Mistress Couple Gets Shout-Out from Dictionary.com Ahead of Debut Book Release

Top BDSM/bondage expert Mistress Couple has been named as an official example of the word ‘mistress’, according to the internet’s favorite vocabulary resource, Dictionary.com.
A cursory search of the word “Mistress” on Dictionary.com brings up a first reference from The Daily Beast, highlighting the quote “He said, too, that after being accepted as a slave to Mistress Couple, he has made massive strides psychologically, “which is attributed to writer Ian Frisch’s article ‘Dungeons and Genital Clamps: Inside a Legendary BDSM Chateau’.

“One of my slaves found the particular entry on Dictionary.com and almost had a heart attack when he saw it,” said Mistress Couple of the site’s flattering acknowledgement. “He was so proud to tell me about it.”
As she prepares for the launch of her first instructional book, The Ultimate Guide to Bondage: Creating Intimacy through the Art of Restraint, Mistress Couple believes the online find is a good omen.
“It was a fortuitous discovery that’s perfect timing now that my new book is about to come out… it’s certainly a nice bit of promotion beforehand, isn’t it?”
The Head Mistress of La Domaine Esemar in New York, the world’s oldest BDSM training chateau, is also a featured guest this week on a new podcast interview with Lucy SweetKill and Dia Dynasty of La Maison du Rouge (pscp.tv/lamaisondurouge), where she shares her career journey and personal experiences along the way.
“It’s always a pleasure educating people on what it is I do for a living, and talking about these incredible moments that have helped shape who I am,” said Mistress Couple. “My goal is to create a positive and profound experience for the people I work with, and I hope that my new book does that as well.”
The Ultimate Guide to Bondage: Creating Intimacy through the Art of Restraint is available for pre-order now ahead of its November 13 (Kindle) and December 11 (paperback) release dates – at Amazon.comBarnesandNoble.com and other quality booksellers.
Mistress Couple is the head dominant at La Domaine Esemar, a chateau and ‘bed-and-dungeon’ in upstate New York that offers education in BDSM and trains people interested in becoming Masters, Mistresses and slaves, as well as couples interested in fetish exploration – a position she has held for five years.
Educated at Skidmore College as a Dance and Psychology double major, Mistress Couple started her career in a ballroom dance studio before a life-changing visit to a couples’ party at La Domaine, , sparking an interest in joining the chateau as a submissive in 2010.
After eight years at La Domaine, Mistress Couple has been inspired to write her first book, The Ultimate Guide to Bondage: Creating Intimacy through the Art of Restraint, a highly-visual how-to tome on the basics of BDSM pleasure for beginners. “Through this book – and my day-to-day work – I hope to connect with people that want to explore that side of themselves in a safe, comfortable way.”
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