Elaina St. James’ Holly Randall Unfiltered Appearance Entertains While Inspiring Hope
Holly Randall and Elaina St. James
(Chicago, IL / July 27, 2023) — Elaina St. James has inspired and impassioned fans with her recent appearance on Holly Randall Unfiltered, after sharing genuine conversations on motherhood and beginning again at any age.
In a spirited and thought-provoking conversation, St. James and Randall engaged in a dynamic exchange that seamlessly blended humor and relatability in their discussions that resonated deeply with listeners, sparking lively conversations and fostering a sense of camaraderie among individuals navigating similar paths.
“I have gotten so many messages during the live chat, on Twitter and my OnlyFans saying that not only was it fun and laugh-out-loud amusing, but it also had an affecting levity about two moms talking about balancing motherhood with our work as adult entertainment business owners,” said St. James.
“Appearing on the Unfiltered podcast was an incredible experience filled with laughter, inspiration and a genuine connection with Holly. We had the opportunity to delve into the realities of our lives and open up a profound dialogue. Several fans have suggested that motivational speaking might be in my future!”
St James shared a heartfelt message that no matter the age, if people are open to new opportunities, they should always hold out hope that their best days are ahead of them. “I have been through very tough challenges in my life; someday I will share those stories publicly. During my darkest days, this type of story helped me make it another day. I am passionate about sharing that spark of hope to those that need it, and grateful to Holly for giving me that opportunity.”
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Elaina St James, known as ‘OnlyFans’ Favorite MILF’, is a Social Media Influencer and Author of How To Date Hot Older Women. In 2021 Elaina skyrocketed in popularity as a 50+ model on social media platforms showcasing her natural curves and bubbly personality. With millions of views across Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube, Elaina is a Single Mom and the most successful OnlyFans Model over the age of 55.
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