4 Tips on How to Have Multiple Orgasms

The female orgasm is one of the most intense and beautiful feelings out there. Ask any lady and she’ll confirm it. A lot of women are able to enjoy an orgasm on a regular basis, but that’s not exactly the case when it comes to multiple orgasms. Don’t get us wrong, having multiple orgasms is not something too exotic or rare. It just means reaching a climax a couple of times during one intercourse. Now, even though this may sound simple, it actually requires a lot of practice, skill, and stamina. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating a shy fella or a tough guy from the biker dating scene, it’s you who decide whether you’ll have multiple orgasms or not. Therefore, here are 4 useful tips that will help you cum more than once during one love-making session.

Create the Right Kind of Mood

Every woman who wants to experience the thrill of multiple orgasms has to first create the perfect sexy mood for her and her significant other. You can’t expect to cum a couple of time during one intercourse if you’re not completely relaxed and aroused. The only way to be this comfortable is to create a soothing and loving atmosphere in your bedroom. Relaxing music and wine can help you with this task. Make sure you eliminate everything that makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Find the Rhythm That Suits Both You and Your Partner

Passionate and intense sex doesn’t necessarily have to be rough. You have to remember that every time you’re in bed with your partner. A lot of guys tend to be rough during intercourse, but that won’t do you any good. If you see that your partner is too horny, make sure you slow him down. This way, both of you will be able to find the rhythm that suits you. This type of communication is crucial because that’s the only way to fully enjoy each other’s bodies and have an orgasm.

Continue to Stimulate Your Clitoris 30 Seconds After the First Orgasm

Once they cum for the first time, most women simply wait for too long before they start something again. If you really want to experience multiple orgasms, you need to keep stimulating your clit right after your first orgasm. However, if you’re too sensitive, you can take a 30-second break after the first climax. After the break, you and your partner should continue to stimulate your clitoris and other parts of your genital area. This way, you’ll be able to have a second orgasm, assuming, of course, that you’re still relaxed and in the mood for more sex.

Help Your Men With His Hand Work

A lot of guys don’t have the required stamina to last long enough for you to have multiple orgasms. This is why they have to use their hands to get you there. Naturally, they don’t know your body as well as you, so make sure to help your partner with his hand work. This type of assistance will improve your sex life, no doubt about it.

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