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Coming December 1st…..  New traffic opportunity….

Be seen by adult surfers at the very moment that they’re searching on Boodigo for the adult content, goods and services you offer. You only pay when they click to visit your website. BoodiAds is a keyword bidding pay-per-click ad platform in which you have complete control over your bid amounts, and ability to add as many campaigns as you like to test different titles, text descriptions and landing page links.

In addition to Adult Content, Goods and Services, BoodiAds is also happy to work with eGaming, Casino, Gambling, Sex Pharma, Adult Dating, Sex Video Chat, Adult Beverage, Tobacco and Vapor Inhalers, Escort Review Sites, and other legal industries that have been banned or marginalized from mainstream search.  [Caveat emptor: Boodigo advertises only legally allowed products and services, but as a search provider we can not be responsible for the legality of site content found or accessed by anyone that we send to you via your paid links. We are happy to consult with you prior to launching a paid campaign, but bear no legal responsibility for the content of your site.]

Get kicked off of Google Adwords or Yahoo recently?  Here is your new option for quality traffic in an affordable and  easy to manage keyword bidding platform. Continue reading Up Next At Boodigo.com – BoodiAds!

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