OnlyFans Model Lucy Banks Recounts Car Break-In with Sex Toys, Lube, Lingerie Stolen

OnlyFans Model Lucy Banks Recounts Car Break-In with Sex Toys, Lube, Lingerie Stolen

Lucy Banks OnlyFans
(Perth, WA / July 7, 2022) — Aussie OnlyFans star Lucy Banks experienced the unpleasant ordeal of a car break-in this week, but had to laugh when she realized the ‘unique’ items that the thief had actually stolen!The Perth-based model and content creator says that while nothing too valuable was taken, “There’s a criminal around who is going to be very shocked when he opens a bag full of massive dildos, OnlyFans gym tights and Lucy Banks-branded car air fresheners!”
While Banks shares that the invasion of privacy and inconvenience of “replacing so much stuff” such as her pink Satisfyer Pro vibrator, bikinis, strawberry body paint and her cherry-banana flavored lube isn’t ideal, “the thought of some big, burly criminal walking about in white OnlyFans gym tights does make me giggle though!”After filing the police report, which Banks took in humorous stride, “I actually had the police come out last night because I was convinced there was someone on my roof. The car break-in has made me so paranoid! I was starting to think I was being stalked and someone was after me, but I’m sure it was just a random coincidence.”..

Banks jokingly adds that anyone who sees a suspicious person wearing a green velvet bodycon dress, burgundy lace lingerie set, white bikini or carrying a 10-inch pink dildo should call the police immediately.

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Lucy Banks, a rising independent content creator based in Perth, Australia, never saw herself as an online entertainer catering to the deepest desires of strangers, but in 2019, after years of a day-in, day-out existence in an unfulfilling marriage and middling job in the banking industry, she decided to ditch both and take the unusual step of signing up as a model on OnlyFans.
Less than three years later, the brunette beauty with an infectious smile and adventurous spirit has achieved staggering success on the adult social platform; she currently boasts more than 3,700 subscribers and earnings of up to $2,500 per day, thanks to her tireless work ethic and motivation to provide a more comfortable life for her and her two young children.
“The pandemic ushered in a virtual world that more of us are living in every day, whether out of necessity, entertainment, or the thrill of meeting new people and creating an exciting online experience. For me, it’s about freedom: having the time to be there for my family and being able to buy a home, necessities and fun stuff for my kids without worrying about how much money is in the bank. There are pros and cons to every career, but at this point in my life, this is what’s most important to me… and I’m loving every minute of it!”
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