Vixen Media Group Announces Release of New Full-Length Showcase Film, Jia

Vixen Media Group Announces Release of New Full-Length Showcase Film, Jia

European beauty and one of the industry’s hottest stars, Jia Lissa, debuts new scenes with the leader in luxury adult entertainment 
Los Angeles (Sept. 14, 2021)— Vixen Media Group, the leader in luxury adult entertainment, announced the exclusive debut of ‘Jia’, a full-length film showcasing 2020 XBIZ Europa Awards Female Performer of the Year and European sensation, Jia Lissa. Produced and directed by Julia Grandi, the new feature length film is an exclusive crossover showcase and will be released as a four-part story across Vixen Media Group’s network of renowned sites — Vixen, Blacked and Tushy.
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“This film is the definition of exclusive, high-end adult content and we’re thrilled to release this four-part series to our fans,” said Julia Grandi, Director at Vixen Media Group. “After hearing about Jia’s unique, exotic and captivating experiences while traveling around the world, we knew we had a hit. Jia is authentic and provocative– she’s really a cross between a model and the girl next door. The whole team did an incredible job of bringing this masterpiece to life.”
The new film is inspired by Jia Lissa’s personal journey in finding herself through international travel and memorable experiences, achieving true sexual fulfillment and empowerment. Filmed in some of the world’s most beautiful locations in Greece, Paris, the Alps and more, JiaLissa takes front and center as the lead and is accompanied by an all-star cast, such as Little Dragon and Sonya Blaze.
“This film is a new step for me. The story is based on my experiences, so it was a very unique and emotional process. I’m so excited for my fans to get a deeper look into my adventures and especially for my debut scene on Tushy in the finale! I’m beyond grateful to be a part of this colossal piece of work by the Vixen team and of course, Julia Grandi. They managed to capture me – the real Jia, with all my passion and desire.”
The exclusive scenes will be available for streaming on Vixen and Blacked with a grand debut finale on Tushy. Viewers can watch the full feature by joining Vixen Media Group’s six-site package.
Be sure to follow Vixen on Twitter or Instagram for regular updates. To learn more or watch the Jia trailer, visit
About Vixen Media Group 
Founded in 2014, Vixen Media Group is the premier online destination for exclusive and luxury adult content. Featured in Rolling Stone, Forbes, The Daily Beast, BuzzFeed, Men’s Health, Vice and other outlets, Vixen Media Group’s network of branded websites have more than 30 million visitors each month with more than nine million Instagram followers. Its innovative studios – Vixen, Blacked, Tushy, Deeper and Slayed – have earned more than 100 awards. To learn more, visit™ Unveils “Sssh Soirée™,”™ Unveils “Sssh Soirée™” The Integrative Porn Watching Experience has announced a new feature on their site, “Sssh Soirée,” which allows couples to watch porn together even when they are apart.

The new feature, a rep said, “creates an entirely new kind of erotic experience by integrating fantasy and reality into a single package.”

sssh soiree

Using Soirée, viewers can watch any movie or video content on while seeing and hearing each other in real time, “affording a level of interaction and intimacy that can’t be accomplished in a text-only chat environment,” the rep said. Founder and Director Angie Rowntree said she was inspired to create Soirée by the stories of isolation and loneliness she heard from both her friends and members during COVID-19 lockdowns.

“The widespread loneliness and isolation that so many experienced during the pandemic can severely harm us on multiple levels,” Rowntree said. “Initially I wasn’t thinking about sex — I wanted to help alleviate that loneliness and address the need we all have for human connection.”

The more she thought about potential applications of her concept, the more Rowntree realized it was an ideal addition to, presenting another means for couples to enjoy the site’s sex-positive, cinematic movies, as well as its library of sex ed and sexual wellness videos.

“It’s a fabulous trifecta,” Rowntree said, “a perfect union of award-winning cinema, sex tech, and sexual wellness.”

How ‘Soirée’ Works

Members can host a “Soirée” by sending an invite link to their guest and creating a private, virtual viewing room. They can then participate in a video chat while enjoying the movies of their choice from the host’s movie playlist, synced instantly to the guest’s interface.

“The flexible Soirée platform enables couples to enjoy eye contact and see each other’s facial expressions, or to play movies in full screen while maintaining audio contact, depending on the users’ preference at the moment,” the rep added. “With the movies front and center and the ability to interact as you wish with your viewing partner, Soirée is a truly social, and integrative viewing experience for consenting adults.”

Rowntree explained that ”Soirée adds a whole new layer of potential to long-distance intimacy, enabling a level of interaction that’s simply not available over the phone or by sexting. And if a couple chooses to combine the use of remote-controlled sex toys with their Soirée sessions, then it becomes a truly orgasmic cinematic experience.”

Privacy and Other Uses emphasizes that it does not track, record, copy, index, archive or look in on any Soirée sessions conducted by its members.

“Soirée is 100% private with peer-to-peer encryption — an experience that belongs entirely to the viewers who use it,” Rowntree said. “At a time when we’re so often forced to maintain a physical distance between us, Soirée affords a level of intimacy beyond the typical videochat.”

While Rowntree envisions the primary users of Soirée to be couples and lovers watching porn together remotely, she noted that the platform has potential to be very useful in other contexts, as well.

“Soirée also allows access to our curated collection of sexual education and wellness videos, so using the platform can open the door to stronger communication about intimacy and pleasure — not just between couples and lovers, but for play partners, or even platonic friends who might be curious, or otherwise able to benefit from the educational material itself,” Rowntree said.

The Soirée platform can also be used by journalists, film reviewers and film scholars, offering them access to firsthand commentary on the film from the writer, director and actors.

“As the movie plays, the interviewer would be able to ask questions with the benefit of the content and creator(s) right in front of them,” Rowntree noted. “Having licensed my content to mainstream shows and movies in the past, I could see using Soirée to simplify and expedite the process of finding segments and sequences of my movies that fit the needs of the licensee, as well.”

Sssh Soirée is available to members at no additional cost. Click here for more info

Emma Rose Makes Brazzers Debut With Angela White

Emma Rose Makes Brazzers Debut With Angela White

AVN Award nominated trans performer Emma Rose makes her debut appearance for Brazzers opposite Female Performer of the Year Angela White in new scene “In Bed With the Ex,” out today.

The scene’s premise is that Rose is ready to move on after breaking up with White, but the latter just can’t let her go. She drops by while Rose is in the shower, lays in their bed, smells the sheets, and reminisces about about their sexy times together. When Rose finds her there, she’s furious. But White knows just how to get on Rose’s good side.

Emma Rose makes her debut appearance for Brazzers opposite Female Performer of the Year Angela White

“My goal has always been to shoot for mainstream companies that don’t shoot trans models,” Rose said. “Brazzers has recently started shooting trans models, and I’m ecstatic to be one of their first and to have worked with a legend like Angela White! Of course, I was nervous, but Angela made an amazing day even more incredible. Having a scene on Brazzers is a dream come true!”

The trailer for “In Bed With the Ex” was viewed over 16k times before the scene debuted. Watch it and the exclusive scene here.

Emma Rose is independent and may be booked by emailing her at

Follow her on AVN StarsInstagramTwitter and TikTok @OhItsEmmaRose.

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