Baby Girl Bella Adds Fan Platforms Fansly, LoyalFans to Portfolio

Baby Girl Bella Adds Fan Platforms Fansly, LoyalFans to Portfolio

(Los Angeles, CA / September 10, 2021) — Baby Girl Bella is excited to announce that she’s added two new fan sites to her custom erotic content portfolio, and
baby bella
On the heels of OnlyFans’ recent ban on explicit adult content, then abrupt policy U-turn less than a week later, the sultry blonde bombshell explained that “while I’m a big supporter of OnlyFans and grateful for the massive impact it’s done for my career, I understand that to truly succeed, it’s wise to diversify your opportunity pool.”
Bella said that no matter what OnlyFans chooses to do, she’s excited to work with other companies that respect her professional choices and offer her creative freedom: “I work with some truly amazing creators and we are ready to dominate these other platforms.”
“I have been a .01%  creator for over a year now, and I know that I can take my business elsewhere and thrive there as well,” she said. “There’s no reason another site can’t blow up like OnlyFans has. We can create incredible communities when we’re all working together with the same goal. It’s brilliant, we are so blessed!”
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Also new public Snap @BABYGIRL-3669
Petite powerhouse Baby Girl Bella is one of adult’s top earners, thanks to her bubbly blonde personality, perfectly-put-together 5’1” build and 1200cc 32 J breasts. Since kicking off her onscreen career in 2015, Bella has erected an enormous fan following, thanks to her solo, lesbian and boy/girl content. She currently ranks in the .01% of all content creators on her OnlyFans platform.
Born in Wisconsin, raised in Arizona and now living in Southern California, Bella comes from a rough past and uses her trauma as a way to fuel her onscreen success. She claims “everything happens for a reason, and if I didn’t have a past I wouldn’t have such a beautiful present and future ahead of me.”
After high school, Bella tried her hand at college but dropped out (“no regrets!”) and moved to the East Coast to work as a feature dancer. When she realized she could better elevate her career opportunities online, she switched to live camming and private femdom shows as a full-time job.
“It was always better money than I made dancing, but it took a couple years to really get into my groove,” she said. “It’s all about marketing and I had to go through a lot of inner work to realize what I really wanted in life, and with the power of the universe, the rest followed.” Bella added that she loves the ability to connect with her fans and distribute her content more easily as an independent creator.
Being vegetarian since a teen, she’s been fully vegan 6 years and raw vegan the last two years. She loves living a healthy lifestyle and is very much into fitness and yoga. She attributes her high vibes and calm demeanor to her regular meditation practice.
These days, Bella often travels to create content and collaborate with other models. She loves the freedom of being her own boss and having the creative insight for her content. The thing she misses the most while traveling is her Abyssinian cat, Ramsey. To learn more, visit
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