A Search Engine For Ethical Porn? You Got It.

A question that comes up a lot in the sex-positive stratosphere is how to find woman friendly porn. A lot of people are searching for porn that doesn’t necessarily involve spitting in vaginas or facial after facial; porn that reflects real women’s bodies and sex the way it really happens.

But if you’re searching for that kind of porn on any mainstream search engine, good luck. Everyone from Google to Yahoo filters out adult content from their search results, even if it’s ethical porn. Try, for example, typing “anal” into Google. You’ll find a lot of how-tos from women’s magazines and a Wikipedia entry or two, but good luck if you’re looking for an image or video of actual anal sex.

That’s where Boodigo comes in.

Boodigo is a brand new search engine that was created by husband/wife team Colin and Angie Rowntree. Ethical pornographers themselves (check out Angie’s site sssh.com), they were tired of being filtered out of mainstream search results and decided to do something about it.

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As the founder and CEO of Wasteland.com, the Internet's oldest and most popular BDSM and alternative sexuality site, Colin Rowntree is a true pioneer of the online adult entertainment industry. Since launching Wasteland.com in 1994, Colin has developed a network of sites that encompasses the full breadth of adult business sectors, from content production and distribution to affiliate program management, mobile content delivery to transaction processing, just to name a handful. Colin's stature within the adult industry is reflected by the many honors and recognitions he has received over the years from adult industry media outlets and trade organizations, including his 2011 induction to the Adult Video News (AVN) Hall of Fame. Colin was also the recipient of the 2011 Leadership Award from the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) and winner of multiple awards from other adult media outlets.

Most recently, Colin co-founded Boodigo.com, a privacy-focused adult internet search engine that supports the adult industry in many ways.

An eloquent, witty and thought-provoking commentator, Colin is a frequent contributor to industry trade publications and websites, including Adult Video News and other media outlets. He has been interviewed by and featured on International Business Times, CNBC, Rolling Stone Magazine, BBC Television, the Fox Network, HBO, ABC Nightline, NewsCorp, Time and Wired magazines, Cnet.com and Bnet.com.Most recently, Colin was awarded the 2015 Progressive Leadership of the Year XBIZ Executive Award.
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