.@AliceX_VR Debuts Virtual Girlfriend Service


AliceX.com to Debut Virtual Girlfriend Service September 1

New Users Are Invited to Sign Up & Enjoy All a
Girlfriend Can Offer Free of Charge for Five Minutes!

BASEL, SWITZERLAND (CH) (September 1, 2016) – AliceX.com, the state-of-the-art Virtual Reality streaming site is launching to the public on August 29. New users are invited to sign up and enjoy all a girlfriend has to offer. Until the end of September, new users are free of charge for the first five minutes. This service will be available to anyone around the world who can access the Internet and a pair of VR goggles.

“We have been in development for almost two years, but we’re officially launching and bringing the virtual girlfriend experience to the world,” AliceX.com CEO Fabian Grey said. “Thanks to our amazing team, their tireless beta testing and the great feedback we’ve received, AliceX.com is combining beautiful models 24 hours a day with state-of-the-art 360-degree VR technology!”  Continue reading .@AliceX_VR Debuts Virtual Girlfriend Service

Some Steamy Facts from @SquirtOrg about the Rio de Janeiro Olympics


August 15, 2016

Some Steamy Facts from Squirt.org about the Rio de Janeiro Olympics

About 9 Million Condoms Will Be Distributed &
Olympic-Style Sex Is Definitely on the Agenda in Rio!

TORONTO (August 15, 2016) – Popular gay hookup site Squirt.org has dug up some steamy facts about the Rio de Janeiro Olympics that are sure to make these games hotter than ever. The site’s crack staff has made public that authorities are preparing for a big sexfest during the games by distributing 9 million condoms – 450,000 of which will go to athletes and staff.

“There’s no doubt Rio is the place to be if you’re a single and sexy world-class athlete,” said Attila Szatmari, digital business director for Pink Triangle Press, Squirt.org’s parent company. “Our research is showing that when you bring together so many attractive and well-built elite athletes together, you’re going to find a lot of hooking up going on! And it’s not just on the field, in the stadium or in the pool where attraction begins. It’s in the stands and at home as people watch these sexy competitors flex their muscles and show off their bodies!”  Continue reading Some Steamy Facts from @SquirtOrg about the Rio de Janeiro Olympics

.@SsshForWomen Now Streaming Adult Film for Women in VR: ‘Empowering Ava’


Sssh.com Now Streaming Adult Film for Women
in Virtual Reality: ‘Empowering Ava’

An erotic novelist’s sensual pegging story
comes to life in a lush, immersive, 360° movie

BOSTON (August 12, 2016) – In keeping with her career-long tradition of quickly adopting new technologies and using them to blaze new trails in adult entertainment, Sssh.com owner/director Angie Rowntree has released her first foray in the virtual reality genre. Empowering Ava is a new erotic film starring Ava Mir-Ausziehen and Lance Hart, produced in conjunction with Pervout.com.

One of the many things that make this release so unique is that headsets are not required to view the movie. “Empowering Ava”, may be watched with or without headsets. You still have the ability to explore the full 360 environment, and zoom in and out on any browser, phone or tablet. Continue reading .@SsshForWomen Now Streaming Adult Film for Women in VR: ‘Empowering Ava’