Sniffies is Leading the Charge into Hot Vax Summer

Sniffies is Leading the Charge into Hot Vax Summer

It’s been reported that the summer of 2021 will be the most sexually charged in recent memory; covid restrictions are loosening, vaccination rates are skyrocketing, and everyone is, quite frankly, incredibly horny. Sniffies, a map-based meet up app for gay, bi, and curious guys, is ready to make all your Hot Vax Summer dreams come true.
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“Our lives were put on pause, but our sexual desires were not,” said Eli Martin, CMO of Sniffies. “As more people are vaccinated, we are seeing an exponential increase in guys using Sniffies to seek out the casual in-person encounters they’ve been craving for so long. People are hungry for connection, and they’re using Sniffies to satisfy that urge in brand new ways.”
Inspired by the thrill of the hunt and the art of the chase that lies at the heart of any gay cruising experience, the location-based app makes it easier than ever for men to explore their sexual desires, kinks, and fantasies free from judgement or shame.
Since Sniffies is web-based, “we are not bound by the rules of the app stores which means users can post explicit pictures, share public cruising updates, and cruise anonymously without creating an account,” added Martin. “Sniffies is the answer to the sterilization and monotony of mainstream hookup apps.”
“On Sniffies, you see a rich, full-screen, interactive map featuring nearby guys as well as popular local cruising locations — all at a glance. The Sniffies map is intuitive and straightforward — the simplest way to turn fantasies into digital and real world experiences. We know this summer is going to be wild, and Sniffies is here to make it unforgettable.”
To try Sniffies, visit and follow on Twitter @sniffiesapp and Instagram @sniffiesapp.
Sniffies is a fully interactive, web-based map of local guys and nearby cruising locations for gay, bi, and curious guys looking for casual connections, experiences, and uninhibited sexual exploration. Unlike conventional hookup apps, Sniffies has bypassed the mainstream app store model by creating a fully functional web-app interface, which allows Sniffies to forgo traditional terms and conditions. Users can post explicit pictures, share public cruising updates, and cruise anonymously without creating an account. Sniffies’ anonymous features create a space that is uniquely inclusive for straight, curious, and DL guys, where they can experience uninhibited sexual exploration. Sniffies is proud to be a sex positive platform, intentionally built for casual encounters where users are encouraged to turn their kinks into digital and real-world experiences. Sniffies is decidedly not a dating app. It’s for now, it’s for exploration, and it’s for the curious.

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