It doesn’t matter if you prefer to meet people online or in person, you’re probably doing it in order to sleep with them or start a long-term relationship.

Either way, you’ll have to get intimate with them sooner or later. However great and exciting this may sound at first, it can also be pretty awkward and unpleasant, especially if you’re struggling when it comes to orgasm.

So, if you can’t have an orgasm during sex, you should definitely stick around and check out these seven factors that are affecting orgasm in women.


Even though sex is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, most women tend to feel anxious, especially if they’re about to sleep with someone for the first time. Unfortunately, that anxiety is a critical factor, and it can prevent a woman from reaching an orgasm.

Lack Of Trust

Experts claim that 10% to 40% of women have trouble reaching climax during sex and one of the biggest reasons for that is the lack of trust. Women have to trust their sexual partner completely, so they could reach that special place they need to “find release.”  


We all know that most men are absolutely ok with having sex in the backseat of a car or even in public, but most women require a more intimate and romantic setting.

Don’t get us wrong; they don’t need a bed covered with silk sheets and rose petals. No, they just need a quiet, intimate room with dimmed lights where they can focus solely on their lover. Also, romantic music is always a bonus, but it’s not necessary.

Lack Of Emotions

As you probably know, most ladies can’t separate sex from romantic emotions (which is how it’s supposed to be), so they need to feel an emotional attachment to their sexual partner in order to relax and enjoy sex.

This is the only way they can have an orgasm, so it’s safe to say that lack of emotions can have an adverse effect on women during sex.


A lot of women claim that foreplay has a crucial role when it comes to orgasm. If it’s too short, a woman just can’t relax enough to have an orgasm later during intercourse. This is precisely why extended foreplay can lead to successful sex and intense orgasms.


Every single woman out there is unique and special in her own way, so naturally, every gal requires a different amount of time to reach the climax.

Some of them are able to do so within 5 to 10 minutes, while others need much longer love-making sessions. Time is, without a doubt, one of the most important factors when it comes to orgasm in women.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a woman who is desperately seeking some sweet release, or a guy who is trying to satisfy his partner, make sure to arm yourself with patience. Rushing things won’t get you anywhere.


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