.@AliceX_VR Debuts Virtual Girlfriend Service


AliceX.com to Debut Virtual Girlfriend Service September 1

New Users Are Invited to Sign Up & Enjoy All a
Girlfriend Can Offer Free of Charge for Five Minutes!

BASEL, SWITZERLAND (CH) (September 1, 2016) – AliceX.com, the state-of-the-art Virtual Reality streaming site is launching to the public on August 29. New users are invited to sign up and enjoy all a girlfriend has to offer. Until the end of September, new users are free of charge for the first five minutes. This service will be available to anyone around the world who can access the Internet and a pair of VR goggles.

“We have been in development for almost two years, but we’re officially launching and bringing the virtual girlfriend experience to the world,” AliceX.com CEO Fabian Grey said. “Thanks to our amazing team, their tireless beta testing and the great feedback we’ve received, AliceX.com is combining beautiful models 24 hours a day with state-of-the-art 360-degree VR technology!”  Continue reading “.@AliceX_VR Debuts Virtual Girlfriend Service”

AliceX.com Nominated for Best Newcomer at 2016 YNOT Awards @AliceX_VR


AliceX.comNominated for Best
Newcomer at 2016 YNOT Awards

First Nod for New Company Honoring
Business-to-Business Excellence in the Adult Industry

PRAGUE (August 8, 2016) – AliceX.com, the state-of-the-art VR adult webcam service, has been nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2016 YNOT Awards. The nomination is the first for the company from the awards that are voted on annually by industry members to honor business-to-business excellence in adult entertainment.

“We are very excited and gratified to be among the nominees for the 2016 YNOT Awards,” Fabian Grey, AliceX.com CEO. “To be a part of this event is very special for all of us at AliceX. It’s an opportunity to connect with many talented people and visionaries who have made this industry so unique and progressive with its many technologies and innovations.”

To vote for AliceX.com for Best Newcomer, industry members must first register by clicking here. Fan voting continues through August 19 at www.ynotawards.com. Continue reading “AliceX.com Nominated for Best Newcomer at 2016 YNOT Awards @AliceX_VR”

.@AliceX_VR Issues Proclamation Regarding VR Masturbation Practices


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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AliceX.com Issues Proclamation Regarding VR Masturbation Practices 

Tenets Allows for Responsible Enjoyment of Virtual Reality Adult Webcamming & Porn! 

CYBERSPACE – AliceX.com is changing the way men and women masturbate. The virtual reality (VR) webcam service has given its users 10 tenets to follow in order to enjoy the new VR experience it has created with maximum pleasure.


With the recent launch of AliceX.com, and with Masturbation Month being celebrated throughout May, the AliceX team knew it was the right time to give its users some guidelines.


“VR adult entertainment is the new frontier, where so far anything goes,” said Fabian Grey, AliceX.com CEO. “When users put on the headset and connect to AliceX.com, they’re going to be transported to a new, sexy reality, so we felt we needed to issue some guidelines to help everyone get the most of their experience.”


For the best and most immersive VR webcam experience, AliceX.com recommends following its set of tenets:


  • Don’t Be Cheap with Your WiFi – There are some things in life worth splurging on, and high-speed internet is one of them… at least if you’re going to properly enjoy VR, whether camming or streaming video.


  • Make Sure the Headset or Phone is Ready – Charge your phone beforehand. You can also have it plugged in while watching. Defog the headset (Jaws Quick Spit works best) and clean thoroughly as well.


  • Lock the Door – Having a VR headset on leaves the wearer more vulnerable than a baby pig alone in the middle of a Texas BBQ competition. Locking the door becomes more imperative than ever.


  • Memorize Your Environment – They used to say masturbation will make you blind. Well, the user should treat VR masturbation as if they preparing for life without sight. It’s imperative for users to memorize the distance to the essentials, such as Kleenex and lotion, so they can grab them when the time comes.


  • Remove Distractions – Turn your phone to “Do not disturb.” Make sure no one is coming over to visit any time soon. Close the windows. Basically, do anything that prevents real world noises from ruining your VR enjoyment.


  • Stay Away from the Leather – No matter how prepared you may be for your climax, it’s impossible to keep things completely clean when you can’t see. The VR experience is best when not enjoyed on expensive furniture.


  • Invest in a Male Masturbation Toy – If you’re a guy, it may be a good idea to invest in a sex toy like a Fleshlight. Besides feeling amazing, it will help with cleanup.


  • Forget Everything – All the rules above, all the rules of society, all obligations…forget them all. The point of virtual reality is to get out of the reality the user is in, and release some stress by being transported to into a much sexier reality.


