Unlike Google, Boodigo is very open and transparent  about our criteria that is used by our spider to index your site and how to get top listings.  Before you submit your site to be spidered, here are our best practices guide to have in place for optimal listings:

TLP – Title Level Page – the homepage of your site.   (Not the warning page)
CLP – Category Level Page – a page that lists either more category pages (CLPs) or lists PLP level pages
PLP – Product Level Page – a page that lists 1 or more items of specific content to consume.

Best Practices For Successful Spidering and Top Listings:

  • Allow our crawler past your warning page or adults only popup, and try to not even serve it to our crawler at all. We crawl your site with the User-Agent of: “BoodiBot/0.0.0; +https://boodigo.com/. This is typically set in your .htaccess file which you or your webmaster will know how to implement. If not, just send this paragraph and  line of code to your hosting company. They will know what to do.
  • We respect robots.txt.  If you tell us in .htaccess to ignore your site or any specific pages, these will be ignored.
  • Your site must respond to valid HTTP 1.1, and have a valid Content-Type header.
  • We look in the following tags for text content: div, section, p, h1, h2.  Ensure that this text (per element) is longer than 20 characters but less than 3000.
  • Have meta keywords tag. Use 12 keywords.  More or less and you might be penalized. On a TLP it should describe the site as a whole. On a CLP it should describe the category as a whole. On a PLP it should describe the actual piece or collection of content.
  • Have a valid <title> tag on all kinds of pages. For TLP this needs to be the main brand name of your site.  For CLP this needs to include the main brand name, and the keyword of the niche that this CLP mostly covers, or Sub Brand. For PLP this can include the main brand name, but more importantly should include the title of the content.
  • Have a meta description tag. A good description should be around 100 characters, and definitely less than 500 characters. Having too short or too long of a description is not good. On a TLP it should describe the site as a whole. On a CLP it should describe the category as a whole. On a PLP it should describe the actual piece or collection of content.
  • Include descriptive text on page, not just content.
  • We don’t yet scan your site with javascript intelligence, so your site won’t be crawl-able if it doesn’t support basic output without javascript.
  • If your URL 404’s or 500’s it may disappear from Boodigo until its fixed.  This can drop your ranking.
  • Try to redirect naked domain requests using a 3XX redirect to the correct subdomain. Example: redirect mypornsite.com/foobar.html to www.mypornsite.com/foobar.com  OR vice versa. The goal is to minimize the amount of work Boodigo has to do to detect that your site has duplicate content. The more duplicated content across multiple sub-domains, the lower your score.
  • Definitely link to your own content, and feel free to link to other content and sites.

All Set?
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As the founder and CEO of Wasteland.com, the Internet's oldest and most popular BDSM and alternative sexuality site, Colin Rowntree is a true pioneer of the online adult entertainment industry. Since launching Wasteland.com in 1994, Colin has developed a network of sites that encompasses the full breadth of adult business sectors, from content production and distribution to affiliate program management, mobile content delivery to transaction processing, just to name a handful. Colin's stature within the adult industry is reflected by the many honors and recognitions he has received over the years from adult industry media outlets and trade organizations, including his 2011 induction to the Adult Video News (AVN) Hall of Fame. Colin was also the recipient of the 2011 Leadership Award from the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) and winner of multiple awards from other adult media outlets.

Most recently, Colin co-founded Boodigo.com, a privacy-focused adult internet search engine that supports the adult industry in many ways.

An eloquent, witty and thought-provoking commentator, Colin is a frequent contributor to industry trade publications and websites, including Adult Video News and other media outlets. He has been interviewed by and featured on International Business Times, CNBC, Rolling Stone Magazine, BBC Television, the Fox Network, HBO, ABC Nightline, NewsCorp, Time and Wired magazines, Cnet.com and Bnet.com.Most recently, Colin was awarded the 2015 Progressive Leadership of the Year XBIZ Executive Award.
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