3 Things You Didn’t Know About Female Sexuality

Female sexuality is nowhere near as explored as male sexuality in many parts of the world. Only recently have we started openly talking about it and embracing it as something worthy of everyone’s attention. Our mothers and their mothers before them would have children and mostly forget that they were women too, but this has changed tremendously as evident from all the books, articles, movies, talk shows, and any other form of media or communication supporting women to learn to love their bodies again after the babies come. Still, this is an unexplored territory for many men out there, even those who’re into cougar dating and have women by their side who are very much in tune with their sexuality. That’s why we’re like to talk about the 3 things that still elude the opposite sex when it comes to how women perceive and experience sex.

#1: The Sexiest Male Organ

You’ve probably explored the clitoris to no end (do it if you haven’t!), but there is much more to female sexuality than their sex organs. For instance, physical attraction and thus a physical pleasure for women is based on so much more than a guy’s looks. Many men out there still aren’t sure what women find to be the sexiest male organ. Without a doubt, most women think the brain is the single most appealing part of any man. The reason for this is quite simple – women don’t fall for the physical appearance as much as they fall for a guy’s intellectual abilities, sense of humor, and interesting life story. Obviously, nobody is denying the power of chemistry, but for women, this chemistry is the strongest with someone they like as a person, not with someone who looks like a living and breathing embodiment of Tom Hardy sitting 3 feet away. The more women like a guy for his personality, the stronger their physical pleasure will be.

#2: Women Choose Differently

Male and female sexuality are different primarily because male and female reproductive cycles are worlds apart. While an average male can have thousands upon thousands of kids in his lifetime in theory, an average woman can only have one child every nine months for a period of about 30 years. In other words, sperm is cheap. It’s everywhere and readily available, and men don’t care very much as to how they ‘invest’ their sex cells because they have plenty! Furthermore, they find young and pretty girls the most attractive because they are healthy and fertile.

For women, the process of choosing a partner is about a million times more complicated because their sex cells aren’t cheap at all. What women want is to feel safe and taken care of in the arms of their partners, which is why they’re often attracted to rich and powerful men. They need this security to ensure their sex cells don’t go to waste. As you can see, men’s looks have very little to do with it. In the real world, a guy who isn’t rich can get the hottest girl in the room, but he has to make her feel like he can provide everything she needs. Plus, if he’s smart and has a good sense of humor – in her eyes he’s the sexiest man alive and her pleasure is all but guaranteed!

#3: It’s Better to be a Woman

Just because the topic of female sexuality isn’t as widely talked about doesn’t mean that men know better sex than women. On the contrary! Consider this. All babies have the exact same genital tissue when they’re conceived, and at about 12 weeks each baby’s genitals begin to develop into those of a man or a woman. This means we’re much more alike than we are different in terms of our sex organs, or in other words, the clitoris and the penis are the same materials put together in a different way. The clitoris has glans, a foreskin, erectile tissue, and a very small shaft – just like a penis. Obviously, it swells when it’s aroused.

Now consider this. A clitoral orgasm can result in anywhere between 3 and 16 contractions and can last from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. Research suggests that an average clitoral orgasm lasts longer than the best and most fantastic male orgasm. And this doesn’t even include the fact that women can have pelvic contractions too – or multiple orgasms. Sorry, guys.


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