Sex tips: 11 Ways to Last Longer in Bed

Sex is something men and women enjoy equally. Despite what most people might say, women are as horny as men. It doesn’t matter if they’re skinny, young, or members of the cougar dating niche, women need sex as much as any guy out there.

In order for them to satisfy their sexual cravings, they need to have sex with a man who knows what he’s doing and who can last long enough to make them orgasm. Lasting long in bed is not an easy task, especially for a horny and inexperienced lover. Therefore, if you’re ejaculating prematurely, don’t worry, we have some tips that will help you with your problem.

Take Your Time During Foreplay

If you’re having problems with premature ejaculation, the worst thing you can do is rush things. If you want to last longer in bed and satisfy your woman, you have to attend to her needs. The best way to do that is through foreplay. Play with her body, go down on her, and make her feel beautiful and horny before you decide to go in.

Try Masturbating Two Hours Before Sex

Ejaculating a few hours before sex will definitely prevent you from cumming quickly during sex. You’ll be able to manage your excitement, which is crucial if you want to last long enough to satisfy your partner.

Wait Five Minutes After You Cum and Then Try Again

Once you cum, your penis loses some of its sensitivity. Therefore, if you ejaculate quickly the first time, wait five minutes and try again. You’ll be able to get an erection, but you won’t cum quickly the second time.

Make Sure to Eat A Lot Of Fruit

As you can assume, your diet has a lot to do with this particular problem. In order to last longer in bed, you need to start eating healthier. Eating a lot of fruit will make you a better lover. Experts say that eating a banana before sex is good simply because it’s full of potassium.

Condoms Can Dull Your Senses

First of all, you should always practice safe sex. However, if you’re married or in a long-term relationship, you’re probably not using condoms. Still, if you want to prevent premature ejaculation, you should definitely put on a condom, because it will dull your senses, thus helping you perform longer.

Practice Edging

Edging is practically a simple technique of delaying an orgasm. So, every time you feel like you’re going to cum, you make yourself stop and wait a couple of minutes before continuing. You can do this while masturbating or during sex. Either way, you’ll train yourself to control your ejaculation.

Use Toys

This is probably the least painful solution to this problem. If you’re edging or waiting for another erection, you should definitely use some toys to keep your lady entertained.

Stop Thrusting When You’re Close

This one is similar to edging. Once you feel like you’re about to cum, simply stop thrusting, but stay inside your woman. This way, she’ll feel good and you’ll be able to manage your excitement before you continue.

Exercise Regularly

Regular training sessions will do wonders for your overall health and stamina. The strengthened core muscles and better cardio will improve your performance in the bedroom.

Have More Sex

This trick is rather simple, but it’s one of the most effective ones. If you’re in a stable relationship, suggest you have sex at least once a day. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

If you didn’t know, alcohol and other harmful substances can cause premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. So, in order to avoid these problems, you should definitely stop consuming drugs and alcohol, especially before sex.


14 Foreplay Tips to Please Your Woman

While some men strongly believe that foreplay is a nuisance only women love, others think that this is the sexiest part of making love. Either way, it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to make love to your wife or you’re about to have some sexy time with a girl you picked up on a BBW dating website, there are some things about foreplay you should know. This is why we want to look into 14 essential tips that will allow any guy to please his lady in the best way possible, so go ahead and keep reading.


  1. Massage

Although we can get a lot of wrong ideas from movies, massaging your partner is actually one of the best ways to initiate foreplay and therefore sex. Moreover, it’s a relaxing activity that includes a fair amount of physical contact – what more could you ask for?


  1. Talk About it

Instead of trying out various things you saw in porn movies, it’s always smarter to talk to your partner and try to find out what turns her on. Explain that you want to make sure you do all the right things to her and, believe us, she’ll appreciate it.


  1. Easy Start

If you’re thinking of oral sex, try not to go in too hard. Clitoris play is always a good idea, but it’s much better to start things off softly and to increase the intensity over time.


  1. Quality over Quantity

It’s not all about doing things long and without pause – you have to feel her rhythm and then follow it. That way, you’ll have to do much less to get your woman excited.


  1. One-Trick Pony

Stimulating her clitoris as part of the foreplay is fun and all, but it’s always better to expand your repertoire a bit. Being a one-trick pony isn’t fun for too long.


  1. Labia-Play

Men often think of the labia as a simple border of the vagina, while some even call them the “curtains to the main show.” However, this part has nearly as many nerve endings as the clitoris, which means it also deserves your attention.


  1. Figure 8

One of the best ways to give head to a woman is to use the figure 8. This basically means that you should move your tongue on and around the clitoris so that you draw the shape of the number 8. It drives women crazy for some reason!


  1. No Talking

Sure, there are some girls who love dirty-talking during foreplay, but most of them don’t. In that regard, try not to talk too much during this time.


  1. Exploring the Areas

The crotch is the erogenous zone for most women, but there are other parts of them that can also be fun to play with. We’re talking breasts, buttons, legs, belly, hips and more.


  1. Her Feelings

Each and every one of us is different, which means we all prefer different stuff. Pay attention to how she feels about the things you’re doing during foreplay and you’ll quickly figure out what works and what doesn’t.


  1. Your Feelings

Just like your lady, you have feelings as well. This is why you shouldn’t force yourself to do things you aren’t comfortable with – after all, sex is compromise.


  1. Rewards

In most cases, men are those who initiate foreplay and sex. So, if she’s the one making the first step, make sure you put in extra effort to make that foreplay amazing.


  1. Kissing

Foreplay is a lot of things, but the most fundamental part of it is kissing. Don’t forget to give her a kiss every once in a while during foreplay to let her know you’re not doing all this just because you like sex, but because you like her.


