Wicked Releases 5th Episode of Seth Gamble-Helmed 'Deranged'

LOS ANGELES — Wicked Pictures has released the fifth episode of Seth Gamble’s feature directorial debut, “Deranged. Produced by Axel Braun, the eight-part series stars Kenzie Taylor and Tommy Pistol in “a moody psycho-sexual thriller” written by Gamble. The new scene — the second of Taylor’s to be released in the series — showcases Kayley Gunner and Rob Piper.
Taylor plays Dr. Charlie Hayes, a psychologist navigating her dark past as she pursues her nemesis, the deranged Dr. Joseph Curwen (Tommy Pistol).

“Hayes’ own psychopathic urges lead her to play some deeply manipulative mind games with her patients as she facilitates a powerful sexual encounter with lovers Rob and Kayley,” a rep explained.

Gamble noted “Deranged” fits in the tradition of “countless iterations of psychopaths in the movies, from Norman Bates to Louis Bloom in ‘Nightcrawler.’”

“Film isn’t short on fascinating, malicious characters,” the Wicked contract director added. “What makes Kenzie’s performance as Charlie so interesting is how she portrays psychopaths so clearly and yet so thoughtfully. She somehow gives us a very transparent look at what true sociopathy looks like, while being wholly original and inspired in her take on the character type.”

Gamble praised Gunner as “a naturally energetic performer who knows when to release bursts of energy, as well as when to bottle the energy up because her character is holding something back on the surface, but on the inside she’s exploding.”

The director also extolled Piper as “charming, expressive and charismatic.”

“His longevity in the business reflects those things,” Gamble added. “He knows acting is a self-starter business and has a lot of self-motivation. He’s highly imaginative and, like me, believes in hard work and commitment.”

The latest episode of “Deranged” is available exclusively on Wicked.com.