Pure Taboo Adopts a Family Circus in “His 100th Foster” / “Her 100th Foster”

Pure Taboo Adopts a Family Circus in “His 100th Foster” / “Her 100th Foster”

Pure Taboo
(Montreal, QC / July 7, 2022) — Adult Time studio Pure Taboo announces the release of two new perfectly bookended titles from director David Lord, “His 100th Foster” and “Her 100th Foster”, about the many family secrets that live under one roof.
Her 100th Foster” stars Kyler Quinn as Penny, a young homeless woman who has been invited to live in the grand home of Charlie Foster (Rachael Cavalli), where she will join a harem of ‘siblings’ (Nadia Noja, Paris White, Hadley Haze, Rebecca Vanguard, Sage Foxx, Penelope Woods, Kate Bloom). Everyone seems to like Penny except for one ‘sister’, Jacqueline (Aiden Ashley), who tells the newcomer that in order to fit into this family, she’s going to have to prove herself as worthy…
His 100th Foster” spotlights Kyler Quinn in the same role as Penny, who is greeted at the Foster residence by her ‘big brother’ (Rion King), who welcomes her into the fold and introduces her to ‘big daddy’ (Brad Newman) while her fellow ‘sisters’ (Nadia Noja, Paris White, Hadley Haze, Rebecca Vanguard, Sage Foxx, Penelope Woods, Kate Bloom) enjoy the view.
“This is a fun concept that was suggested by our Pre-Production Team”, says Frank Stacy, Adult Time’s Director of Marketing. “Back a few months, we did something similar with our two series ‘Mommy’s Girl’ and ‘Mommy’s Boy’ and our members liked the idea, so we decided to further explore these type of releases.”
Pure Taboo and Adult Time members can find “His 100th Foster” and “Her 100th Foster” (available now) at PureTaboo.com and AdultTime.com, where members enjoy access to more than 60,000 premium scenes, 320 channels and 8 new releases per day – of the Adult Time network’s award-winning brands.
About Pure Taboo:
Launched in September 2017, Pure Taboo is the leading taboo erotica studio in adult, including over 200 featurette episodes available on the Adult Time platform. Created by award-winning filmmaker Bree Mills and promoting the tagline ‘some taboos are meant to be broken’, Pure Taboo features the most popular and up-and-coming performers in adult today, challenging themselves to bring acting and sexual performances in a way viewers have never seen before.
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