Nina Hartley Kicks Off First Episode of New Adult Time Series Age & Beauty 

(Montreal, QC / December 19, 2018) — Gamma Films’ Adult Time introduces an empowering new original series highlighting the gorgeous gifts of women 45 & up, Age & Beauty.
The first episode, out December 19 at, stars Nina Hartley with Justin Hunt and Casey Calvert (in a non-sex role), showcasing the power of beautiful mature women in realistic and relatable settings, elegantly shot by director/producer Bree Mills in brilliant 4K Ultra HD.
“It was a pleasure and an honor to work with Bree Mills on her series Age & Beauty; her way of looking at sexuality and eroticism dovetails nicely with mine, and it was refreshing to have a director spend so much time on building the mood and tension before the sex,” said Hartley.
“It was also nice to have age and experience be the main attraction and not played for a joke. Bree Mills is the best thing to happen to couple’s porn since Femme Productions and the late, great, Candida Royalle. More, please!”
Mills is managing the series’ production in Los Angeles; while most of the episodes will be primarily directed by Craven Moorehead, “I will direct a number of the early episodes myself because I believe so strongly in the project,” said Mills.
“It makes no sense that, after a certain age, performers find themselves marginalized or ‘shot out’ of mainstream adult productions, especially considering the fan base, sexual experience, and sheer star power that so many mature performers have.
“As part of our 2019 season, Adult Time will be proud to introduce a truly premium series that showcases these amazing women,” said Mills. The brand will launch in the Spring of 2019, but I want the world to watch this amazing scene, so we’ve decided to release it right away!”
Age & Beauty is accessible to all Gamma Films members’ sites, as well as the new Adult Time platform. Those interested in sneaking a peek or purchasing the series can visit to sign up and subscribe to Adult Time’s entire catalog of content, which gives members access to over 40,000 scenes within the Gamma Films studio network.
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