MTV.Com Coverage – There’s Now A Search Engine Specifically For Porn

Move over, Google. There’s a new search engine in town, and it’s most definitely not safe for work. BoodiGo allows you to anonymously “search [for] what you’re really looking for” — a.k.a. porn.

BoodiGo is the brainchild of porn producer and director Colin Rowntree at BDSM Site, who is fed up with current search engine algorithms. According to Rowntree, sites like Google and Bing bury legitimate — as in, not pirated — porn websites in their search results.

Just like piracy is a huge issue for Hollywood, it’s also a problem for the adult entertainment industry. When people don’t pay for the content they’re viewing, it’s detrimental to everyone who put work into that content — regardless of whether it’s PG or X-rated…

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Sexy Search Engine BoodiGo Takes Steps to Prevent Spread of Child Pornography

The company has announced a partnership with an anti-child pornography association.

Gizmodo Coverage: Ex-Googler’s Porn Search Engine Will Help You Trawl Tumblr’s Sex Parts

Searching for porn on the internet just got easier (not that it was hard before).

Boodigo, a porn search engine created by porn producer Colin Rowntree and ex-Google programmers, filters out the web’s non-sexy content to get you exactly what you’re looking for. No more pictures of old brass instruments when you search for rusty trombones. Boodigo goes straight for the gutter.

Boodigo, smartly, allows people to directly search Tumblr as well as the wider web.

Tumblr is mostly known for fandom and teen fashion blogs, but it’s also home to a huge porn blogging community. When Yahoo bought it, Tumblr tried to clean up its act, and made it hard for people to search for explicit content. This pissed a lot of people off, but it didn’t really change Tumblr’s reputation as a great place to find porn. Boodigo has a special tab that lets you search Tumblr’s obnoxiously obfuscated porn tags.

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