Adult Industry News Relaunches, Redesigns Layout

Adult Industry News Relaunches, Redesigns Layout

(Los Angeles, CA / July 7, 2021) — Adult Industry News ( today announced the official launch of its newly-revamped website with a fresh layout and user-friendly design.
adult industry news
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The popular news and entertainment site, founded by industry veteran Steve Nelson 23 years ago as a positive voice in the tight-knit community to highlight the accomplishments, creativity and hard work of its professionals, now offers an updated and streamlined delivery of its more than 24,000 articles, interviews, film reviews and press releases for a better online experience.
. features multiple navigation methods including a fixed ‘sticky’ menu and ‘Editor Picks’, ‘Most Popular Articles’ and a category list noting how many articles in each section are linked, an improved search tool that finds stories by date from drop-down menus at the side of articles and random ‘blast from the past’ thumbnails linked to articles in the database archives.
The new & improved website also serves as a supportive promotional platform for adult content creators by cross-posting stories on Twitter, Facebook and and an all-new Video section to showcase their newest offerings on YouTube.
“I created AINews when, at an event talking to [the late industry journalist] Bill Margold, I was complaining about the way the gossip sites of the day were trashing the girls and Industry as a whole,” said Nelson, who serves as the site’s Editor-in-Chief.
“I said, ‘Why doesn’t someone write something GOOD about the Industry?’ Bill paused for a second, looked at me, and in his booming voice, said, ‘Why don’t YOU do it, Kid?’ That was the catalyst for the idea that became Adult Industry News.”
To find out more about the new and improved Adult Industry News (, visit Twitter @AINews and Facebook @AINewsxxx.
Since 1998, Adult Industry News has been busy getting the word out about what is going on in the world of adult entertainment. In that time we have built up an audience of thousands of readers from around the world who are serious about keeping informed of these happenings.
Founded by Steve Nelson, Adult Industry News at is the only non-pornographic website to cover the Adult Industry, and has the largest searchable database of information archived on the Internet about the Adult Entertainment Industry.
Adult Industry News’ goal is to provide the Adult Entertainment Industry a positive, validating voice, and improve the lives of the people who choose Adult Entertainment as a career by bringing news, resources and information that empower them to improve their quality of life.

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