Coverage: A team of former Google engineers has designed a search engine just for porn

“Boodigo” might be the best new way to find porn without selling users’ fantasies to advertisers. If there’s a porn version of everything, there had to be a porn version of Google, right? But of course there is: Meet Boodigo, the Internet search engine specifically for pornographic content, brought to life by a team of “Google refugees” who wanted to forgo the unsexy content that appears in many search results in place of adult entertainment.

The premise of Boodigo is simple: It helps people find unpirated, virus-free porn, without selling users’ information to advertisers. An added perk, according to Boodigo co-founder Colin Rowntree, is that porn searches won’t show up in users’ other search engine histories, nor in sidebar ads. But mostly, the site has the potential to prevent massive porn piracy.

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Refinery29 Coverage: Ex-Googlers Give Us A Search Engine Just For Porn

by Sarah Jacoby SEP 16, 2014
The secret’s out: Everyone masturbates, and everyone knows everyone masturbates. But, finding the right porn to get the job done (if that’s your style) can be an exhausting task in itself. Thankfully, one porn director/producer and a few creative ex-Google programmers have built a streamlined search engine specifically for porn, reports Betabeat.

The site, Boodigo, indexes results from the Internet without gathering personal information from its users. So, you can search for NSFW materials sans the drama of having to go through pages of unrelated results — or worrying about the site tracking your usage. Which might be especially interesting to those of you in Wyoming.

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Supercompressor Coverage: FINALLY, GOOGLE FOR PORN

POSTED ON 9/16/14

Since the birth of the Internet, people have been using search engines to find every genre of porn under the sun. “Hot young teen job interview gone right,” “Hot young teen college babe professor gone wrong,” you know how it goes. But when you use these search engines, there’s always the risk of getting trackers, cookies, and—the worst—totally unwarranted safe-for-work results. That’s why we’re interested in Boodigo, a search engine specifically made for porn!

By filtering out icky Internet no-goodniks, such as unlicensed and illegal content, you can happily browse through hundreds of thousands of pages of T&A without a care in the world. People shouldn’t be judging you for your pornography choices anyway; that’s like calling someone a glutton based on how many Big Macs they’ve eaten.

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by Chico Dusty at
At the risk of being labelled incompetent, stupid or a boneheaded rube, let me just say that browsing for porn online is not an easy task. Where does one even being when they have millions and billions and trillions of free porn videos and pictures to look at? It’s no secret that our Weekend Free Porn Playlist is so successful because it saves people the trouble of browsing for their own porn.

Not only is browsing for porn difficult because of the wide variety of quality porn the internet has to offer, but the mainstream search engines like Google are by in large working against adult sites by avoiding adult-related results. Just look at how reluctant Google is to show me what I’m looking for if I were to search “DEEPTHROAT“.

Google Deep Throat Screenshot

Three Wikipedia articles and one IMDb page. Thank God for Reddit or we’d all be miserable.

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Cosmo UK Coverage: Ex-Google programmers have made a search engine just for porn Giving the internet what it wants.

September 16th, 2014
By  at Cosmo UK

The search for porn is a dilemna that has plagued the human race for centuries. Well, what feels like centuries. Basically since the internet was invented and we thought to ourselves ‘hmm, you know what this revolutionary technology would be great for? Masturbation.” And while we have struggled through endless page results, searching for exactly the right thing to scratch a very specific itch, some guys have been working hard to solve our problem and make people’s lives a bit easier.

A porn director/producer, Colin Rowntree, teamed up with some programmers who previously worked for Google, after getting frustrated with the search process for porn. Because it’s really frustrating when you’re feeling a bit worked up, and have to sift through pages of Wikipedia and Urbandictionary when you just want a good porn clip, damnit.

“Mainstream companies that have investors [are] trying to distance themselves completely from adult entertainment,” says Colin to Betabeat. And so porn is made harder to find and less searchable, whether it’s Tumblr preventing you from searching the word “porn” (try it, you won’t get any sexy gifs), or Google placing more ‘appropriate’ pages at the top of search results.

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