LOS ANGELES—A new website that combines high-end sex dolls/sex robots that come to life in story-driven hardcore porn scenes has launched with DollBanger.com.

Developed by a team of industry veterans led by Jeffrey Dillon and Calvin Taunton, DollBanger.com showcases the latest in sex dolls.

“The challenge with creating new media is always the idea,” Taunton says. “You can shoot amazing quality video, but if your idea is new and interesting, it becomes something more than just another porn site. Sex dolls are a lot of fun, and the community of doll owners are very engaged and care a lot about dolls. This was the perfect combination of elements for us. We took what we knew about traditional porn and applied it to this new project, and DollBanger.com was born. We’re pretty excited about it!”

In addition to producing content, DollBanger is also launching its own sex doll and sex robot shop. This online shop will showcase “Doll Stars” in the movies for purchase at DollBangerShop.com.

doll banger 3

DollBanger.com claims it is pioneering the sex doll and sex robot porn niche while educating the public and doll community about these high-end companionship partners. All scenes are shot using ultra high-def 4K. DollBanger will release one scene a week with monthly memberships starting at $19.99, but the entire site is free for the entire month of May. In addition to weekly scenes, Dollbanger will provide a review and break down of every doll in a scene so consumers know the pros and cons each of these dolls provides.

doll banger 4

“As the demand for sex dolls are on the rise, more consumers are reaching out for information, content and to purchase dolls for emotional and sexual companionship. DollBanger.com is here to remove the stigma associated with owning a sexdoll or sexrobot for companionship and sexual fulfillment,” the company said.

https://dollbanger.com/, and https://dollbangershop.com/ are now live. Check them out!

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