Racial Stereotypes In Pornography As Sexual Fantasies: Myth Or Not?

Believe it or not, the porn industry plays an essential role in the lives of many adult people out there. Young folks, middle-aged people, and even some members of the senior dating niche are enjoying these naughty movies more than they would like to admit.

Don’t get us wrong, watching porn is fine and all, but there are certain aspects of this industry that we deem, so to say, problematic. Today, we’re talking about the questionable racial stereotypes that serve as sexual fantasies, and we encourage you to stick around and find out more.

“Interracial” Usually Means Black

Even though this particular term should imply all races, it usually describes a movie about a big, muscular black man and a petite young white girl. Of course, not all porn websites make this mistake, but unfortunately, most of them are using this term to promote the type of videos which we’ve described above.

Most Common Racial Stereotypes People Find Extremely Hot

Despite the fact that people won’t admit that they’re turned on by certain stereotypes, most of them are browsing adult websites in order to enjoy their kinks. If you’ve ever visited a porn site, the chances are you know that there are many different kinks and fantasies people like to upload and watch. Unfortunately, a lot of them are based on harsh racial stereotypes and here are some of the most popular ones.

A Big Muscly African American Guy And A Petite Girl

This is, without a doubt, one of the most common scenarios in modern porn. Its goal is to portray the physical dominance of a well-hung muscular black stud. So, to make these fellas look even more dominant, directors usually cast petite white girls as their partners.

A White Man And A Submissive Asian Woman

Even though we like to believe that the days of the white supremacy are behind us, we still see hints of it the porn industry. There are a lot of adult movies out there starring a dominant white man and a submissive petite Asian woman.

A Rich White Guy And A Hispanic Maid

A lot of husbands out there are fantasizing about getting it on with a maid when the missus is out of the house. Since doing something like that in real life would imply some serious consequences, a lot of dudes like to fantasize about this scenario while watching an adult movie about a rich white man and a hot young Hispanic maid.

Why Are These Stereotypes So Bad?

Before we answer this question, we have to conclude that racial stereotypes in the porn industry are not a myth. Most directors and writers out there are using them to create sexual fantasies for kinky people to enjoy.

Now, why are these stereotypes so bad? Well, like most clichés and standards out there, they are creating a tailored image that is not always true. For example, not all black guys have huge penises, and not all Hispanic women are maids working for wealthy white businessmen. Social equality should always be a priority, even in the adult entertainment industry, so racial stereotypes like these are giving interracial porn a bad reputation.


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