Is Position 77 the New 69?

In most romantic relationships we see nowadays, sex plays an important role. If two people want to have a successful relationship, they need to have regular and satisfying intercourse. Now, it doesn’t matter if a person is dating a young man, woman, or a sexy gal from the cougar dating scene, sexual passion tends to fade after a while. To avoid that and rekindle the flame, men and women tend to try out new things. One of the newest and most interesting trends in sex these days is the so-called position 77. Some people even consider it to be more popular than the legendary 69. Let’s see what all the fuss is about, shall we?

Most Popular Position Among Men

It’s safe to say that there are many different sex positions out there, but just a few of them are located at the very top of the popularity chart. When it comes to men, doggy style was always the number one. Guys also love a reverse cowgirl and any kind of position where they receive oral sex. Most men love to be dominant, that’s probably why they all love these positions.

Most Popular Position Among Women

The majority of women love to be handled by their significant others, but some of them also love to be in charge. When it comes to their favorite positions, here are the top 3 – doggy style, regular cowgirl, and missionary. Girls love missionary position because it allows them to enjoy the romantic eye contact with their man.

What Is Position 77?

As you probably know, most of these numbers literally describe your and your partner’s bodies during sex. The 69 is pretty self-explanatory, however, we get that the number 77 may be a bit confusing, but let us clear that up for you right now. When you’re enjoying 77, you’re spooning with your lover. The only difference is that you’re not watching a movie, you’re having passionate sex.

How to Do It Correctly?

To execute this position perfectly, a man has to lie on his side behind the girl, and she has to wrap her legs around her partner’s top leg. This way, the girl will always be able to pull herself close to her lover during intercourse. The position 77 is so popular among both men and women simply because it allows a rather unique angle of penetration. This particular angle creates a direct path to the front vaginal wall, which allows a man to stimulate the G-spot with his penis. Therefore, this position provides women with a high chance of reaching the rare and intense vaginal orgasm during sex. Even though doggy style, sixty-nine, missionary, and cowgirl will always be some of the most popular positions out there, we can honestly say that the wonderful 77 deserves its spot at the very top of that list.


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