Mr. Skin Breaks Down Celeb Nudity Stats with USA vs. Europe Infographic

Mr. Skin Breaks Down Celeb Nudity Stats with USA vs. Europe Infographic

Mr. Skin, the world’s first and foremost authority on celebrity nudity, decided it was high time to crunch the numbers of the top five countries’ total number of sexy scenes and find out who is REALLY on top.
With the help of a fancy infographic, ‘Celebrity Nudity: Hollywood vs. the World’ ranks the United States, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom in their charts stats; the winners are:
Nude Titles by Country:

Nude Scenes Distribution by Country:

Hollywood has accounted for over 28,000 nude scenes in film, compared with France’s 7,681; Germany’s 5,336; Italy’s 5,105; and the UK’s 3,439. That means Hollywood accounts for over 60% of the total nude scenes represented by these five countries.
 “If you narrow the criteria slightly and just look at the number of titles with nudity – not every scene within those titles – things balance out a bit, with Hollywood racking up 9,721 titles with nudity. If you combine France’s 3,900 titles, Germany’s 2,623 titles, Italy’s 1,671 titles, and the UK’s 1626 titles, the rest of the world ends up with 99 more titles with nudity than Hollywood.”

Nude Celebrities by Country of Birth:

“What about the number of celebrities who’ve gone nude? Things don’t balance quite as well in the world’s favor in that regard, tipping heavily toward Hollywood. The United States is home to 7,322 celebrities who have gone nude on film, compared with 1,766 French celebs, 1,287 German celebs, 852 UK celebs, and 554 Italian celebs, giving Hollywood one tremendous slice of the pie!”

Nude Celebs by Tier:

A-list celebs account for the least amount of nude scenes regardless of country. In fact, Germany hasn’t got a single A-lister that’s gone nude on film and the other three countries are in the single digits. B-list celebs are around 10 times more likely to go nude on film with Hollywood leading the way with 1,627 B-listers who’ve gone nude. France comes in second there with only 90.
“It’s the C-list celebs who do the heavy lifting here, no matter which country you’re looking at, with the numbers exploding once you get into C-list territory. 5,531 Hollywood C-listers have doffed their duds on film along with 1,669 French C-listers, 1,243 German C-listers, 797 UK C-listers, and 497 Italian C-listers.”

Nudity Breakdown by Tags: Breasts, Butts, and Bush Shown:

“Hollywood loves breastsbutts, and bushes in that order, and there’s no denying that the rest of the world has got identical breakdowns. The disparity between boobs and everything else is substantial no matter where in the world you are, but Europe has got a lot more parity between butts and bushes than America does, that’s for sure.
“Hollywood’s boob count is 14,368, compared with 3,906 in France, 3,336 in Italy, 2,590 in Germany and 1,968 in the UK. Hollywood’s butt counter lands at 5,008, more than France’s 1,562, Italy’s 1,435, Germany’s 994, and the UK’s 687. Bare bushes have been featured in Hollywood films 3,334 times, versus 1,312 in France, 1,172 in Italy, 742 in Germany, and 468 in the UK.
“Again, the Europeans have really closed the gap between butts and bushes, especially in Italy and France where the butts lead by only a little over 200.”

Favorite Nude Celebrities by Country:

USA – Scarlett Johansson; France – Eva Green; Germany – Diane Kruger; UK – Kate Winslett and Italy – Monica Bellucci.
All tallied, the United States wins in a bare breasts/bush/butt landslide! “When it comes to nudity, you can say it loud and say it proud because We’re Number One!
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