PervCity Highlights Comeback Star Riley Nixon, Debut Queen Jessica Starling in Two Sexy New Scenes

PervCity Highlights Comeback Star Riley Nixon, Debut Queen Jessica Starling in Two Sexy New Scenes
(Los Angeles, CA / July 27, 2023) — Riley Nixon and Jessica Starling are paying a visit to Maestro Claudio’s PervCity with the release of two sizzling new scenes – roaring and ready to go on the streaming platform.


Riley Nixon marks her official studio comeback exclusively through PervCity with “Hardcore Anal for Squirting Hottie Riley Nixon”, as co-star Tommy Pistol get up close & personal with the curvaceous Canadian performer in a revealing interview before launching into a vigorous anal performance for the ages. The scene is available for streaming or download here.
“I’m so happy to be back shooting full time, and I couldn’t have asked for a better comeback scene!” said Nixon. “What could be better than getting butt fucked by Tommy Pistol under the direction of the iconic Maestro Claudio?  Nothing.“
Maestro Claudio returned the compliment, saying, “We are honored that Riley Nixon chose PervCity to shoot her comeback scene, and as always, she gave a powerful, energetic performance,” enthused Maestro Claudio, who has showcased the star in “Riley Nixon Live”, “Next Stop: Solo City” and “Double the Penetration, Double the Fun for Riley Nixon”.
Pistol also offered accolades to his co-star: “So I came across a tweet from Riley. Being I haven’t seen her posts in a while, I thought I’d DM her a hello to check in and see how she’s doing. She said she was performing again. I asked if she would shoot with me for PervCity, because someone just cancelled on my upcoming scene. The rest is magic. She’s gorgeous, professional and a friend. I’m so glad it all came together.”
Jessica Starling’s showcase scene, “Big Tit Blonde Jessica Starling Loves Hardcore Anal”, spotlights the blonde Canadian star in her PervCity debut as she teases a short interview with Maestro Claudio, showing off every inch of her stunning all-natural figure before joining co-star Michael Stefano in a passionate pairing. The scene is available for streaming or download here.
“I loved filming this passionate anal scene with Michael Stefano for PervCity!” raved Starling. “The scene flowed so beautifully with almost no cuts at all. Our chemistry is palpable on-screen and I think my fans are going to love cumming to one of my best anal scenes to date over and over again!”
Maestro Claudio sang Starling’s praises in kind: “For Jessica’s PervCity debut, Michael Stefano was the perfect choice to introduce her to our brand and film her in action, as she is dynamic, engaged in the performance and a naturally gifted performer. Fans can definitely expect to see more of her in future productions.”
Stefano complimented the star as well:  “Jessica Starling is a super passionate and beautiful babe who loves anal sex. She delivers an absolute intense performance to say the least!!!”
For more information, visit and follow PervCityMaestro ClaudioRiley NixonJessica StarlingTommy Pistol and Michael Stefano on Twitter, PervCity and Maestro Claudio on Instagram and Maestro Claudio on OnlyFans.
Maestro Claudio is an iconic adult film performer, producer and director with nearly 30 years of on-set experience under his belt.  Originally from Trieste, Italy, Claudio started his career as a freelance engineer after graduating with a degree in Mining Engineering at the University of Trieste in 1984.
After obtaining his private pilot license, Claudio decided to move to the US to continue his pilot training. In 1993, he moved to Los Angeles and obtained his commercial, multiengine and instrument pilot licenses. But aviation wasn’t his only interest in LA: from a young age, Claudio had long dreamed of pursuing a career in the porn industry.
In 1995, Claudio’s dream finally came true and he started working in the adult business as a performer; his impressive gifts quickly sparked a buzz among the top studios in town, as well as legendary directors such as Paul Thomas, Gregory Dark and Tom Zupko. He soon expanded his professional repertoire to include cameraman, photographer, director and producer. Flying eventually became just a hobby for him – now unfortunately abandoned because of his tight work schedule.
Claudio now owns and runs his award-winning studios and and, in partnership with Mick Blue, Among his many accolades, he has earned the XRCO Award for ‘Best Director – Web’ in 2018 and was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2019.
Maestro Claudio still performs onscreen occasionally, but only independent content with female performers for his and their personal OnlyFans platforms.

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The Pros and Cons of Homemade Porn and Amateur Sex

amateur porn


Over the last decade or so, the availability of technology has made it easier to produce homemade porn and partake in amateur sex acts than ever before. The anonymity, intimacy, affordability, and convenience of creating and engaging as an amateur in the making of porn while at home has opened up a wide world of possibilities to explore one’s fantasies. From do-it-yourself webcams to streaming phones and apps, anyone with a computer or smartphone can create professional-level pornography and partake in all sorts of sex acts from the comfort and privacy of their own home. While there are undeniable upsides to making homemade porn videos and engaging in hardcore amateur sex with one’s friend and neighbours, there are also many potential risks and downsides to consider as well.

With that in mind, a further look into the pros and the cons of being a player in the skin game, so to speak, is up next.


One major upside to homemade porn and amateur sex is the level of control you have over the environment. Engaging in the creation of your own XXX related material means that you are in total control of who’s present, what happens, and how it is documented or broadcast. This makes the world of homemade fucking much more intimate than traditional porn shoots, as it takes away the potential anxiety that comes from shooting or engaging in sex acts with cast and crew members present.

Another perk of being an amateur that produces Homemade Porn is cost savings. You can film and produce your own homemade porn or engage in sex acts with minimal budget or no budget at all. This makes it ideal for those who may not be able to afford expensive sets and crew members. Making your own content and engaging in amateur sex acts can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Additionally, there are no pandemic restrictions, age discrimination, or racist issues to deal with. In professional pornography, it’s easily apparent who the major players are, which can be alienating and demotivating for some performers with progressive ideologies, and the like, so thank the sky above for the freedom that comes with producing homemade pornos during the course of totally Amateur Sex where the fucking is as real as it gets.


Despite the appealing qualities of making hardcore sex movies just for the fuck of it, there are downsides that should be considered as well. One significant risk is potential legal issues. While obscenity laws vary from country to country, posting and distributing homemade sex tapes or engaging in certain sex acts could leave you open to legal challenges. Additionally, making your own content can lead to copyright infringement if you use music or images without permission, or if you attempt to distribute it without a license. This could leave you vulnerable to hefty fines and even jail time in some cases.

Another downside to making your own content is poor lighting and inferior sound quality, as well as the risk that you could make editing mistakes in post-production, potentially costing you time or money if you need to re-shoot or redo scenes. Finally, when it comes to amateur porn, the presence of any type of camera or recording device can create a level of anxiety for some parties and can lead to misunderstanding or awkwardness during filming.


Making homemade porn and engaging in amateur sex acts can be a great experience that allows you to express yourself in a safe, controlled environment and explore your fantasies, fantasies away from erasure.  However, if considering these activities, it’s important to consider the potential risks and downsides involved, including potential legal issues, poor audio/visual quality, and any awkwardness that could arise from bringing a camera or camera presence into a sex act. Every person’s decision as to whether or not to innovate in either of these activities should be personal and intensely independent. Weigh the options, pay attention to the limitless rules and ensure safety – yours and theirs.

P.S. When partaking in your fun and games, it is always best to use a safe word…pass it on. 😉