It’s not every day that a new search engine takes its place on the Internet, much less one specializing in pornography as is the case with Boodigo, a tool developed by former Google employees who plan to make it the portal to the adult entertainment industry on the Web.

Boodigo made its official debut on Sept. 15 and “has taken off like a rocket,” Colin Rowntree, one of its founders and also the owner of the festishist porn site, told Efe in a telephone interview.

Rowntree and Wasteland teamed up with Los Angeles tech company 0x7a69, whose engineers spent over a year developing Boodigo’s operating system, including an algorithm that prioritizes links that are dismissed by mainstream search engines.

“Google and Bing have gradually been weeding out the industry’s adult content and that (for us) has been tremendously frustrating. If someone is looking for videos of oral sex and tries to find them via Google, what they get is an article by Wikipedia and advice from Cosmopolitan. And when they get what they’re looking for it can well be pirated material,” Rowntree said.

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