Helpful Info On Submitting Your Site To Boodigo for Best SEO and Rankings

Unlike Google, Boodigo is very open and transparent  about our criteria that is used by our spider to index your site and how to get top listings.  Before you submit your site to be spidered, here are our best practices guide to have in place for optimal listings:

TLP – Title Level Page – the homepage of your site.   (Not the warning page)
CLP – Category Level Page – a page that lists either more category pages (CLPs) or lists PLP level pages
PLP – Product Level Page – a page that lists 1 or more items of specific content to consume.

Best Practices For Successful Spidering and Top Listings:

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Colin is a website and content producer who specialises in the adult industry. He has experience in the creation and development of production studios, websites, paysites and platforms for credit card billing. He was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame Founders Division in 2013.

Colin is part of a small team that created the adult search engine ‘Boodigo’, in response to the failure of mainstream engines to address issues of privacy and stolen content. The site went live in September 2014 and is designed as a platform for users to get fast and relevant results from their searches. The focus is on quality ‘adult’ content and a range of pertinent subjects- from porn to the legalisation of marijuana. The addition of a ‘Boodigo Search Widget’ and chat service ‘Boodicall’ are on the horizon. We asked Colin some questions surrounding the creation of his adult search engine Boodigo.

On to the interview!  CLICK HERE to see it at And WeedStore.Reviews Release Private Search Info For Legal Marijuana

BOSTON – With states across the country legalizing marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, prospective buyers often find themselves with questions about the laws in their area, the stores in their area and many other aspects of legal marijuana news.

Given the sheer volume of information and misinformation being published across search engines, social media platforms and other venues, it is understandable that many web users are unsure of where to find trustworthy sources of genuine news. Add to that the chilling effect of recent revelations about government entities tracking the online presence of every citizen and it becomes clear that people in need of information are becoming increasingly hesitant to type out a query like “where can I buy weed?” into Google or any of the other platforms that routinely share that information with other entities (often without the direct consent of their users)., the private and fully encrypted adult search engine is the solution for privacy-minded surfers looking to find reliable information on legal adult topics including marijuana. A new collaboration with WeedStore.Reviews, an online community of marijuana enthusiasts that provides extensive, localized information about evolving marijuana laws, medical marijuana dispensaries and retail ‘weed stores’ selling cannabis products nationwide is getting people the authentic information they need with the degree of privacy they require.

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