  1. Calculate

There’s no denying that foreplay is fun. However, not everyone is always in the mood for it. Sometimes foreplay can ruin everything, so try to assess the situation and determine whether it should even be included in the process.



Struggling With The First Orgasm – 7 Factors Affecting Orgasm In Women


It doesn’t matter if you prefer to meet people online or in person, you’re probably doing it in order to sleep with them or start a long-term relationship.

Either way, you’ll have to get intimate with them sooner or later. However great and exciting this may sound at first, it can also be pretty awkward and unpleasant, especially if you’re struggling when it comes to orgasm.

So, if you can’t have an orgasm during sex, you should definitely stick around and check out these seven factors that are affecting orgasm in women.

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Sex so Good it Makes you Cry: Why Women Cry in the Middle of Having Sex

You know when you meet a girl via a friend, or you find one on a cougar dating site, and you find out that she sometimes cries during sex, so you immediately start backing away? Well, it happens more often than you’d think and, more importantly, there’s always a valid reason behind it.

As it happens, if a woman cries during intercourse, it doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. There’s no denying that this situation is a mood-killer 99% of the time (the one percent being fetishists who actually enjoy that sort of thing),  and it usually signifies a more profound reason that should be assessed ASAP. In that regard, here’s why women cry in the middle of having sex.

The Reason Behind

Even though there is always a deep reason behind a woman crying mid-coitus, the reason itself can vary a lot from one girl to another. Some women cry because they suddenly remembered something really sad, others cry because they really, really don’t feel like having sex at the time and they’re forcing themselves to have intercourse, and some girls cry simply because.

In any case, a woman doesn’t have to be emotionally unstable in general to have something like this happen to her. While there’s usually a good reason behind it, a woman may begin crying during sex due to crazy hormones, which usually occurs during and after pregnancy.

But let’s focus on actual reasons that signify a more significant issue than crying during and after sex. Confusing feelings, physical pain, stress, frustrations, cheating, end of a relationship – these and more could all be hiding behind your girlfriend’s tears that you may witness while having sex with her. Whatever it is, you can bet all you have that something like this should be resolved without hesitation.

How to Fix it?

As we’ve said before, the cause for a girl crying during sex can go anywhere from very serious to very harmless. We will now look into “fixing” both sides of this spectrum appropriately.

If the reason is something serious, you and your girl need to talk about it not only to stop that from happening again but also to resolve whatever conflict or issue is causing such behavior. Some of those “heavy” reasons we’ve already mentioned could lead to you two not having sex with each other ever again if left unresolved.

On the other hand, if it turns out to be something benign, there’s no need to dwell on it for long. Sure, you can talk about it and figure out what both of you can do to prevent it in the future, but problems like these generally resolve themselves after a while.

At the end of the day, no type of sex should ever make a woman cry. If it happens, rush to her and comfort her, but also make sure to get to the bottom of things so that it doesn’t happen again and so that any serious problems that might be causing it can get solved.

Struggling To Initiate Sex – 6 Reasons Why And 9 Tips How

You might think that the only people who are struggling to initiate sex are seniors or members of the disabled dating niche, but you would be wrong. A lot of singles, regardless of their age, physical characteristics, or social status, are having problems when it comes to seduction. Therefore, if you too are having similar difficulties, check out these six reasons why that might be the case and nine tips that will help you initiate sex with your partner.

Reasons Why You Might Be Struggling

You’re Afraid Of Rejection

Fear of rejection is one of the most common reasons why men and women struggle with initiating sex. Being rejected can crush your confidence and self-esteem, so it’s perfectly reasonable to hesitate sometimes.

You’re Ashamed Of Your Body

Not all women are swimsuit models, and not all guys have perfect six packs. Most people out there are actually rather ashamed of their naked bodies. This can be a big problem when it comes to seduction.

You Play With Yourself Too Often

Don’t get us wrong, masturbation is healthy, but if you play with yourself too often, you might lower your sex drive.

You’re Not Confident In Your Sexual Skills

Watching porn and adult movies might teach you a thing or two, but it can also make you doubt your own sexual skills. Remember, those people are professionals, their moves should be better than yours.

You Want To Feel Desired

A lot of men and women need to feel desired in order to have sex. If you’re the same, you’re probably expecting your partner to make the first move.

You Have Some Relationship Issues You Need To Resolve

Resentment, frustration, boredom, and lack of trust are most common problems couples have. All of these issues may negatively affect your sex drive.

Tips On How To Initiate Sex

Put On An Outfit You Know Your Partner Likes

If you want to seduce your significant other, you just have to put on your sexiest outfit. It will boost your confidence, and that’s half the battle.

Be Confident

Since we mentioned confidence, we have to say that being self-assured is crucial when it comes to initiating sex. People are attracted to confidence.

Be Straightforward

If you want to seduce your partner, you must never beat around the bush. State your intentions and be direct.

Use Physical Contact

Some people have troubles saying what they want. If you can’t express your desires through words, use your hands.

Create The Sexy Mood

Dimmed lights, soft music, champagne, and incense sticks will help you create a sexy atmosphere.

Know Where To Kiss Your Partner

You probably kiss your partner on the lips every single day. To make them horny, you need to change your routine. Kiss their neck, chest area, and stomach. Don’t hesitate to go south.

Say The Words

If all of this is too elaborate for you, just say what you want from your partner openly. Saying that you want someone can be really hot.

Try To Role Play During A Foreplay

As you probably know, foreplay is a crucial part of every sexual encounter. If you have problems with initiating sex, you might benefit from changing the routine every once in a while by trying some role-playing.

Sexting Is Always Fun

Smartphones are definitely one of the biggest advantages of this modern day and age. Use this benefit to send your partner some tasteful nudes and thus initiate a love-making session.