Tom Daley Voted #1 Hottest Olympian In Survey By @SquirtOrg


August 5, 2016

Tom Daley Voted #1 Hottest Olympian In Survey By Gay Hook Up Site Polls Reveal 65% of Men Are Excited for
Rugby’s Return After 92 Year Absence and More

TORONTO (August 5, 2016) – With the Rio de Janeiro Olympics set to begin this week, gay hookup site’s member survey voted British swimmer Tom Daley #1 Hottest Olympian. The new poll taken by the site also shows that 65 percent of its members are specifically excited to see Rugby’s return after a 92-year absence from the Olympics.

Thousands of members were surveyed and 61 percent of those said they get hornier from watching sports. Almost 75% reported they would watch the Olympics with a keen eye toward swimming and diving, perhaps because of the swimsuits.

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