Sparks Ent. Gives Sneak Peek of Lola Bunny Cosplay Parody

Sparks Ent. Gives Sneak Peek of Lola Bunny Cosplay Parody.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – With Space Jam: A New Legacy now in theaters, erotic cosplay site Sparks Entertainment and director Harry Sparks have decided it’s “a great time to give a sneak peek of his Lola Bunny parody set to debut in August,” the company said.

Lola Bunny

“Although Lola Bunny gets a makeover in the new Space Jam flick, fans love the original sex vixen character,” Sparks Entertainment said in its release. “Harry Sparks stays true to the original look from the 1996 film—his Lola Bunny oozes sexuality and is played by the petite, exotic, jaw-dropping, all-natural starlet Liv Revamped. Liv has a blonde wig with a ponytail and the iconic outfit of a cropped tank, short shorts with powder-puff tail, knee-high striped socks, and tennis shoes.”

Fans can get an advanced look at the upcoming parody on the Sparks Entertainment YouTube channel, here. The company described the preview as “a quick flash of what Liv will look like taking on the Lola Bunny role” adding that “if you blink, you might even miss it.”

“We have so many amazing scenes coming out. Of course, it would be great if the Lola Bunny scene was coming out the same week as the new Space Jam, but we’ve got some killer special effects and editing left to do,” Harry Sparks said. “Plus, it gives our members and Liv’s fans something to look forward to long after the Space Jam hype has faded. Trust me, it will definitely be worth the wait.”

The Lola Bunny cosplay parody is set to hit the Sparks Entertainment site next month. A full NSFW trailer and on set interview will be published on the Sparks Entertainment OnlyFans page, which costs $4.99 to join. To be alerted when the SFW trailer for the parody debuts, subscribe to the Sparks Entertainment YouTube channel.

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