  • Enjoy the Moment – With the headphones plugged in, the Flashlight working its magic, and the wearer’s eyes delighted at what they see, users shouldn’t forget to lean back in the chair and enjoy a pleasurable break from reality.


  • Bust Out the VR Light – Maybe you don’t need to go to this extreme, but when you’re all done with your alone time, triple check everything, including your clothes! And if you’re are considering going out, it may be best to change.


To access the list of tenets on AliceX’s blog, click here.


AliceX is available online and through opening a web browser on smartphones like the Galaxy S6 and S7 Edge, Nexus 5, and LG 4.


To set up an interview with an AliceX representative or for a media demo of AliceX.com, please email Press@AliceX.com.


About AliceX.com:

The Virtual Reality (VR) revolution is here, and AliceX is at the forefront, combining tech and sex for a completely immersive experience. AliceX is a state-of-the-art VR adult webcam service, providing adults anywhere an instant and intimate connection with beautiful, live models. Visitors to the site have 24/7 access to live public and premium XXX cam shows with some of the sexiest women in the world. Appearing right before users’ eyes, the cam models are able to tease viewers and pleasure themselves before an array of virtually generated backgrounds and scenes thanks to AliceX’s VR technology. It’s more than virtual reality; it’s virtual ecstasy. For more information, visit www.AliceX.com or www.Twitter.com/AliceX_VR.



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.@AliceX_VR Expands Operations Through Partnership with @Traffic_Partner


AliceX.com Expands Operations Through Partnership with TrafficPartner.com

In Cooperation with TrafficPartner.com, the Team of AliceX.com Will Push Its VR Live Cams Product to New Heights!

Cyberspace (May 24, 2016) – Only one week after its latest investment, TrafficPartner.com was able to strike a deal with AliceX.com, currently the one and only virtual reality live cams service.

“The deal with TrafficPartner.com is a sign that AliceX.com is ready to take the next step in growing and shaping the future of adult entertainment,” said Fabian Grey, CEO of AliceX.com. “TrafficPartner.com will provide experience and guidance, and I am extremely pleased about the way the synergies will be of benefit for AliceX.com and its users.” Continue reading “.@AliceX_VR Expands Operations Through Partnership with @Traffic_Partner”

.@AliceX_VR Nominated for Emerging Cam Site of the Year at @AWSummitCom


AliceX.com Nominated for Emerging Cam Site of the Year at AW Awards

Nomination Marks New Company’s First Recognition by Awards Honoring Live Webcam Industry!

MAMAIA, Romania (May 16, 2016) – AliceX.com, the state-of-the-art VR adult webcam service, is nominated for Emerging Cam Site of the Year at the AW Awards. The nomination is the first for the company from the prestigious fan-voted awards, which honors the live webcam industry.

“This nomination is an affirmation from the camming community that VR adult live webcams is the future,” Fabian Grey, AliceX.com CEO. “It’s extremely gratifying to join with so many other companies and colleagues who have been nominated and have been pivotal at moving the industry forward over the years.”

To vote for AliceX.com for Emerging Cam Site of the Year, click here. Fan voting continues through May 31 at www.AW-Awards.com. Continue reading “.@AliceX_VR Nominated for Emerging Cam Site of the Year at @AWSummitCom”

.@AliceX_VR CEO Fabian Grey Discusses ‘The Future of VR’ on Phoenix Forum


AliceX.com CEO Fabian Grey Discusses ‘The Future of Virtual Reality’ on Phoenix Forum Panel

Thursday’s 12 Noon Panel Focuses on VR’s Impact on the Adult Entertainment Industry! 

PHOENIX, Ariz. (March 28, 2016) – AliceX.com CEO Fabian Grey is one of the featured speakers on “The Future of Virtual Reality” panel at the Phoenix Forum this Thursday. The panel, which focuses on the technology’s future in the adult industry, will take place from 12 to 1 p.m. at the Palm E ballroom at Tempe Mission Palms Hotel (60 East Fifth St., Tempe, AZ 85281).

“I’m looking forward to joining my colleagues on the ‘The Future of Virtual Reality’ discussion panel, where we can share our expertise with one another and gain valuable insights,” said Fabian Grey, AliceX.com CEO. “The adult industry continually takes the lead on the integration and direction of new technologies – this is definitely the case with virtual reality, so I’m especially proud to be a part of this forward-looking panel.”  Continue reading “.@AliceX_VR CEO Fabian Grey Discusses ‘The Future of VR’ on Phoenix Forum”