Little Caprice on Performing, Producing, Fanfare & Success

Little Caprice on Performing, Producing, Fanfare & Success

It turns out Little Caprice is big in southeast Asia.

The AVN Award-winning star from the Czech Republic remembers being recognized on vacation while strolling through a local market—in Thailand.

“It happened a lot to me—like literally anywhere in the world,” Caprice says with a laugh. “Mostly airports, but even in Thailand there was a guy who knew me. I do respond positively and always give an autograph or selfie, or talk a few words if the fans are nice and respectful to me.

“It makes me happy to meet my fans.”

The 2020 AVN Foreign Female Performer of the Year says this year is about embracing the “next chapter” of her life both on and off camera. She and her husband and business partner, Marcello Bravo, at press time revealed they are building their first house, while her official website, Pornstars can make huge money and little Caprice is no different. Her site is thriving with more than 3000 active members.

Twelve years after her debut as an erotic model, business has never been better for the former waitress from Brno, Czech Republic, who studied nutrition before launching her adult entertainment career.

“2021 is going really great for me,” Caprice tells AVN from her home in Vienna, Austria, about 85 miles south of Brno. “It began with the amazing AVN Awards Show stream, and I won an award for the Best Foreign-Shot All-Girl Sex Scene [with Liya Silver] and my production is still growing and blooming.

“We did create such an amazing content already, and much more to come… and my private life is good as well. So all in one, 2021 is a really good year.”

Indeed, Caprice and Marcello recently returned from a mini-vacation in the Austrian Alps before heading to Ibiza, Spain—their favorite summer destination.

What the ambitious duo creates for—which they launched in 2016—without question makes them one of Europe’s leading boutique production companies. It’s that indie mindset that makes their success that much more gratifying. After all, she says the most challenging part of her career has been building her website from the ground up without the help of a large network or studio behind her.

“This was a huge step I did,” Caprice says. “It was risky and to learn how this all works was not easy at all. We invest a lot of money and time, and we didn’t know if this will work how we want… But even it was scary, I did go out of my comfort zone, shooting for all productions and get money for it and that’s it. I took the money I make and invest them, and it was the best decision in my life.” Marcello agrees.

“We fit perfect together because we trust each other,” Bravo tells AVN. “We help each other, we never cheat each other and we let us free space we need. We talk about everything and we never force each other to do something what the other person wants.

“It’s always our own decision and we have no problem with our work (sex with other people) because we show each other that nobody can break our relationship.”


Their bond started in October 2012, when they met at the Venus Berlin Show in Germany. Caprice was at the expo signing autographs, while Marcello attended as part of a male stripper revue that was performing there.

“Caprice work next to our private stage where just girls can enter,” Bravo recalls. “When I walk around the expo and I saw her first time and of course I thought she is a pretty girl, but you know for me was normal to meet many girls every week at my job.

“I didn’t know that she is so famous. Honestly, I always don’t care what somebody is or not. Famous, rich or just a normal person, I’m always friendly to everybody.”

Bravo continues, “Back to the story how we met. The female porn stars came always in our ladies’ area because this was the only place where they can drink a cocktail or relax from the many male visitors. You know as a porn star on the expo everybody wanna get autographs and wanna talk and the girls can’t really relax.

“So I was on stage and did a strip show and I saw that Caprice enter the ladies’ area. I jump down and took her on stage—on the chair—and strip for her. She was very shy and get red in her face, so sweet. … During the show I say something in her ear what actually nobody says to her…

“You know everybody told her before ‘you are so pretty’ or ‘you have nice eyes,’ but I say to her, ‘I would like to fuck you.’”

Caprice reacted with shock.

“And the other side was nobody before told her that directly,” Bravo adds. “Guys talking always a lot but nobody was so directly like me. Of course she don’t let me fuck her. In the end I wait almost one-and-a-half months.

“On the expo we kiss a bit, go to some after-party and thought both that we don’t see [each other] again. But we keep contact every day via messages and I visit her many times in Brno. So we came together and after six months around we decide to try it out and move together to Vienna—almost 10 years ago.”

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