect time for a road trip date. Prepare some food and road trip games, and hit the road!

#7: Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Hide your sex toys or your sexiest lingerie out in the backyard, and ask your partner to go on a scavenger hunt to find them following your sexy clues.

#8: Outdoor Rock Climbing

Go climb some rocks at a theme park with your sweetie, and then put a creative spin on this date idea by having lunch at Hard Rock café or playing Rock Band when you get home.

#9: Pool Party

Going on a date to a pool party is not going to be intimate per se, but it will be very sexy when you show up in that killer bikini you’ve been working out for since last Christmas!

#10: Berry Picking

Summer is the perfect time to go pick your favorite berries and turn the trip into a date. Use the fruit later to make a delicious dessert for two.

#11: Strip Poker Night

You clearly want to see your partner’s clothes slowly come off on this hot and intimate date.


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