There is no doubt that adult-rated content has taken over the internet, and there is now no way to stop people accessing it in some way if they really want to. The 1990’s generation could do nothing to overcome the relentless wave of pornography which was thrust upon them during the rise of the internet early in the millennium, and the ridiculous accessibility of all material from the adult industry has meant that it is now here to stay.

It is from this background that the latest chapter in pornography on the net has begun, with news filtering through that former staff of search-engine titans Google have launched their own pornography equivalent, Boodigo, for web browsers to access…

“Google and Bing have gradually been weeding out the industry’s adult content and that (for us) has been tremendously frustrating. If someone is looking for videos of oral sex and tries to find them via Google, what they get is an article by Wikipedia and advice from Cosmopolitan. And when they get what they’re looking for it can well be pirated material.”

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OZY Coverage: Boodigo’s Pure Porn Search Engine Scratches Itches

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Porn has about as much to do with real sex as Twinkies have to do with dining.

Sometimes canned, sometimes clumsy and only rarely truly sexy, modern pornography still manages to be between a $10 and $12 billion industry in the U.S., $97 billion worldwide. We did some quick math and figure that means: a LOT of people are watching porn. And yet, if you’re reading this at work and you turn around and ask your three nearest co-workers if they enjoy porn and use it to … relax, the faster-than-you-can-finish-your-question answer will be “No.”

Boodigo is betting there’s demand for a better way to find the porn you want.

But a skeptical look-see on their browsers is so likely to turn up uncomfortable search histories that a team of no fewer than five ex-Google employees decided to do something about it. That something is Boodigo. It’s a search engine that gets the very busy porn searcher to his or her particular poison faster, without having to wade through pages of non-adult content, and without leaving a compromising trail of breadcrumbs.

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