Adult Time’s Modern-Day Sins Reveals The Name Of Their Second Series, ‘Proud Pervs’

Adult Time’s Modern-Day Sins Reveals The Name Of Their Second Series, ‘Proud Pervs’.

Adult Time is continuing its ‘7 Weeks to 7 Deadly Sins’ countdown to the New Year’s Day launch of their new studio, Modern-Day Sins with the latest series name reveal ‘Proud Pervs’.
proud pervs
Last week fans were introduced to the lascivious brand’s 7-series motif inspired by the Seven Sins, with a new series being revealed each week leading up to the studio’s launch on January 1st. On the heels of last week’s introduction of ‘Cum Gluttons’, their cum- and squirt-themed series, Modern-Day Sins is now setting its sights on the Original Sin, Pride, ‘the exaltation of Self above all authority’.

“’Proud Pervs’ is the second series to be announced on our upcoming Modern-Day Sins studio, which is all about the celebration of libertine lifestyles that may be frowned upon by regular folks,” said Frank Stacy, Adult Time’s Director of Marketing.
“Here you will find exhibitionism, public sex and couple swapping, as well as tales of nudism and cuckolding. It’s made for those who enjoy stories of shameless sexual behaviors and the people that take part in them.”
With ‘Proud Pervs’, Modern-Day Sins is setting the stage for fans to enjoy being as unapologetically pervy as the characters themselves, encouraging everyone to let their sexual freak flags fly regardless of who’s watching!
“We’re reclaiming the word ‘pervert’ from being an insult to being a badge of honor,” said 3X West, Adult Time’s pre-production manager and Modern-Day Sins’ showrunner. “People are so quick to judge what everyone else does and says and likes, that there’s something very liberating about the idea of just being able to say ‘f*** it’ and not care what other people think.
“We wanted that rebellious attitude to be the central focus of our Pride-themed series. So each episode we have the action start with other people nearby – offended onlookers, intrigued spectators, oblivious bystanders – to contrast against our more lecherous main characters who aren’t afraid to flaunt their sexual freedom out in the open.”
Ready to let the sin begin? Fans can learn more at and officially join the site starting December 8th. Modern-Day Sins is part of the streaming platform, offering unlimited access to more than 300 channels, 57,000 episodes and 8 new releases per day of the network’s award-winning brands.
About Modern-Day Sins:
Modern-Day Sins is a dramatic series that gives popular, raunchy porn stories & sex a glossy, sophisticated makeover. Brought to you by the team behind studios like Pure Taboo and Girlsway, Modern-Day Sins is exclusive to members of the Adult Time streaming platform, which include many other acclaimed series and award-winning films. 
About Adult Time:
Launched in 2018, Adult Time is a streaming service exclusively for adults.  Created by award-winning filmmaker Bree Mills, who also serves as Chief Creative Officer, Adult Time is a platform built by fans who believe in a future where mature audiences can safely, securely, and proudly have a place in their lineup for premium adult content. 
Dubbed the ‘Netflix of Porn’ by mainstream media outlets, Adult Time offers an extensive catalog of over 180 channels, 60,000 episodes and 5+ new releases per day from some of the most recognized studios, including Girlsway, Pure Taboo, Burning Angel, Fantasy Massage, 21 Sextury, and Vivid Entertainment, alongside exclusive original series, feature films, and much more.  
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