Adult E-Tail Site @GameLink Shares PowerBall Fever


Tuesday, January 12, 2016 

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Adult E-Tail Site Shares PowerBall Fever 

GameLink Will Split Potential Winnings Evenly with All Customers Who Purchase Movies or Products from Site within 36 Hours Prior to Drawing!

CYBERSPACE (January 12, 2016) – As PowerBall Fever spreads around the country, leading adult e-tailer is joining the fun. GameLink has bought a batch of 10 tickets and is offering to split potential winnings evenly with all customers who purchase movies or products from its website within 36 hours of Wednesday’s drawing, set for 10:59 pm ET.

“Like everyone, it seems, we have PowerBall fever, and we want to make a fun offer to our amazing customers,” said Jeff Dillon, president of business development for eLine, parent company of GameLink.”We’re feeling lucky, and we want to share our excitement by giving customers a chance to purchase some great products and have a chance at the huge PowerBall jackpot!”  Continue reading “Adult E-Tail Site @GameLink Shares PowerBall Fever”